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Our PPC Experts are well-versed in the following types of PPC Ad Networks:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Youtube Ads

Count on seasoned PPC Specialists from the Philippines to run Paid Ad Campaigns for you! Business owners can handle their own Online Marketing campaigns, but experts can provide you with their robust skillsets upon hiring. Thus, business owners can focus on the bigger picture while specialists work on making the business more visible via PPC campaigns and boosting company revenue.

Organic traffic is only one way to get noticed by searchers. So, you need to apply several Digital Marketing Strategies to ensure visibility. Naturally, PPC Marketers can set up Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns, allowing your website to appear on vital results pages. When working on PPC Ad Campaigns, a business can’t spend more on its advertisements than industry competitors and call it a day. Setting up and executing successful campaigns requires research to convert curious Internet users into leads.

For instance, we research your competitors to discover more clever tactics to overtake them on search results. In addition, we use insights gained from that and your past analytics to craft enticing advertisements. So, a PPC Service Agency can set up a search campaign that uses keywords related to your business and targets your intended audience.

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Why Do You Need Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Our PPC Experts Increase Traffic To Your Business Website

Increase Traffic To Your Business Website

One excellent perk of Pay-Per-Click Ads is that they guarantee instant website traffic. Every marketer knows that organically ranking on the first Search Engine Results Page is critical to a business' online presence. However, PPC Advertisements can get ahead of those rankings, adding your company's content above them, so Google users lay eyes on your website first.

With PPC Advertising, marketers don't need to wait a few months for their efforts to bear fruit. So, PPC Ads provide website traffic, ensuring that a business website gain visitors fast. Then, with enough time, you'll find that traffic from PPC Ads results in better website rankings.

Boost Customer Leads

Boost Your Customer Leads

Targeting helps tailor your marketing content to the intended audience demographic. So, for instance, marketers can use demographics such as devices or locations. And naturally, a PPC Management Agency in the Philippines can use targeting to reach potential customers. We can test various advertisements and strategies according to the audience demographic you're targeting!

Thus, Pay-Per-Click Advertisements will reach people as they search the internet for your desired keywords. As a result, you'll be more noticeable to people interested in your business' offerings. In addition, you can also rely on geotargeting to search for local users in a specific area.

Improve Measurability And Trackability with PPC Management Services

Improve Measurability and Trackability

Another excellent advantage of PPC Adverts is that they're easy to track and measure. PPC Advertisers can use helpful tools such as Google Analytics to monitor ads. Then, they can see information on your keywords' impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Thus, marketers can improve your company's PPC Campaigns and gain better Returns On Investment. Not only that, but you can use PPC in your Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing Strategies.

Fortunately, Pay-Per-Click Advertising Experts in the Philippines can set up Paid Ad Campaigns for you and determine ROI. So they can test your desired keywords before applying them to your PPC efforts.

How We Develop an Effective PPC Campaign Strategy

Campaign Plans

Campaign Plan

Defining your goals is paramount for us to build an effective PPC Campaign that results in massive ROI. These goals include boosting website traffic, improving brand awareness, and more leads or sales. Additionally, PPC goals set the tone for the campaign and help us consider your target audiences, budget, and metrics.
Audience Retargeting with PPC Management Services

Audience Retargeting

Retargeting allows us to promote your brand to people who are already familiar with your business. Thus, we can regain the attention of people who didn't make a purchase the first time they encountered your ads or website. Also, we retarget ads to potential customers on Google and Social Networks.
Landing Optimization

Landing Page Optimization

Landing Pages are a crucial part of Pay-Per-Click Campaigns because they're the first thing a searcher sees after clicking your ad. A superb transition from search engine ad to webpage is critical for converting searchers. So, our PPC Management Agency in the Philippines can create targeted and relevant Landing Pages.
Creation Of Ads by PPC Experts

Creation of Ad Copies and Keyword Research

Our PPC Advertisements can get people started on their respective customer journeys. Therefore, PPC Ads should capture the interest of searchers and direct them to your optimized Landing Pages. In addition, we briefly but compellingly share what your brand has to offer, especially after refining them with A/B Testing.
Campaign Setup

Campaign Setup

Pay-Per-Click Experts set up Paid Ads campaigns to reach your audience according to set parameters and goals. Then, we can set up Ad Groups and select relevant keywords so your advertisements can show up in the right SERPs. In addition, we create keyword-optimized ad copy for ads and Landing Pages.
PPC Experts Monitor And Report Performance

Monitoring And Reporting of Ads Performance

After some time, business owners should look at their PPC campaigns to check their progress and improve their marketing tactics. Some helpful key metrics we can check include Click-Through Rates, Cost Per Acquisition, Return on Ad Spend, etc. Fortunately, PPC Specialists from the Philippines can keep track of critical metrics.

