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We provide properly managed business and IT solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises, major corporations, schools, government offices and companies seeking for white label services. With our Filipino spirit of hard work, commitment, dedication and affordable rates, our clients have been enjoying the benefits of outsourcing their projects and campaigns to us for 16 years and counting.

Syntactics Inc. is your one-stop-shop. Why?

  1. We can develop and design a website for you if you still do not have a business website. We can sit down and discuss what you want for your site and we will create it for you. It’s your website so we want you to be part of the planning and designing to make all your ideas come alive.
  2. We have our expert online marketing team to assist you market your business website. We can create enticing and informative content for your site that speaks of your brand and products/services that you offer and what makes you stand out from the rest. We can also establish your business locally by listing you to local directories and promote your business.
  3. Our Virtual assistants can totally free you from routine tasks and help you focus more on what you do best – Finding ways to making your business grow! Whether it’s office administration, online marketing, or digital media, we can do the job for you – The way you want it and quickly!
  4. Our software application’s team can help you create a smooth system for your business. You will have an accounting system that will work according to your needs because we can customize it. Your accounts payable and receivables will always be up-to-date and monitored.

Syntactics Inc, has been providing quality business and IT outsourcing services for over 16 years now and have served numerous clients from Australia, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, The Netherlands and other parts of the globe.

We started in March 2000 as a small company owned by Ms. Stephanie Caragos and Mr. Wilfredo Kaamiño Jr., who started out as the first developers, analysts and project managers at the same time. Both are graduates of Bachelor of Science in Information Management at Xavier University, Ateneo de Cagayan. Due to the dedication & commitment of the founders and the team members, the company quickly grew and became a corporation in 2005.



To be the preferred ONLINE & BUSINESS SOLUTIONS provider for Businesses & SMEs globally & locally



To empower Businesses & SMEs to CONNECT, OPERATE & TRANSACT effectively with their clients through Online and Business Solutions



Targeted, Experienced Expert, Result-oriented, Process based, Relationship/Partnership driven, Trusted, Passionate, Forward-looking



a targeted, trusted, high value Online & Business Solutions Provider for Businesses and SMEs globally & locally

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to the development, establishment and sustainability of the Information and Communications Technology through active participation in both government and private sector sponsored initiatives and through job creation.

Recognizing the lack of training for some of IT graduates coming from smaller schools, we have started out social enterprise, letithelp.org, which is our training program for the youth who have graduated from IT courses and are in need of additional skills and capabilities in order for them to be more competitive in the IT industry.

Those who gain the right skills and knowledge in their training become graduates of LetIThelp are then hired in Syntactics, Inc. As a commercial and experienced developer or are recommended to companies who are in need of qualified and skilled IT staff. Through this, sustainability in the IT industry is carried out, thereby giving our hand in helping solve poverty through jobs.

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Letithelp.org the Corporate Social Responsibility Program of Syntactics,was featured in YOUNG WORLD RISING by Rob Salkowitz, writer and consultant specializing in social technology and next-generation workforce and covered by the following international media:
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Our Management Team

Meet the people behind Syntactics, Inc! The experience they have in different fields of IT and business and passion for business empowerment has kept clients happy and Syntactics running for 16 years and counting.

Stephanie Rosalind P. Caragos

Stephanie has been running Syntactics, Inc. as its President and CEO for 16 years and counting, and she didn’t just stop there. With a degree in Information Management and driven by a passion for IT and business, Stephanie works to help clients achieve their business goals through innovative, online solutions. Her skills and expertise include BPO Business Management, Online Marketing and Consultancy, Business IT Analysis, Website Optimization, Online Applications Designing and Project Management, and Database Design and Management among others. She’s particularly supportive of Filipino Small and Medium Enterprises, but is always open to lend a helping hand to all types of businesses in need. She has shared her knowledge and skills in online marketing, web and IT through various speaking engagements over the years, thus making her the ICT Champion of the Year 2014.

Wilfredo P. Kaamiño Jr.

