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We build engaging email messages that bring in leads, boosting conversions and sales!

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  • Campaign Audit & Strategy
  • Email Content Creation
  • Email Template Design & Setup
  • Database Upload & Configuration
  • Email Marketing A/B Testing
  • Performance Analysis & Reporting
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Get the Help of Email Specialists from an Email Marketing Agency in the Philippines.

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Professional Email Marketing campaigns can entice target audiences to open your emails, significantly increasing your open rates. Email Marketing Experts from an Agency in the Philippines can utilize automation to customize your emails for greater engagement!

After all, you lose an average of 22.5% of your email marketing database yearly. But, you can combat this by using personalized messages to capture the interest of new prospects. In the meantime, you must also engage with your loyal subscribers.

Professional email marketers are skilled at attracting new audiences while retaining current subscribers. In addition to increased open rates, they boost email deliverability, brand impact, and online visibility.

So engage your audience with the help of an Email Marketing Agency in the Philippines! Hire our Email Marketing Experts to boost your success today.

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Why You Need to Hire Syntactics’ Email Marketing Experts

Connect With Different Audiences, for email marketing services from an agency in the philippines

Connect With Different Audiences

Professional Email Marketing Services from the Philippines can tap into your business’s target demographic. As a result, emails are significantly more effective at connecting to your audience. Then, we send well-designed, valuable emails to your subscriber list.

Save Time And Effort, for email marketing services from an agency in the philippines

Save Time and Effort

Email marketing saves your business time and effort while maximizing success. For instance, we use automation tools to send personalized emails to your mailing list. Additionally, you can send different email versions depending on the recipients’ demographic.

Improve Sales, for email marketing services from an agency in the philippines

Improve Sales

An Email Marketing Agency in the Philippines can significantly increase your Return On Investment (ROI). After all, we create engaging, personalized emails that can incentivize recipients to read your newsletters and learn more about what you have to offer.

Our Email Marketing Agency in the Philippines Offers the Following Services:

Campaign Audit And Strategy, email marketing services from an agency in the philippines

Campaign Audit & Strategy

347.3 billion emails are sent daily, so we ensure your open rates stay high. Our Email Marketing Services in the Philippines prepare strategies that help you achieve your goals. For instance, we measure Email Marketing Campaign performance to gain desirable results in the future.
Content Creation, email marketing services from an agency in the philippines

Email Content Creation

Sending your target audience a relatable or exciting message is vital. Your marketing emails need a solid brand message, informative copy, and attractive images. So, count on our Email Marketing Agency in the Philippines to craft compelling messages for your business!
Email Template And Design, email marketing services from an agency in the philippines

Email Template Design & Setup

The messages you send to your audience must have exciting visuals. Eye-catching email designs can significantly benefit your brand messages. Our in-house experts can easily prepare marketing emails with the help of attractive templates.
Database Upload And Configuration, email marketing services from an agency in the philippines

Database Upload & Configuration

Your business has a broader audience and a few smaller demographics within it. Thus, you must create Mailing Lists according to your demographics to better target your recipients. Our Email Marketing Experts can build up a segmented mailing list for you.
Email Marketing AB Testing, email marketing services from an agency in the philippines

Email Marketing A/B Testing

Our Email Marketing Services from the Philippines include A/B Testing. A/B Testing can determine which email elements resonate best with your recipients. It’s an excellent method to ensure you send your recipients the best-performing emails.
Analysis Of Performance And Reporting, email marketing services from an agency in the philippines

Performance Analysis & Reporting

Online marketing requires analytics and reports on campaign results. So, as an email campaign progresses, it’s crucial to see how it went to learn how to improve it. Hire Email Marketing Services in the Philippines to shed light on your campaign progress!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Email Marketing Services

What is email marketing, and what’s its purpose?

Email is a favored channel for digital marketing as various people use it to communicate with others, whether for personal or corporate purposes. 

