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A Filipino graphic designer can help you outshine competitors in just three seconds!

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Whether you intend to build a shiny new image for your business that blows your competitors away or captures more attention in the highly competitive marketplace, you can work with our graphic designers in the Philippines.

Whether it’s static images or videos, we’ll make it happen for you! We can even create appealing designs for Mobile or Web Design and Development purposes.

We have an in-house team full of professional Filipino graphic design specialists who deliver projects on time using the best tools and methods available.

You’ve got just three seconds
to out-shine your competitor

A Filipino Graphic Designer can help!

Invest in attention-grabbing designs that communicate your vision and message loud and clear. Get the creative push you need to go bigger and better with a great design that’s sure to capture attention with the help of a Filipino graphic designer from our Digital Marketing team!

Our company combines competency and skill in Graphic Design with the Filipino spirit of hard work and dedication to the craft. Not only that, but our experts are here to provide a fresh perspective, and we can provide suggestions whenever necessary.

Additionally, we’re flexible with product requests, and if your business needs revisions, we can handle that too. So, no matter your Graphic Design wish, it’s our command.

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Use our graphic design services to your advantage, hire a graphic designer in the Philippines!

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Our filipino graphic designer team builds the design or creative brief, our graphic design services can help you

Build up the Design Brief

Before our team starts designing, we build the Design Brief, AKA the Creative Brief, which contains everything you, the client, want and need. Our Filipino graphic designers want to learn about your business, its nature, and your target audience. So, our team needs to know more additional details about the project.
Our graphic designer in the Philippines will then start the research stage

Start Researching

Once the Design Brief is finalized, we’ll proceed with the research stage. Research is essential for our graphic designers in the Philippines before starting on a new venture. More than that, it can shed light on current trends and give us inspiration for ideas. An understanding of your brand is essential.
Our graphic design company in the Philippines can start the planning stage

Build Up a Game Plan

After the research stage comes planning, which is different from planning the Graphic Design project’s look. As a result, this stage will create the steps that lead up to the final project’s design. In addition, stakeholders can brainstorm with the team on the project’s design elements for the next stage.
The Filipino Graphic designer formulates design concepts in Photoshop

Formulate Design Concepts

Providing excellent Graphic Design Services involves refining the project’s design concept. Clients need visualizations of the finished product. So, our graphic design company in the Philippines can create thumbnails or mockups that emulate said finished product. However, for larger projects, more mockups may be needed before proceeding to the production of the final iteration.
Our graphic designer in the Philippines will get client feedback, our graphic design services can help you

Get Feedback from Clients

Client feedback concerning the project is welcome at all stages of the design process, especially this one. So after presenting the mockups, clients will choose a handful of designs, which our in-house team can polish. Sometimes, we select the designs. But, client involvement is vital in finding the best one.
Our graphic design company in the philippines will make changes until we get it right’

Production & Completion

Feedback is beneficial for Quality Assurance. Our Graphic Design Company in the Philippines will go through some loops of design examination, collecting feedback, and making changes until we get it right. But, upon approval, it’s time to send the deliverables in the file formats as stated in the Design Brief.

Frequently Asked Questions About Graphic Design Services

What is graphic design?

Graphic Design means visually communicating to audiences via text and visual elements to influence or make an impression. It’s an excellent method of sharing brand messages via visuals, including typography, color palette, layout, and other vital elements. Thus, Graphic Design should be done in a way that’s easy for viewers to process. As a result, they meet users’ needs and feed into the User Experience.

What’s your turnaround time?

Turnaround time for Graphic Design Services depends on the size of the project. But smaller projects — such as creating three versions of Social Media graphics — are deliverable within 24 hours. The larger ones, which involve logo and branding creation, will take three to five days.

How many rounds of revisions should your graphic design company provide?

The standard included in our quote allows two revisions of three project versions. So, after the two revisions, they’re billable to the client.

What tools do graphic designers use?

Our Filipino graphic designers use tools for graphics and videos. We use Adobe products like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign for the former. Additionally, we use Canva to create graphics and images. As for videos, our team uses Filmora, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere.

Do you offer an hourly rate or fixed price?

Our team caters to both hourly rates and fixed prices.

What design services do you provide?

In addition to the items listed previously, our Graphic Designers can create various outputs like:

  • Icons or buttons;
  • Graphics for Social Media Marketing;
  • PowerPoint templates;
  • T-shirts or other clothing;
  • eBook covers, and more.

Who owns the copyright for the designs you produce?

While our graphic design company in the Philippines creates the designs for graphics and videos, our clients own the full copyright of the finished products.


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