Dahilyan Gardens, April 7, 2018 – One of the most anticipated company events here in Syntactics, Inc. is the summer camp. This is a two-day event in which the employees undergo various challenges and activities, and of course to have a little time to bond outside of work as well.

This year’s summer camp was held at the Dahilayan Gardens at Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. Surrounded by the pristine beauty of nature, the teams (Red, Blue, and Yellow) were all hyped up and excited about the events of the day.

With the theme of the Hunger Games: The Chase to be the Next Victor, the event kicked off with the team chants and flag descriptions followed by the opening remarks by our CEO, Ms. Stephanie Caragos. The fun started with warm-up activities and some mini-games.
The big event, called the Quarter Quell – is just like in the Hunger Games movies. Sprawled across the area of Dahilayan Gardens are various challenges that the victors should overcome. Each challenge would test different abilities of the victors, such as Leadership, Strength, Agility, Cooperation, Balance, Coordination, Perseverance, Patience, Endurance, and Trust. Plus there is a bonus eating challenge and a cooking contest for the food committees of each team.

Majority of these games and obstacles were time pressured, each team had to be think on their feet and be strategic on how they should go about with every game in the quickest and most efficient way.

At the end of the Quarter Quell, the victors were a little tired and were even in a bit of a mess as one of the games had them crawling through mud, but they were all gleefully exchanging their experiences during the games among each other.

When dinner ended, everyone gathered for a bonfire where we had a little program. There, everyone shared which challenge they found to be the most difficult for their team. Everyone seemed to be in agreement that the Trust game was the hardest, as it was a “human relay” game that required the players to relay the person in front of a line to the back of the line without that person touching the ground. This had to be done to all 10 players playing the game.

The night ended with a few song numbers including a presentation of the newbies (since this is a company tradition). After all these, everyone headed for their tents and got a good night’s sleep to prepare for the following day.

The second day, time was allowed for everyone to get ready and roam around the area to enjoy the scenery (and take pictures, lots and lots of pictures!). After breakfast, everyone started packing their stuff and clearing their tents. Then we all gathered for a morning warm-up routine and played a few more mini-games while waiting for our ride.

Even though everyone was a bit tired from the previous day’s activities, each person was still game to join in (and very competitive).

Similar to the Hunger Games, only one team ended up victorious. The odds were in favor with the Red Team, followed by the Yellow and Blue Team in order of overall winning ranks, but one thing’s for sure, everyone had a blast and is already counting the days until the next summer camp!

Yulia Mercader


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