Storyboarding and Cinematography

Trainer: Deborah Tudtud

  • Master of Fine Arts Major in Cinema Studies (June 2014 – Present), University of San Carlos, Philippines
  • Classical Animation (January 2012 – December 2012), Vancouver Film School — Received Diploma with Honors in Classical Animation

June 16-17, 2018

Ground Floor, Laboratory 1 and 2, STI College – CDO, Mortola St., cor. J. R. Borja St., Cagayan de Oro City
Registration fee @ P1,000 (inclusive of lunch on both days)
Target participants: Animation enthusiasts, senior high school graduates, IT graduates and those interested to join

2-day Training on Animation Storyboarding and Cinematography
Objective: To Create an Animatic

Day 01 –


    • Review on Perspective (One point, two-point, three-point, four-point/five-point perspective)
    • Aspect Ratio of the Film Frame and Letterboxing
    • Story vs. Plot
    • Mise en scène
    • 180 degree degree rule
    • Different Camera Shots
    • Camera Movement
    • Transitions
    • Types of Editing
    • Parts of a Storyboard
    •  Storyboard vs. Beatboards
    • Scene Analysis
    • Dissecting a scene and what it looks like in Storyboard format

Day 02 –


    • Digital Storyboarding (Photoshop or Storyboard Pro)
    • More Scene Analysis and Storyboarding examples
    • Storyboard Thumbnails
    • Storyboarding on Paper
    • Digital Storyboarding (Photoshop or Storyboard Pro)


    • Timing your Storyboard
    • Creating an Animatic (Using Storyboard Pro or Adobe Premiere)
    • Exporting Media