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Reach Your Target AudienceWhile Retaining Current Subscribers

Engage With Them With The
Help Of An Email Marketing
Agency In The Philippines.

On average, you lose 25% of your marketing list yearly. Thus, it's essential to capture the interest of new prospects with personalized messages. But, you also can't forget about your loyal subscribers! Entertaining both can ensure that they'll stick around for more of your exciting email content, and one way to accomplish that is through customization.

Thanks to Automation Tools, customizing your marketing emails has gotten easier. Now, you can send even more emails and personalize them according to the recipients. 

Customization is vital, as it shows that you care for your recipients not as numbers on your analytics but as a person. Personalization can maximize the open rates and ensure your message reaches your intended audience. 

Hire Email Marketing Experts in the Philippines to help you deepen your connections with your subscribers! As a result, you can boost deliverability, impact, and visibility through your marketing emails!

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Why You Need To Add Email Marketing Strategy?

Connect With Different Audiences, for email marketing services from an agency in the philippines

Connect With Different Audiences

Emails are vital to people like students, parents, and corporate people worldwide. As a result, Email Marketing Services can positively impact your campaigns to loyal and potential customers.

Thus, you must send well-designed emails containing valuable messages to your Mailing list. So Marketing Emails can reach out to your audience and engage them with a story about your brand. For instance, you can promote your products or services, boost sales, share updates, and more!

But before you do so, you must find the ideal email recipients. Understanding your target demographic can make your emails more effective at connecting to your customers.

Save Time And Effort, for email marketing services from an agency in the philippines

Save Time and Effort

Another of Email Marketing's benefits is that it can save your business a lot of time and effort. Also, many marketing strategies can maximize your success without using too many resources. Thus, automation can accomplish this by sending large amounts of emails to your audience.

For example, you can rely on automation to send personalized emails to recipients. Additionally, you can send different versions of your emails depending on the demographic you're addressing. You can have both personalized emails without losing out on precious time. Overall, you have plenty of time to make crucial decisions while growing your customer base.

Improve Sales, for email marketing services from an agency in the philippines

Improve Sales

Email Marketing can also result in massive ROI. Engaging emails can incentivize your recipients to read your brand's newsletters and learn more about your business and what it offers. Thus, Email Marketing's first priority is engaging with customers, which can result in higher sales. So, a Marketing Agency in the Philippines can create emails that drive sales while building trust with recipients.

You can use automation, personalize emails, and even send welcome messages to new subscribers. Since basically, emails targeted to your demographics can result in increased website clicks and product views.

Create personalized emails to improve your revenue-generation efforts!

Our Email Marketing In The Philippines Includes The Following Services:

Campaign Audit And Strategy, email marketing services from an agency in the philippines

Campaign Audit and Strategy

Billions of emails are sent daily, and we can provide insights on ensuring your Open Rates stay high. First, we'll prepare the Email Marketing Strategies to achieve your goals. These will include messages targeted to your audience. Also, you need to measure Email Marketing Campaign performance and gain desirable results.
Content Creation, email marketing services from an agency in the philippines

Content Creation

Sending an email with very little substance and lacking much text or images can do more harm than good. Hence, sending your target audience a relatable or exciting message is vital. So, count on our Email Marketing Services in the Philippines to craft attractive emails using text and visuals.
Email Template And Design, email marketing services from an agency in the philippines

Email Template Design and Setup

You need to send messages to your audience, but they won't read for long if your email looks boring. Impress your recipients with exciting visuals and Email Templates! Eye-catching designs can significantly benefit your brand messages. You can easily set up your Marketing Emails with the help of prepared templates.
Database Upload And Configuration, email marketing services from an agency in the philippines

Database upload and configuration

Chances are that you have an audience and a few smaller demographics within them. Thus, creating Mailing Lists according to your demographics is recommended to target your recipients better. Our Email Marketing Experts can get the necessary data, store it, and build up a segmented Mailing List for you.
Email Marketing AB Testing, email marketing services from an agency in the philippines

Email Marketing A/B Testing

A/B Testing is an excellent method to ensure that you send the best-performing emails to your recipients. This process will find out what elements — such as subject line, layout, or content — resonate with your recipients. Thus, A/B Testing can provide the most successful variation of your email.
Analysis Of Performance And Reporting, email marketing services from an agency in the philippines

Analysis of Perzformance And Reporting

Digital Marketing isn't without analytics and reports on campaign results. So as an Email Marketing Campaign progresses, it's crucial to see how it went to learn how to improve it. As a result, you should hire Email Marketing Services in the Philippines to shed light on your Email Campaign progress.

