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PxTrack: Electronic
Medical Records Software

Pxtrack V3

PxTrack is an Advanced Electronic Medical Records System

Designed for Filipino
Doctors and Clinics.

Medical professionals rely on patient records (often paper-based) to make informed healthcare decisions. However, an accessible Cloud-based Electronic Medical Records system software can significantly support clinic staff by automating daily tasks!

EMR providers in the Philippines offer PxTrack, a Cloud-based storage system that enables doctors to access patient records on various devices. This system frees clinic staff to focus on critical work like decision-making and patient care.

The PxTrack EMR helps organize clinics’ workflows by documenting and organizing patient medical data. It features a dashboard for managing appointments and clinic staff meetings. Also, it allows users to create:

  • Digital prescriptions;
  • Reports;
  • Summaries of consultations;
  • Medical certificates, and
  • Test results.

With PxTrack, medical professionals and staff can track patients across different clinics while ensuring data security. The system complies with data privacy laws that protect sensitive medical information. It also limits access to authorized staff.

Deliver top-quality healthcare across clinic locations with an Electronic Medical Records system from the Philippines!

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Why Medical Professionals Need An Electronic Medical Records System



Healthcare clinics will often rely solely on paper records. Traditional medical files can be difficult to manage and vulnerable to damage from disasters like floods and fires.

However, with Electronic Medical Records systems, you can alleviate these concerns and ensure patient information security. EMR software allows your clinic staff to easily upload and store paper records, providing valuable backups for your practice.

By adopting a Cloud-based EMR, physicians and staff can access critical records and reports from any device anytime. So, ensure accessibility by upgrading your clinic’s record-keeping practices with an EMR system!



Clinics strive to deliver specialized healthcare that caters to patients’ unique needs. Electronic Medical Records software with the right functionalities can significantly improve their productivity. Of course, these functions must also be available for both desktop and mobile devices.

For instance, a calendar or scheduling function can enable clinics to manage appointments efficiently. A streamlined billing system simplifies invoicing, collection, and reporting, which can greatly enhance clinic operations.

However, different healthcare practices may require specific functions tailored to their individual requirements. That’s why EMR Providers in the Philippines are capable of customizing a system to meet the unique specifications of your practice!

Invest in an EMR system with the appropriate functionalities to optimize patient care services.



Ensuring data privacy is critical when handling sensitive patient information. Therefore, your clinic’s EMR system must safeguard data from breaches and hacking attempts.

That said, a secure Electronic Medical Records system like PxTrack is crucial for safeguarding confidential patient data against threats.

Employing encryption measures is essential to maintain data security in such instances. Moreover, it’s vital to have reliable backups and robust security measures in place to prevent potential data loss and system failures. Thus, your Electronic Medical Records should comply with data privacy laws.

A secure EMR system can confidently protect patient data while adhering to the highest data privacy and security standards!

How PxTrack Supports Doctors and Medical Professionals

PxTrack offers features to assist medical professionals and clinic staff. Our Electronic Medical Records system packages include User Training, Free Hosting, and Technical Support (excluding Internet connection).

Here are other exceptional perks you can expect from this Electronic Medical Records software:

Record Monitor And Manage Patient Information

Record, Monitor, and Manage Patient Information

PxTrack helps clinic staff record patient data, including consultation notes and examination results. EMRs are more legible, making selecting options, typing details, and editing and updating records easier. Also, it enables better patient progress monitoring and allows staff to review medical history.
Patient Appointments

Handle Patient Appointments

An EMR software enables patient appointment scheduling and label creation for specific visits. For example, OB-GYN clinics can set up future consultations and Estimated Dates of Confinement. Streamline workflows with a centralized calendar and visualize daily, weekly, and monthly schedules.
Monitor Fees And Billing

Monitor Fees and Billing

PxTrack is an EMR system that collects and stores patient information for future use while also assisting with clinic finances. It allows you to bill patients for their care and monitor outstanding payments. Streamline your clinic’s financial tasks with an Electronic Medical Records system from the Philippines!
Generate Summary

Generate Summary Reports

Clinics generate reports for various purposes, such as patient summaries, exams, and fee reports. However, creating a manual report takes time and and takes focus away from patient care. With PxTrack, you can automate report generation, especially when you have sufficient data for summary reports.
Print Out Necessary Documents

Print out Necessary Documents

A clinic’s Electronic Medical Record system collects data so staff can make informed decisions. Records may be digital, but specific documents are useful in physical form. PxTrack enables printing key documents like medical certificates, prescriptions, and consent forms from your electronic records.

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