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What does Pay-Per-Click Advertising mean?

Pay-Per-Click is a Paid Advertising strategy to get a website to appear on the first page of a particular search engine query. Also, you might sometimes see PPC Advertisements on Social Networks. Also, your website will show up right above the organic results, meaning your Paid Ad appears front-and-center. 

So, marketers start by creating or setting up a PPC Ads Campaign, then pay a certain amount to display your company’s ad. Afterwards, searchers will find your advertisement on the Search Engine Results Page. In addition, PPC Ad Spend will depend on how many clicks the advert gets. 

What are common Pay-Per-Click Management Services or Activities?

A Pay-Per-Click Advertising Agency from the Philippines will oversee your brand’s Online Advertising campaigns. Thus, Ads can appear to the right audience when they need it. So with such a beneficial channel, business owners can be assured of high ROI.

Although some agencies can have certain specialties, there are several services that a PPC Agency can offer your business, such as campaign setup, optimization, and reporting. Here are a few more specific examples:

  • Keyword Research
  • Audience segmentation and targeting
  • Setting up PPC Advertisements
  • Campaign optimization
  • Analytics tracking
  • Campaign progress reporting 

What is the importance of using PPC Advertising Strategies?

Many Digital Marketing Strategies are available to increase brand reach and boost sales. Business owners can combine these strategies to maximize their business’ success. However, one beneficial marketing channel is Paid Advertisements, particularly Pay-Per-Click.

PPC has various benefits, including quick results and audience targeting. In addition, PPC Advertisements are cost-effective and easy to test. Not only that, but it can positively impact a company site’s SEO. So even if your website’s Domain Authority is low, you can still get on your desired SERPs.

How does PPC affect SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a critical Online Marketing Strategy for many businesses, and some marketers compare it to PPC. Firstly, PPC doesn’t directly impact your SEO, but it’s critical nonetheless. Also, SEO requires website optimization to attain high rankings and organic traffic. 

SEO’s methods are primarily free, but PPC requires a budget. However, both of them advertise businesses on SERPs. In addition, the two strategies can work together to boost your business’ visibility. Finally, data from your PPC Campaigns can unearth insights you can apply to SEO Strategies, particularly in creating content for your website.

How much is the average PPC Marketing budget?

If you’re planning to set up a Pay-Per-Click Campaign, you might be concerned about how much it might cost. However, many factors have a say in your Paid Ads budget, such as your industry, marketing strategies, the desired ad networks, etc. But, research shows that businesses spend between $9,000 to $10,000 monthly on PPC Management.

PPC Specialists from the Philippines can help you figure out your PPC Ad budget and even tailor it to your business’ needs.

How do PPC Marketing Campaigns work?

PPC shows an advertisement on the first page of a SERP. As a business, you’ll only pay for the ad depending on how many clicks or impressions it gets. In addition, you must create an advertisement with all the trimmings and visual elements like copy and images. 

Paid Ads Marketers must also set keywords so the ad will appear on the corresponding search results pages. They can use search intent to show Internet users a relevant advertisement. In addition, they can show off a brand’s PPC Ad to the right audience segment to increase the chances of conversions.

How can I improve my PPC Advertisements?

When creating a Pay-Per-Click Campaign, it’s vital to continue improving Paid Ads and other Paid Marketing channels. So, there are many optimization strategies that PPC Management Services can provide, such as:

  • Regularly updating PPC keywords.
  • A/B Testing all aspects of the campaign, including the ads and Landing Pages.
  • Focus your campaign efforts on channels guaranteed to produce plenty of conversions.
  • Checking on and improving site performance and accessibility.
  • Setting up Landing Pages for the campaign.
  • Utilizing ad extensions.
  • Using Remarketing.
  • Create enticing, high-converting copy.

Following these methods will ensure that your advertisements reach the right audience and convert them.

Will you continuously monitor my PPC Campaigns?

A PPC Service Agency will tell you that you can’t just set up a campaign and leave it to do its thing. Thus, marketers must continuously manage and monitor Pay-Per-Click Advertisements. Analytics is crucial to maximizing a business’ PPC efforts, even if they’re still in progress.

So, in addition to progress and ad spend, marketers need to check on search engines, ad networks, and Social Media platforms. Keeping an eye on all these things can be challenging, but fortunately for PPC Marketers, plenty of tools can make the work lighter.


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