Email Marketing Tools We're
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Frequently Asked Questions About Email Marketing Services

What is email marketing, and what's its purpose?

Email is a favored Digital Marketing channel as various people use it to communicate with others. For instance, you can use it for advertising your brand or its products or services. But, it’s best used as a channel for outreach and engaging with recipients to raise conversions.

Email Campaigns, especially when automated, can accomplish much. It can make a large audience aware of updates or new offers. 

Also, you don’t have to sacrifice personalization if you automate your emails. For example, targeting a specific demographic in your Mailing List can make your recipients feel more special.

What's a good Open Rate for email?

Open Rates are the percentage of recipients who click open your email message. If you have a high rate, you’re probably applying effective strategies, such as writing interesting subject lines and sending emails at the right time. Naturally, you only click on emails that grab your attention. The average rates can differ, but the average Open Rate for emails across various industries is 21.33%.

How can you increase my emails' Open Rate?

Increasing your Open Rates means ensuring that your emails are attractive to recipients. Fortunately, Email Marketing Experts can apply several strategies. Firstly, if they connect to your message, primarily through an enticing subject line, you can influence them to click on your email. Also, your email content must be relevant to recipients. 

Besides that, you need to ensure that your visual content can draw readers’ attention. Of course, you need an appealing color scheme and exciting imagery, but it also has to look neat and balanced. Thus, you must avoid using too many images, colors, and font styles.

Finally, it’s recommended to have a responsive template, so the email is readable regardless of the device used.

How do you build a Mailing List?

We apply several strategies but mainly rely on Calls-To-Action and contact forms. But, if you have an existing list, we can build on that. However, many other methods exist to create a robust Mailing List. 

First, we have Virtual Assistants who specialize in data entry and can research emails. They even build a targeted Mailing List for your business.

To gain emails, you can use Landing Pages with more catchy, humorous CTAs. Then, you can utilize popups or surveys on your business website’s pages. Lastly, you can acquire interested audience members’ email addresses via Social Media.

What is email segmentation, and is it necessary?

Email segmentation allows marketers to divide their subscribers into manageable groups based on demographics. Thus, you can separate your recipients according to age group, gender, location, specialization, behavior, etc.

It allows you to personalize your emails better with relevant content for recipients. Not all subscribers are similar, and segmentation lets you engage with people in varying stages of their respective customer journeys. As a result, it improves your emails’ deliverability!

How can Email Marketing Tools help?

Many Email Marketing Tools are available online, and some cover all the necessary aspects you need to boost brand awareness. But, there are specialized email tools that you can apply. For instance, these tools can personalize your emails, build a customer base, or automate your marketing efforts. Some are even aimed at particular industries, such as eCommerce.

Will you constantly create new email content?

An Email Marketing Agency in the Philippines can build new emails as needed. However, there are emails that you can continuously send to your audience.

So, there are emails that you need to create from scratch, such as seasonal promotional emails and event invitations. On the other hand, there are emails that you don’t need to tweak much, like Welcome Emails, Order or Subscription Confirmations, and more.

How many emails will you send, and how frequently will you send them?

The number of emails we send will primarily depend on your Mailing List. However, we can send hundreds of Marketing Emails a day.

As for the timing, we’ll send them according to your demographics. After all, the best time to send emails is tied to whenever your audience is free to open their inbox and check their messages.

How do you measure the success of a campaign?

You need analytics to review your Email Campaign results. In addition to Open Rates, you must investigate your Click-Through Rates, Conversion Rates, and Bounce Rates. These are vital metrics for seeing how well your efforts are progressing. 

Once you learn more about what the metrics depict, you can readjust your strategies for the better. Lastly, many Email Marketers will provide helpful progress reports regularly and add actionable insights for more success.

How do I keep recipients from unsubscribing?

You can prevent recipients from unsubscribing through various methods. Firstly, you must send your audience emails that are valuable to them. Email Marketing doesn’t mean constantly sending sales offers and discounts in every message. Then, you must ensure that the content is personalized and aimed toward the right audience segment. 

Your emails are crucial for educating customers on your brand, the industry, and even new trends. In addition, you can provide information on your products or services, especially for new releases. Use your messages to connect with your potential customers rather than focusing on boosting sales.


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