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Services You Need In One Place

A company can collaborate with a Web Development service provider on a long-term basis. This business model is an exclusive deal, just like with an in-house team with a Dedicated Web Designer, Developer, Project Manager, and Quality Assurance Specialist.

Hiring a dedicated team is just like having your own team, but with the skills and experience needed already present. In addition, a dedicated team has the consistent training and growth necessary for each team member to keep up with the fast-paced changes in technology.

So, capitalize on the benefits of hiring a dedicated development team that works remotely to handle web development! Not only that, but they can do it without the overhead and management costs involved.

You can Hire a Dedicated Team with a Web Designer and Developer, Project Manager, and Quality Assurance Specialist and Tester.

In addition, though the team works remotely, they work full-time and report directly to you. 

Moreover, Dedicated Development Teams are best if you have projects with scopes or requirements that don’t need to be strictly defined. Also, with a Dedicated Team, you can choose whether you want total project outsourcing or web staff augmentation. 

More importantly, you can be assured that our team at Syntactics can work directly with yours to fully support your business initiatives.Now, we understand that your ideal team should be laser-focused on web design and development. Thus, to achieve that, the team uses cutting-edge technology and up-to-date best practices to create custom projects that increase user engagement.

So ramp up your business efficiency! Hire a Team of Dedicated Designers, Developers, Project Managers and Quality Assurance Specialists today!

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Why Hire a Dedicated Development Team From Syntactics?

Hire a Dedicated Team to save on costs, hire a dedicated web developer, designer, project manager, and quality assurance specialist


Dedicated Teams work remotely, so you cut down on various expenses such as overhead, management hours, and training costs or don’t need to pay them altogether. Also, when hiring a Dedicated Team, you don’t have to worry about the output quality!
Hire a Dedicated Team and gain global expertise immediately from an experienced web developer, designer, project manager, or quality assurance specialist

Gain Expertise Immediately

By hiring a team of Web Developers, you remove boundaries to accessing global expertise. As a result, you can gain experienced and skilled personnel without providing them with added training or orientation.
Hire a Dedicated Team with a Web Developer or Designer to boost your business’ productivity

Increased Productivity

In the Web Development industry, the speed of your work is vital to getting ahead of competitors. Fortunately, a Dedicated Development Team is experienced with adjusting to your project requirements and can improve your business’ productivity.
Hire a Dedicated Team with a project manager to better manage web designer, developer, and quality assurance specialist

More Control

You can have more control over the people in your Development team. Manage seasoned Web Development specialists’ tasks, workflows, and communications. Also, you can see your hired team’s progress and examine their performance whenever necessary.
Hire a Dedicated Team with a Project Manager for greater flexibility

Better Flexibility

Hiring a Dedicated Team of Web Development specialists is like hiring an in-house team, except they work remotely. They take care of your projects while you handle critical tasks. So, you can leave management up to the team’s Project Manager!
Hire a Dedicated Team with a knowledgeable Web Designer and Developer, Project Manager, and Quality Assurance Specialist

Quality Infrastructure

In addition to the right tools, having an in-house IT Department requires skilled personnel with knowledge of design, development, and testing solutions. A remote team already has the infrastructure to handle web projects successfully and is sure to deliver!

Build Your Team! Hire the staff for your
Dedicated Development Team

that meet all your needs and expectations.

Our Dedicated Web Designers at Syntactics create site layouts and more, hire a dedicated web designer for your team today!

Hire a Dedicated Web Designer for Your Team

Developers may create the website, but the designers provide the direction for development. Syntactics, Inc. employs several skilled designers to create stunning, personalized Website Designs. 

With the help of various tools, they illustrate desirable sites that express a client’s brand personality. Thus, having a Web Designer on your chosen Dedicated Team can convey your business personality through the project.

Count on our Dedicated Website Designers to handle the following responsibilities:

  • Collecting client requirements and specifications
  • Conceptualizing Responsive Web Designs
  • Designing navigation buttons and other interactable site elements
  • Creating sample websites
  • Refining them according to client feedback
  • Presenting the website to clients
Our Dedicated Web Developers at Syntactics create site layouts and more, hire a dedicated web developer for your team today!

Hire a Dedicated Web Developer for Your Team

After a Designer sets up the blueprints for the project, the Developer takes care of the rest of the setup. So, you can count on our Developers at Syntactics, Inc. to create well-designed websites for you!

