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Docotrak: Document
Tracking System

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Keep Track of Your Papers
in Digital Form

Lessen the bulk
and heft of paper documents.
Make your records
easier to track and share.

Paper files are integral to businesses and organizations but can be heavy when piled together. Also, you risk losing the information to fires and flooding, especially if you don’t have updated copies. While paper documents and files can note essential information, having digital copies as backups can be helpful.

Documents are indispensable to any organization when conducting business. So, it’s vital to streamline your storage systems by ditching paper and filing cabinets. The Docotrak Document Tracking System can help you out with this. In particular, you can use it to store and track organization documents containing critical information, such as memos and purchase orders. Also, you can provide file access to the right staff or personnel. 

As long as you’re using an Internet-connected device, this File Tracking Software gives you access. Then, you can retrieve the file from Docotrak’s document storage from anywhere in the world. So, businesses of all industries can allow authorized users to look at documents, even ones containing sensitive information. After all, it’s vital to stay ahead of your rivals by keeping critical data close at hand so that you can make informed decisions.

No matter what purposes your documents serve, this Document Tracking Software can make the necessary information available to its users anytime. Consider using an online management system for tracking digitized documents!

Industries that can benefit from the Docotrak system:

  • BPO
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Government 
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Legal
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How Docotrak Works

Save And Send Documents

Save and Send Documents

Docotrak is a simple yet powerful Document Tracking Software. Although it can’t create or generate documents, it has excellent upload, viewing, and storage capabilities. However, it’s beneficial for users who can streamline their document files and reports processing. After all, the File Tracking Software allows you to upload and save new documents as needed.

In addition to this, the software enables collaboration among users. So, users might need particular files while you handle your tasks, and Docotrak can give your work a much-needed boost. Thus, system users can ensure a safe exchange of specific files with the proper personnel or departments.

Receive And Transfer Document

Receive and Transfer Document

The Docotrak Document Tracking Software allows you to transfer and receive documents. So you can provide the necessary files to the right people wherever and whenever. In addition, it enables you to receive files instrumental to your work. Also, you can send files to multiple recipients when necessary!

With that, the software can improve businesses’ collaboration with internal teams. Moreover, you can share files with external teams! Now, we understand that with file sharing comes the concern of security. Hence, Docotrak ensures that you send documents only to the intended recipients. The Document Management System lets you keep information secure without sacrificing accessibility.

Track Document

Track Document

When you use paper files, you might risk losing one crucial page. But with Document Tracking Software, you can be confident that you’ll never lose a single file again! In addition, because the software lets you streamline your document sharing, you can ensure that saved files are shared with the proper locations or users.

For example, you can assign or transfer files to departments within or related to your organization. To make things easier, Docotrak users categorize files for improved organization and easy access. The Document Tracking Software also provides the following details for better tracking:

  • Actions Taken with the files;
  • Audit Trail; and
  • Age of Document.

Key Features and Benefits



Naturally, Docotrak is meant to make files more accessible to users. It also makes collaboration smoother, especially when working with one or more people on a particular concern. After all, Document Tracking Systems can store an organization or business’ digitized documents. Thus, you can quickly get the data you need at any time.
Efficient Document Retrieval And Management

Efficient Document Retrieval and Management

Making your routine business processes more efficient can save you a lot of resources while maximizing revenue. Docotrak will manage your files while you handle more pressing concerns and tasks. The File Tracking Software can conveniently provide the correct documents at the right time. With digitized files, you can ensure that staff won’t waste too much time looking for a misplaced document. As a result, using Docotrak can boost an organization’s productivity.
Share Documents With Various Recipients

Share Documents With Various Recipients

Of course, the Docotrak system lets you share particular files with others. Among its many advantages is that you can send to more than one user. In addition, you can send files to people from other departments or branches and locations — provided they have the appropriate clearance. So, the feature can be helpful for improved collaboration and communication with people who are vital to completing a task involving the document.
Ensure Documents Safety

Ensure Documents’ Safety

In addition to lessening the burden on your filing cabinets, having your documents saved on Docotrak means you won’t have to worry about disasters. For example, fires and floods might cause paper files to be destroyed. When this happens, the data can be irretrievable, and you’ll lose important information for your work. Having physical copies can be vital to your processes, but it’s good practice to have backups if you’re holding sensitive or essential files.
Check Document Details

Check Document Details

Docotrak makes file management and inventory more manageable for organizations or businesses. Thus, system users can easily track vital documents for work and check out data. Additionally, you can categorize documents to find particular files more easily. This Document Management System allows you to check barcodes, actions previously taken, the audit trail, and the document’s age. Also, Docotrak even offers free installation to your preferred hosting, user training, and tech support!

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