For instance, you can use it for advertising your brand or its products or services. But, it’s best used as a channel for outreach and engaging with recipients to raise conversions. Email campaigns can make a large audience aware of updates or new offers.

What’s a reasonable open rate for email?

Open rates are the percentage of recipients who click open your email message. Naturally, you only click on emails that grab your attention. High rates indicate that you’re using effective strategies, such as writing interesting subject lines and sending emails at the right time.

The average rates can differ, but the average open rate for emails across various industries is 16.97%. Hire our Email Marketing Experts today and improve your rates!

How can you increase my email’s open rates?

Increasing open rates requires making emails attractive to recipients. Fortunately, Email Marketing Experts can apply several strategies, such as:

  • Creating enticing subject lines;
  • Sending email content that’s relevant to recipients;
  • Adding attention-grabbing visual content to your messages;
  • Use an appealing color scheme that resonates with your branding;
  • Neatly balance your visual elements without overusing them, and
  • Utilize a responsive email template.

Our Email Marketing Agency from the Philippines offers these services and more to influence readers to click on your email.

How do you build a mailing list?

Our Email Marketing Services in the Philippines will apply several strategies to build your mailing list. Of course, we follow data privacy standards when we invite people to join the list, such as the following:

  • Asking for user consent;
  • Being upfront about what you do with user data;
  • Allowing recipients to easily unsubscribe or opt out of receiving emails, etc.

We build mailing lists with the help of the following:

  • Calls-To-Action;
  • Social Media;
  • Contact forms;
  • Popups or surveys on your business website’s pages;
  • Virtual Assistants who specialize in data entry to build a mailing list for your business;
  • Landing Pages with catchy CTAs, etc.

But if you have an existing list, we can build on that using the strategies listed above.

What is email segmentation, and is it necessary?

Email segmentation allows marketers to divide their subscribers into manageable groups based on demographics. Thus, you can separate your recipients according to the following:

  • Age group;
  • Gender;
  • Location;
  • Specialization;
  • Behavior, etc.

In addition, not all subscribers are similar, and segmentation lets you engage with people in varying stages of their respective customer journeys. You can personalize your emails better and send recipients more relevant content, thus improving their open rates!

How can email marketing tools help?

Many email marketing tools are available online that cover all the necessary aspects you need to boost brand awareness. However, there are specialized tools that our Email Marketing Experts can apply to accomplish the following:

  • Email personalization;
  • Building a customer base;
  • Automating email campaigns, etc.

Some tools are even aimed at particular industries, such as eCommerce.

Will you constantly create new email content?

Our Email Marketing Agency in the Philippines can create new emails as needed, in addition to our other services. However, there are emails that you can continuously send to your audience.

You must create certain emails from scratch, such as seasonal or promotional emails and event invitations. On the other hand, there are emails that you don’t need to tweak much, like welcome emails, order or subscription confirmations, etc.

How many emails will you send? How frequently will you send them?

The number of emails we send will primarily depend on your mailing list. But we can send hundreds of marketing emails daily.

As for the timing, we’ll send them according to your demographics. After all, you can maximize email open rates by sending them whenever your audience can check their inbox.

How do you measure the success of a campaign?

You need analytics when reviewing your email campaign results. In addition to open rates, you must investigate your click-through, conversion, and bounce rates. These are vital for examining your campaign efforts. 

You can readjust your future strategies once you learn more about your results. Hire our Email Marketing Experts who can provide helpful progress reports regularly and add actionable insights for greater success!

How do I keep recipients from unsubscribing?

You can prevent recipients from unsubscribing through various methods. After all, Email Marketing doesn’t mean constantly sending sales offers and discounts in every message. Your emails are crucial for educating customers on your brand, the industry, and even new trends. 

Here’s how you can retain your mailing list:

  • Firstly, you must send emails that are valuable to your audience.
  • Then, you must ensure the content is personalized and aimed toward the right audience segment. 
  • Also, provide information on your products or services, especially for new releases. 
  • Lastly, use your messages to connect with your potential customers rather than focusing on boosting sales.

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