Wilfredo has been working side-by-side with Stephanie as Syntactics’ Vice-President and COO. A graduate of Information Management, Wilfredo is focused on implementation of industry standards and practices through periodic process reviews and improvements. As an IT Professional, his expertise include Object Oriented Programming, Systems Analysis and Design, Network Management, Server Administration (Windows & Linux), Hosting Management and Operations Management. A supporter of CDO – ICT, he envisions Cagayan de Oro to be the BPO Gateway of Mindanao providing IT enabled services, cloud computing and business management software.

Melanie Rosalind C. Talimio

Having graduated with a degree in Accounting, Melanie has been an experienced accounting practitioner for years. Melanie is a licensed CPA and has previously been an external auditor, a tax practitioner and an accountant. Melanie and her husband Raymundo Talimio Jr. also run their own accounting firm Talimio, Caragos-Talimio & Associates, CPAs. At Syntactics, Inc. she holds the position of being the Chief Finance Officer or CFO and the company Treasurer. Additionally, as a leader, Melanie is actively involved in the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants especially during her term as president in the years 2007-2008.

Raymundo G. Talimio Jr.

With about 26 years of finance and accounting experience working in private firms and starting his own in 1992, Ray has the know-how when it comes to all things financial. The fact that he graduated as Magna Cum Laude in Notre Dame University strengthens the image of his accounting prowess. Using these skills he’s been the Corporate Secretary and Division Head for Syntactics’ Finance and Accounting Division since 2006. Among other things, Ray is also the current adviser for the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Ronna Marie M. Kaamiño

For the last five years, Ronna has played a major role in the careful evaluation and selection of qualified IT experts as Syntactics, Inc.’s Human Resource Manager. She’s also conducted seminars in career planning to help hopeful candidates land successful careers in the IT industry. Ronna has made great contributions to IT career hopefuls through her skill development and self-improvement focused training programs. Ronna has ensured that Syntactics gets the most talented, smart and deserving candidates to work for the company and for its Corporate Social Responsibility Program. As an additional fact, Ronna is also a Registered Nurse by profession.

Pamila N. Salon

Pam graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Studies. Her knowledge in online marketing and great interpersonal skills are mainly what led her to become the company’s Sales Lead. Being one of the company’s senior officers, Pam also possesses leadership skills which enable her to efficiently manage her sales team. By using her leadership, interpersonal, communication, online marketing skills and other skills, Pam is able to build a great client rapport. Clients’ needs are met and attended to, and clients feel their relationship/partnership is highly valued with Pam and her team around.

Lenivie A. Estillore

A graduate of Bachelor of Science major in Computer Engineering was an SEO Specialist before she  became the Online Marketing Division team leader last 2010. Managing a division in the company is not an easy task but for Lenivie she manages the team with finesse and she’s able to inculcate to the minds of her team members that challenges can be surpassed through hard work, perseverance and patience. As an Online Marketing team leader, Lenivie has become an online marketing consultant, which enables her to train new employees and manage her team effectively.

Mark Reynor D. Magriña

Having graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Mark always has his eyes on highly technical work. In fact, he’s always been envisioned to be a programmer analyst. In 2011, Syntactics, Inc. granted him his dream job, but first he worked as a Technical Staff Member with the company starting 2009. By mid-2013, Mark became the company’s Applications Division Team Leader. His skills and positive work ethics are what make him a valued member of the Syntactics team. These skills and work ethics include being able to make complicated systems easy-to-use and understand, and motivating his team in a happy, productive, and positive way even during tough times.

Ladymieh P. Abacahin

With a degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Ladymieh is particularly skilled at systems analysis and design. Like our other team leaders, Ladymieh or “Lady” for short is dedicated to giving her time and effort into ensuring that her team delivers output that meets the client’s requirements and needs. Lady is also quite skilled at project management and is a great team leader for the Web Division. For the good of her team and the whole company, Lady has been focused on creating standard processes for the Web Division. These processes particularly involve project management, team handling, and training her team as necessary to further polish and improve their skills and talents.


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