A carefully curated website and online presence, today, is not an option anymore, but an imperative. Recently, there has been a massive boost in online businesses and naturally, there is also an increase in competitors in the market. It has now become crucial to craft your website design, content, and experience and make it particularly appealing to increase conversion.

Doing so will enable you to attract raw visitors and motivate them to take action and come back again. More importantly, neglecting to acknowledge its importance would mean losing out on great opportunities for your business.

5 Tips to Increase Conversion:

1. Analyze Visitor Frequency

Research shows that 40% of consumers purchase more from retailers who personalize their shopping experience across channels. Additionally, first-time visitors often look for brand information, offered products and services, and reviews. On the other hand, returning customers navigate through your site with specific things in mind. Hence, experts suggest utilizing a cookie to track returning visitors and direct them to the most appropriate and relevant page. To increase conversion rates of first-time visitors, consider including:

●  Phone number
●  Business address
●  Contact form
●  Video tutorials explaining products or services

For returning visitors, adding an option to sign up for a mailing list can help increase customer retention.

2. Modify Content Accordingly

To grow your marketing campaign, you have to give attention to every possible area you can maximize, and in this, the time of day or type of season is often overlooked. What day, week, or season it is, should guide your site’s content. For example, your business can still cater to customers’ inquiries long after closing hours by replacing a phone number with a contact form. If your business deals with retail clothing, create ads that market swimsuits during summer and jackets and parkas during winter.

3. Consider the Geo-Location Feature

Geo-location can help in accurately showing where a device, and the device’s user, are located. With this feature, you can increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts even more with location targeting. It creates a more tailored and relevant marketing tactic. Enticing a potential customer with ads and coupons, and letting them know that these are only a few blocks away from them in your shop or store can increase the likeliness of them dropping by.

4. Personalize Your Website on Holidays and Other Special Events

Brands that put in the effort to personalize their website with content relating to particular holidays and special events often get more visitors’ attention than those that do not. Other possible ideas would be to create cobwebs on Halloween or fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Website personalization on specific days will encourage customer engagement and may ultimately result in conversions.

5. Determine Visitor Source

If you are able to capture the original destination source that a visitor has entered your website from, you can easily display the type of content you can have on the landing page that they see first. Adjust the content based on the previous page they’ve been on to create a free-flowing experience for current customers and especially for first-time visitors.

In this era of on-demand customized everything, there is, fortunately, an abundance of online tools, products, and services accessible to make your personalization efforts more rewarding for both your business and your customers.

With our website design services, you can develop a website tailored especially for your business and the needs of your prospective clients.

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