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We offer:

  • Usability Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Apps
  • Web and Mobile User Interface of an eCommerce Solution
  • eCommerce Solution’s Functionality
  • Regression Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
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Quality assurance or QA testing services will ensure that a website or software is completely functional, without any snags in its performance. So, web and software QA testers must ensure that projects meet requirement specifications and enhance the User Experience or UX.

A seamless UX is vital to your business’ reputation — for instance, design is responsible for 75% of website credibility. Thus, any hiccups in a web or software project’s functionality may cause a decline in potential clients’ opinions of your organization. Moreover, a flawless UX can significantly improve SEO rankings in many cases.

There are two billion websites on the Internet today. Web Development work never ends, whether it’s for mobile devices or eCommerce platforms. However, testing requirements often evolve, making quality assurance work challenging. Fortunately, we at Syntactics, Inc. provide businesses with a team of experienced web and software QA specialists and testers!

You can rely on our QA Web or Software Specialists to deliver fully-tested, top-notch, and bug-free projects on time. We can keep up with all test documentation and testing requirements while you handle the bigger picture.

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Our QA Services What We Do

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Our team assesses the ease of use of your web application, website, or portal for end users and if it has any usability issues. Also, we provide project improvement recommendations, so clients can have a product that meets their target audience’s usability expectations.
Functional Testing by a Web or Software QA Specialist

Functional Testing

Our Web and Software QA Testers can perform multi-level granularity Functional Tests for your business’ projects. We can ensure that the website or software complies with all technical and business requirements. Then, our QA Specialists provide a report on any issues found.
Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Regardless of how big you expect your launch to be (and how much data your site will take on as a consequence), we can examine site performance. We assess the functionality of your web solution under anticipated loads, uncovering stress, scalability, and reliability problems.
Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing

Our Web and Software QA Specialists check how smoothly your website or web app operates in a range of environments, including on various devices. In addition, we examine whether it can run smoothly across different operating systems, and in multiple browsers, among others.
Cross Platfrom Mobile Apps

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Mobile web apps, which run in mobile browsers, cater to a larger user group, regardless of the mobile platform they use. Our testers verify the quality of these apps in various mobile browsers for smartphones and tablets, examining whether the app is functional and usable.
Web And Mobile User Interface Of An Eccomerce Solution

Web and Mobile User Interface of an eCommerce Solution

Our team simulates the customer journey and evaluates an eCommerce solution’s UX. Our Web QA Specialists ensure that graphical user interface elements (such as icons, widgets, etc.) are displayed correctly. In addition, they verify if products are correctly sorted and labeled, customers are navigated to the correct pages, and so on.
An ECommerce Solutions Functionality

An eCommerce Solution’s Functionality

Our Web QA Testers will check out your eCommerce site or app’s functionality. Thus, our testing focuses on functionalities like shopping cart operations. Naturally, these include actions such as adding and removing items, utilizing discount codes, etc. Also, they examine order management and tracking, payment processing, and more.
Regression Testing by our Web and Software Specialists

Regression Testing

Our team can also handle Regression Testing, which ensures that recent optimizations, program extensions, and other code changes during software development and evolution haven’t impacted the software’s existing functionality.
Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing combines learning, test design, and execution in a flexible approach to software testing. The web or software QA tester uses their own discretion to discover defects that may not be easily found through other testing methods.

Types of Software that Our Web QA Tester Team Examines

Mobile App

Mobile apps

Web Apps

Web apps



Ecommerce software

eCommerce software

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Quality Assurance mean?

Quality Assurance deals with activities concerning the website or software creation. So, it involves monitoring, measuring, evaluating, and validating project creation processes. For instance, software testing ensures the final product’s functionality meets user requirements, but QA examines the quality of the software or website’s production process.

Why should I hire your team of QA Specialists?

Syntactics, Inc. has been in the IT industry for over 20 years. Hire us, and get 20 years’ worth of experience, insights, and skills in Quality Assurance. In addition, we have a team of seasoned, productive Web and Software QA Specialists with distinctly Filipino values, including diligence and a deeply-ingrained sense of respect.

What do Software and Web QA Testers do?

QA Testers have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Project-related team discussions
  • Brainstorming scenarios on how to test the program
  • Preparing test data
  • Preparing test cases
  • Performing the tests
  • Reporting issues
  • Communicating with the developer, designer, or the whole team about what needs to be fixed
  • Verifying fixes
  • Certifying that the program or system is bug-free

How do you test a website or software?

Professional testers evaluate a website or software’s functionality and system compatibility. The Web or Software QA Testers then compare their expectations to the reality of the project. Also, more complex website projects may require automated testing tools.

Are Quality Assurance and Quality Control different from each other?

Quality Assurance is for planning how to monitor a test process. On the other hand, Quality Control will find issues or defects, then suggest improvements.

Why does a website or software have bugs?

Even the simplest software or website has various parts, each containing a lot of complex codes. At times, these codes don’t integrate well, resulting in bugs.

Does every website or software need testers?

Yes, of course — rigorous testing is necessary to ensure the success of any project. Without comprehensive testing by our Web or Software QA Specialists, you could receive an unsatisfactory site or software.

At what stage of the project should QA Testing start?

QA Testing for websites or software should begin as soon as possible — the earlier, the better. Our team can perform tests before the site or software is fully functional. Analysts, leads, and testers must be involved in the Quality Assurance process to avoid issues and bugs later down the development timeline.

What’s a Test Plan, and what does it include?

Test Plans are detailed outlines for your QA tests. The plan describes the project scope, objectives, approach, needed resources, and test schedules. Also, they include information on how we’ll manage tests.

What is a Test Strategy? Is it another name for a Test Plan?

Test Strategies and Test Plans are not the same things. A Test Plan emphasizes the testing effort and answers questions like ‘What’ and ‘Why.’ Meanwhile, a Test Strategy involves the approaches to the testing process. It’s a guideline explaining the test design and determines how much testing must be done. Thus, it answers the question ‘How.’


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