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Business Applications Development

Streamline business workflows with the ideal system or app!

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Our Custom Software Application Development packages include the following:

  • Negotiable System Customization
  • Competitive Rates
  • Free Systems Support
  • Free Training
  • User Manual
FIFO Application Screen, Custom Business Application or Software

Simplify The Way Your Business Works With Custom Software or Apps!

Count on Us to Create Custom Software Applications with

Our Professional Business Applications Development Services

Custom Software Applications can maximize your investments with help from experts in Business Applications Development!

Enable faster growth and improvement by automating key business processes! After all, applications are vital to a business’ operations — many departments use “between 40 and 60 different applications.” 

Additionally, by partnering with the right Custom Software Application Development experts, you can turn your ideas into a new driving force for your business! 

Syntactics has over 20 years of experience in App Development, mobile or otherwise. Our expert team of Custom Application Developers have proven themselves with dozens of successfully completed projects.

Lastly, our development process is aided by the latest technologies to provide strategic, competitive, and well-tested solutions.

Need a custom application or system for your business?

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Our Business Application Development Web App & Software Products

FIFO Inventory System

FIFO is an inventory system that records purchase orders, stocks received, and stocks released. In addition, it’s a mobile, cloud-based solution. Access it anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection!

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Synchronized Accounting System

Use this system to get your financial statements on time for better and faster decision-making! This business application software is made especially for accounting and can record each business transaction and journal entry.

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PxTrack is an Electronic Medical Record system for doctors and clinic staff that records patient information and consultations. Also, it generates prescriptions, medical certificates, consultation forms, medical billing, and many more.

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Docotrak is tailor-made for government and administrative offices. It’s an innovative solution that allows users to store and trace a document’s trail within an organization. Thus, it’s easier for offices to ensure files are all safe and accounted for.

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Our Custom Software Application
Development Packages Include:

Negotiable System Customization
Negotiable System Customization
Discounted rates
Competitive Rates
(Our services are geared towards SMEs!)
Free Customer Systems
Free Systems Support
1 hour a month for 1 year of maintenance
Free training
Free Training
on business app usage and management
User manual
User Manual
for the custom software or application

Standard System Features of Our
Custom Business Application Development Services

Paperless systems
Increases efficiency and productivity
Increased efficiency and productivity
Highly secure with password
Highly secure

Development Expertise

Over 105 completed projects worldwide.

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Application Expertise
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