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Reach the Right Audience at the Right Time

on the Right Platform Through
Facebook Paid Marketing.

With billions of existing users, ignoring Facebook isn’t an option anymore. Statistics show that people access Facebook an average of eight times per day – giving you eight chances to showcase your product and service in front of your ideal market and encourage them to take action.

Facebook Paid Marketing campaigns are built to optimize growth. With this Digital Marketing strategy, you’ll experience a guaranteed increase in qualified traffic while also seeing higher conversions and conversion rates through easily measurable Facebook marketing strategies!

Whether you’re looking to generate sales directly from Facebook or simply want to promote your content, get you the results you want with our Facebook Marketing services in the Philippines.

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Why Do You Need Facebook Ads Management Services?

You Can Target Your Exact Audience

You Can Target Your Exact Audience

An integral part of marketing is getting your advertisements to people who need to see them. So, Facebook shows ads to people likely to become qualified customers.

  • Facebook focuses on a particular demographic that you specify.
  • Next, our Facebook Ads Management Services help define your target audiences.
  • So, you can set the Core Audience demographic by age, geography, interests, etc.
  • Also, you can retarget people who were previously engaged with your brand.
  • Finally, you can find new target audiences with similar interests.

Facebook's targeting feature can get your advertisements in front of the demographic that matters.

You Can Get Clicks and Conversions

You Can Get Clicks And Conversions

There are 1.6 billion people on Facebook who are connected to small businesses. So if you want to tap into that and gain conversions, Facebook Marketing in the Philippines has you covered.

Our in-house Facebook Marketing Experts can set up your Facebook advertisements and monitor your progress. Then, we get analytics reports about your ads. As a result, we can find ways to boost reach.

Clicks and conversions are the top metrics for finding out about Facebook user engagement. Not only that, but Facebook has nearly three billion monthly active users. With our help, your ads can reach more people.

Ads tailored to your specific goals

Ads Tailored To Your Specific Goals

Marketers need goals to ground their efforts and measure their successes. In the same vein, a Facebook Ads Manager acts on your marketing goals. Thus, this feature makes it easy to target your chosen target audience(s). Additionally, it's the first thing Ads Manager requires to build your Facebook Advertisement. Now, Facebook has three available main objective types:

  • Firstly, Awareness Objectives deal with brand awareness and reach.
  • Then, Consideration Objectives include traffic, leads, views, and more.
  • Lastly, Conversions refer to sales or store visits.

So, you can factor these objectives into the ad type. Ad types include carousels, images, videos, or slideshows.

Our Strategic Approach For Facebook Ads Management

Ads Audience Targeting

Ads Audience Targeting

Facebook allows you to pick a target audience and cater to it. So, we can help you narrow down your desired demographic. As mentioned before, you can set up a Core Audience. It's also helpful to target people who were previously interested in your business or have similar interests.
Facebook Ads Design

Facebook Ads Design

Getting advertisements in front of your target audience isn't the first ad creation stage. Advertisements require both visual and text elements to effectively communicate your brand message. Ad Design is the vessel for your message. Our skilled Graphic Designers in the Philippines can give you a helping hand.
Ad Copy Writing

Ad Copy Writing

An advertisement that's purely text can get dull, even if you create a catchy copy. Your message needs exciting imagery to keep things interesting. Facebook Ads Management needs copy to elevate your advertisement. Our Facebook Advertisement Copywriters can turn your ad into the best version of itself.
Facebook Ad Set Up

Facebook Ad Set Up

Our Facebook Marketers can set up your advertisements for you. Firstly, we focus on your desired audience demographics. Then, we find the best place to run your ad. You can choose from Facebook, Audience Network, or Instagram. Also, we can format your advertisement's layout to show off its best qualities.
Facebook Ad Optimization

Facebook Ad Optimization

Facebook Paid Advertising doesn't stop at adding text to visuals. Specialists can boost ad effectiveness and optimize them further. Facebook Ads Management Services are skilled at increasing your Click-Through Rates (CTR) and Return-on-Investment (ROI). Also, you can count on our specialists to lower the ad's Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA).
Reporting and Tracking Ad Performance

Reporting and Tracking Ad Performance

It's not a complete Facebook Ad Campaign without analytics! We take great care to track your ad performance so it can provide insights into the campaign, mainly what is and isn't working. In addition, we can find potential opportunities for you. It's critical to build on your Paid Advertising progress.

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Facebook Ads Frequently Asked Questions

What is Facebook Paid Marketing?

Facebook Paid Marketing is a Marketing Strategy that allows businesses to advertise their brand. So, the platform provides tools for assembling and distributing your advertisements. Moreover, you can get reports on ad performance to boost its reach. You can count on us at Syntactics to elevate your Facebook Marketing Strategies!

Do you use conversion tracking to measure results?

When handling Marketing Campaigns, we handle them with the intent of getting results. Your Facebook ads’ objective is to convert as many people as possible. So naturally, we use conversion tracking to see how well the ads are doing. To achieve this, we employ Facebook Pixel. (More on that below.)

Do you do A/B testing?

A/B Testing means testing two variations of an ad, page, email, etc., and sending them to a test audience. For example, Facebook Marketing in the Philippines uses this to see which one brings in the most conversions. Thus, the method finds the variation of your ad that’ll get the most attention.

Why are my ads still on learning limited after 1 month?

Being on Learning Limited means you’re working on a limited audience, budget, or other settings. However, this doesn’t mean your progress is limited. Your ads can still be successful at converting! You can ignore the Learning Limited warning if your ads are progressing excellently. If not, consider following Facebook’s recommendations.

What is Facebook Pixel, and how do I track my conversions from Facebook Ads?

Facebook Pixel collects data from your business site. So by placing it on your website, it can track user interactions, especially with Facebook Advertisements. In addition, Pixel tracks conversions by getting data on Facebook Events or specified actions. Also, you can create your own events or use Facebook’s predefined events.

How would you know if ads are effective?

Advertisements are effective if they make an impact on people. The best way to see if they were impactful is to see how many took a specified action after seeing the ad. After all, the whole point of Facebook Paid Marketing — as with other marketing strategies — is to gain conversions.

How much should I spend on Facebook advertising?

One of Facebook’s perks is giving a specific spending forecast. However, the forecast will depend on your budget and how long you run the ad. So, you can run it for a given period or a lifetime. Thus, Facebook Ads Management can help you find the budget for your Advertising Campaigns.


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