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Our Digital Marketing Services

Content Marketing Services

If you want to hire a professional hand to craft your captions, blurbs, or even full-length articles, we have you covered. Our team of Content Writers in the Philippines can construct engaging marketing content that’s perfect for amplifying your current strategies. Syntactics, Inc.’s writers are flexible and comfortable with the English language. Additionally, we create content while optimizing it for search engines.

Also, Syntactics, Inc. applies various SEO tools to produce content that’s always primed and ready to gain popularity on the Internet! All in all, we generate varied forms of content that deliver interested audiences straight to your digital doorstep.

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Local SEO Services

Local Search Engine Optimization is just as crucial as its global counterpart. At Syntactics, you can count on us to get you on the map! Our team can set up a Google My Business page to further boost your brand’s digital reach. After all, attaching your business to your locale can help potential customers find you more easily, especially when using search queries.

So, trust our Local SEO experts to help your brand increase brand awareness and become more visible to your local audience. Plus, Google Local Business Listings can expose you to people who need you at the moment.

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Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engines and keywords are key to getting the attention of potential customers! Our SEO experts can find the perfect keywords to get excellent rankings on Search Engine Results Pages. Thus, we’ll tailor optimization strategies to your business — its nature, goals, and particular needs. Although SEO is cheaper than Traditional Marketing, it gets you the web traffic that matters.

With a customized Search Engine Optimization strategy, your business will be on the first SERP page in no time. Attract relevant traffic to your website by ranking higher on results pages through our SEO Services in the Philippines.

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Social Media Marketing

Get in touch with a prospective target audience through personalized campaigns with help from our Social Media Optimization experts! Social Media Marketing is a fantastic way to reach more casual and diverse audiences. So, it’s critical to infuse your socials with your brand personality. So while over 4.5 million people use Social Media to keep in touch with family and friends, they can also keep in touch with your business.

Our team can help you connect to and engage with your audience and potentially convert them into interested website visitors. So, rely on Syntactics, Inc. to reach a broader audience today!

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Graphic Design Services

People may enjoy visuals, but you only have a three-second time window to interest them. Our Filipino graphic designers can create enticing visuals for an interactive digital experience. Not only that, but they can condense your marketing message into fantastic images or visuals that communicate everything at a glance! So, do you need to outshine your industry rivals?

Perhaps you want to get clients’ attention? Or, maybe your goal is to share some information with interested individuals, thus advertising how well you know your industry and its inner workings. Our team is sure to deliver the perfect graphics for you!

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Email Marketing Services

Even if people don’t have a Social Media account, chances are they still have email. So, of course, email is one of the best Digital Marketing channels on the internet because it’s perfect for engaging casual and formal audiences alike. Combine email’s robust user base with a targeted Email Marketing campaign, and you’ll see a massive engagement boost. We at Syntactics have a team of Email Marketers who always come in clutch with top-notch results.

Naturally, we also create bespoke campaigns that show off your brand personality. So, hire Email Marketing experts in the Philippines to help translate meaningful conversations to conversions via email.

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Landing Page Creation

A well-designed Landing Page can be instrumental in boosting conversions or sales. Thus, you must have the right one for the job. So, let us work on your Landing Page Design and Development and encourage prospects to take action! After all, you want to have the most aesthetically-pleasing page. Also, it must embody your products or services.

And of course, Syntactics, Inc. thoroughly researches to create the perfect plan for maximizing conversions while keeping your business’ needs in mind. So, trust our experienced team to create pages that can achieve conversions aplenty — we even optimize them for search engines!

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PPC Campaign Management

Pay-Per-Click may cost a tad more than SEO, but make no mistake: It’s still fantastic for gaining leads! However, you need to keep a close eye on PPC campaigns, especially if you have multiple active ones at a time. To ensure that your campaigns run smoothly, look to our PPC experts! Syntactics, Inc.’s experts can handle Paid Search Campaigns.

Additionally, they manage Google Ads, Display and Shopping or eCommerce Ads. Of course, your Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest Ads, and more are in good hands. So, our PPC Management Services and experts can keep your PPC ads and campaign running efficiently.

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Facebook Paid Marketing

As the most popular Social Media platform available on the Internet, Facebook is a prime marketing channel. With a billion users spread across various demographics, your business has plenty of chances to get your target audience’s attention. Syntactics has a team of Facebook Paid Marketing experts known for campaign transparency. With correct and consistent Facebook Ads management, you can connect your business with the right people online.

Naturally, you can always use Facebook to promote your business site’s content. However, Facebook proves itself a lush Digital Marketing real estate, and with the perfect Facebook Advertising strategy, you can boost your numbers significantly!

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