Businesses can get the most out of their Dedicated Development Team by hiring a Web Developer.

Here are the many services our Web Developers have to offer:

  • Creating websites with one or a combination of the CSS, PHP, HTML, and JavaScript languages
  • Testing and troubleshooting
  • Maintaining and updating
  • Presenting project design specifications
  • Collaborating with team members, such as Web and Graphic Designers
  • Monitoring site traffic
Hire a Front-End Developer to create an attractive user interface, hire a dedicated team with a Web Designer, Project Manager, QA or Quality Assurance Specialist

Hire a Front-End Developer for Your Dedicated Team

Front-End Developers are responsible for your website’s user-facing part. As a result, their chief responsibility is to make your pages look good. When you hire a Dedicated Team, a Front-End Developer ensures your site is responsive and functional.

Here’s what our Front-End Developers at Syntactics, Inc. can do for you:

  • Using the CSS, HTML, and Javascript coding languages to turn site designs into reality
  • Using SEO best practices on the website
  • Optimizing the site’s UX regardless of browser or device
  • Maintaining the UI
  • Finding and fixing bugs to improve usability
  • Implementing Mobile-Friendly Designs
  • Managing the software workflow
Hire a Dedicated team, hire a Web Quality Assurance Specialist and Tester from Syntactics

Hire a Dedicated Web Quality Assurance Specialist or Tester for Your Team

Although website problems are common, your website’s UX is critical for a good impression on visitors. So, you can add Web QA Testers to your Dedicated Development Team who can oversee your project’s testing workflow. 

A Quality Assurance Specialist analyzes project requirements and plan the testing process. Then, they prepare test cases before starting testing. Afterward, they provide reports and feedback to improve project UX.

Syntactics’ Quality Assurance Testers offer the following services:

  • Usability Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Apps
  • Web and Mobile User Interface of an eCommerce Solution
  • An eCommerce Solution’s Functionality
  • Regression Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
A Dedicated Project Manager can oversee project progress, for your dedicated team

Hire a Dedicated Project Manager for Your Team

Of course, hiring a Project Manager comes with hiring a Dedicated Development Team.

Your Dedicated Web Project Manager will handle the following tasks:

  • Setting the scope and timeline for projects
  • Creating deadlines for each Dedicated Team member
  • Reviewing the Web project’s progress
  • Gathering feedback from the team
  • Documenting the project progress through reports
  • Adjusting the deliverables timeline whenever necessary
  • Troubleshooting project concerns together with the team
  • Presenting the final project to stakeholders

Here is a list of platforms,

languages, etc. our dedicated staff are well accustomed to!

Overhead view of PC displaying teamwork image, hire a dedicated team with a web designer, developer, project manager, quality assurance specialist
Extended JavaScript Logo Extended JavaScript Logo overlay
Slide Logo Css3 Slide Logo Css3 overlay
Slide Logo Html5 Slide Logo Html5 overlay
Slide Logo Svg Slide Logo Svg overlay
Slide Logo Owl Carousel Slide Logo Owl Carousel overlay
Slide Logo Iconic Slide Logo Iconic overlay
Slide Logo Visual Composer Slide Logo Visual Composer overlay
Slide Logo Beaver Builder Slide Logo Beaver Builder overlay
Slide Logo W3C Slide Logo W3C overlay
Slide Logo Git Slide Logo Git overlay
Joomla logo Joomla logo overlay
Slide Logo Business Catalyst Slide Logo Business Catalyst overlay
Slide Logo NodeJs Slide Logo NodeJs overlay
Slide Logo Vuejs Slide Logo Vuejs overlay
Slide Logo Ajax Slide Logo Ajax overlay
Slide Logo Bootstrap Slide Logo Bootstrap overlay
Slide Logo WooCommerce Slide Logo WooCommerce overlay
Slide Logo Shopify Slide Logo Shopify overlay
Slide Logo Python Slide Logo Python overlay
Slide Logo Jquery Slide Logo Jquery overlay
Slide Logo Php Slide Logo Php overlay
Slide Logo MySql Slide Logo MySql overlay
Slide Logo Wordpress Slide Logo Wordpress overlay
Slide Logo Magento Slide Logo Magento overlay
Slide Logo Angular Slide Logo Angular overlay
Slide Logo Code Igniter Slide Logo Code Igniter overlay
Slide Logo Laravel Slide Logo Laravel overlay
Slide Logo Android Slide Logo Android overlay
Slide Logo IOS Slide Logo IOS overlay
Slide Logo Visual FoxPro Slide Logo Visual FoxPro overlay

Content Management System (CMS)

  • WordPress
  • Business Catalyst
  • Joomla
  • WP Multisite Integration
  • WP Plugins Development

JavaScript Framework

  • JQuery
  • AngularJS
  • Node JS
  • Vue JS
  • Ajax

PHP Framework

  • PHP Native
  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter

CSS Framework

  • Sass and LESS
  • Bootstrap
  • Foundation


  • Social Media Integration
  • CRM
  • Custom API


  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Magento

Payment Gateway

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • eWay
  • First Data

Site Optimization

  • Site Speed
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Site Security
  • W3 Standards

Mobile Application

  • Android
  • Hybrid

Collaboration Tool

  • Git
  • SVN

Server Scripting

  • PHP
  • CGI
  • Python


  • mySQL
  • No SQL mongoDB


  • Design Sense
  • CMS Themes Customization

Markup Languages

  • HTML5
  • XML

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FAQs About Hiring A Dedicated Team

What is a Dedicated Website Development Team?

A Dedicated Development Team is composed of Web Experts (ex., Web Designer and Developer, Project Manager, and Quality Assurance Tester) that a company can hire to meet its goals.

So, a dedicated team is assembled based on their skills with a particular technology stack. In addition, because they’re often contracted for long-term work, they resemble in-house developer teams.

Although they may not work on your company’s premises, they’re usually available during the agreed shifts and working hours.

Is there a difference between In-house, Remote, and Dedicated Teams?

An In-House Team works on projects with you at your office. In contrast, a Remote Team works for you but isn’t physically at the workplace or office. Finally, a Dedicated Team works outside the office but is dedicated to a client.

Why should I hire a Dedicated Team? What are the strengths or benefits of hiring one?

If you’re on a budget, outsourcing work to a Dedicated Web Development Team might be the right move. For instance, “92% of G2000 companies” outsource IT work.

You can cut down on expenses like administrative costs or taxes. Additionally, the team will focus solely on your project, whether you’re launching a new one or maintaining and updating it.

Lastly, hiring a team lays the groundwork for long-term collaboration between your hired team and your business.

When should I hire a Team?

You should hire a dedicated team with a Web Designer and Developer, Project Manager, and Quality Assurance Specialist if:

  • Your business is a startup.
  • You’re an enterprise looking for cost-effective website development solutions.
  • You have web projects with shifting or unpredictable requirements.
  • An existing project requires adjustments such as maintenance work, bug fixes, etc.
  • You’re building an application from the ground up.

What is a Dedicated Team model’s structure?

A Dedicated Team is composed of several experts with varying specializations. So, the team’s structure will depend on your project’s needs — you only need to hire people with the required skills.

You’ll commonly find the following in your team:

  • Project Managers;
  • Website Developers;
  • UI/UX Designers;
  • QA Testers and Specialists;
  • SEO Experts, etc.

How do I hire a team?

Here are tips for hiring the right team:

  • Firstly, determine your vision for your Website product.
  • Then, gather the project requirements.
  • Select a Web Development service provider.
  • Next, it’s time to choose your team members according to your needs.
  • Define your work processes or development methodologies.
  • Set up your infrastructure and communication platforms to maximize coordination.
  • Finally, work out your QA process with a Quality Assurance Specialist.

How can a Dedicated Development Team reduce costs?

Again, due to the nature of Dedicated Teams, you can cut down on various administration expenses, such as social benefits. They don’t work in your office and thus won’t require equipment, training, or even utilities.

A Web Team also reduces costs due to its pricing model. So when you hire a Dedicated Development Team, you only need to pay for the hours they work.

How do I manage a remote team?

The Dedicated Team model can allow businesses to outsource affordable yet skilled Website Experts, including a Web Designer and Developer, Project Manager, and Quality Assurance Specialist. As a result, you can easily manage your hired team. 

But first, you must have planned your expectations and prepared deadlines for tasks. Also, you need to set up a project management tool to centralize communication. Lastly, you may look to your Project Managers to supervise the team.


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