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Mobile applications can improve consumers’ lives and help businesses attract more users. Professional Mobile Application Development services from the Philippines can tailor an app to your business needs!

A well-designed and functional mobile app can significantly benefit your brand. After all, many apps are important to everyday life. A smartphone user will launch apps 2.36 times a day on average. The more valuable a mobile app is, the more reliant users are on it.

Syntactics, Inc. can create a high-quality and fully functioning app tailored to your requirements. Our Mobile App Developer team in the Philippines creates custom applications that:

  • Meet daily consumer needs;
  • Make a stronger impression on users;
  • Encourage customer loyalty; and
  • Improve lead generation.

Count on our Mobile App Development Company from the Philippines to build the ideal application for your business!

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Why Your Business Needs Mobile App Developers from the Philippines

Greater Convenience For Customers

Greater Convenience For Customers

Business owners know the best way to succeed is to understand and meet their target audience’s needs. Expert business app development services can create apps that appeal to your user base.

Our Mobile App Development Company in the Philippines utilizes cutting-edge methods to ensure a seamless, enjoyable User Experience or UX. As a result, the application fits your requirements and audiences’ expectations.

You can be sure that Syntactics’ application developers ensure the app meets user expectations. Also, our app developers can add custom features upon request for even greater functionality!

Improve Brand Presence

Improve Brand Presence

In addition to making consumers’ lives convenient, a well-designed mobile application can spread brand awareness. An attractive app design and a positive UX will leave a lasting impression on customers.

As people spend more time on your app, they have more opportunities to interact with your brand. (Our Mobile App Developer team from the Philippines incorporates your business’ standard branding elements to improve your brand presence.)

With mobile apps, you don’t have to worry about being unable to reach potential consumers. So count on Syntactics’ app development specialists to improve brand recognition with a memorable design!

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

A dedicated mobile app can help your business grow by increasing your user base and revenue. You can improve your sales with in-app advertisements. But there are many other ways to grow your revenue via your business’ mobile app.

For instance, your mobile app can generate reports concerning user behavior. Then, you can use the insights to improve your app and boost your sales. Push notifications can also encourage users to engage with the app.

Our Mobile App Developer team from the Philippines is well-equipped to ensure your app can increase your revenue.

Services From Our Mobile App Development Company in the Philippines

Native Android Application Development

Native Android Application Development

Our Mobile Application Development services in the Philippines build top-notch solutions specifically for Android systems. We tailor the app to your requirements and ensure its functionality, security, and App Store compliance.

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

Syntactics’ Mobile App Developer team from the Philippines is also skilled at creating native-like applications. We build apps that blend both native and web solutions quickly and inexpensively. We deploy hybrid apps on various platforms.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Development

Our app development experts develop quality websites! Syntactics’ team of developers can create adaptable AMP pages for your site. These pages deliver content on mobile devices without sacrificing quick load speeds.

Our Process for Mobile App Development in the Philippines

Creation Of Mobile Application Screens.

Mobile App Screen Creation

Screens are like desktop webpages for a mobile device. The design of these mobile app screens is based on clients’ branding and preferences.
Up To Two Revisions.

Up to Two Revisions

Our Mobile Application Development specialists in the Philippines can revise the mobile app’s templates depending on client comments and feedback.
Mobile App Deployment.

Mobile App Development

Here, we start developing the app’s features and the previous design templates. The framework used will depend on the app’s complexity and client requirements.
Testing Or Checking.

Testing or Checking

After the development stage, our Mobile App Development Company in the Philippines thoroughly tests the mobile application and its backend.
Mobile App Development.

Mobile App Deployment

Before users can download the app, it should be checked and cleared for publishing. If it doesn’t pass, our developers implement suggested fixes before re-uploading.
Post Deployment Patches And Updates.

Post-Deployment Patches

Once the app is deployed, then we can close the project. If the app requires updates or fixes, count on us to make patches!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mobile application development?

Through mobile app development, a team of developers will create custom applications for various mobile devices like:

  • Smartphones;
  • Tablets; and
  • Other smart handheld devices.

Upon launch, users can download these apps via a browser on their mobile device or an app store. However, some apps may come preinstalled on a device.

Is having a mobile app for my business helpful?

An application has many benefits for businesses. Mobile apps created by our Development Company in the Philippines can improve customers’ experience while you gain insights from them through the app. 

In addition, your app is a marketing tool that can strengthen brand awareness. Not only can a mobile application lower business costs, but also digital marketing expenses. As a result, your business can gain more profits!

What platforms do you use for mobile app development?

When creating mobile applications, developers have a variety of platforms to choose from. 

However, our Mobile App Developer team from the Philippines tends to work with the most commonly-used platforms:

  • Android;
  • iOS;
  • Ionic; and 
  • Node.js.

What programming languages do you use for mobile app development?

Syntactics’ Mobile App Development experts in the Philippines use these common programming languages:

  • Ionic Framework
  • React Native
  • Flutter (Still ongoing with R&D)

Are there different types of mobile apps?

There are many types of mobile apps:

  • First is Native Mobile Apps, which are created for a specific or “native” device operating system.
  • Also, Web Apps are mobile-responsive versions of websites that don’t require downloads or installation.
  • Lastly, Hybrid Mobile Apps blend native and web features but look more like the former.

What are the stages of mobile app development?

The little details of mobile app development can vary. However, there are some standard stages of the development process:

  • The first stage is strategizing, which includes analyzing and planning the project’s purpose and objectives.
  • Next is the design stage, where developers prepare wireframes and then mockups.
  • After that comes the development stage and then testing.
  • Finally, once the app is satisfactory, you have the deployment or launch stage.

What’s the cost of developing a mobile application?

Mobile app development costs depend on several factors, such as the project’s complexity and the features you add to the application. To get a clear idea of how much app development will cost, contact our Mobile App Development Company in the Philippines.

How long will it take to build a mobile application?

It takes a while to develop a mobile app, depending on the project’s complexity. Not only that, the size of the app has a hand in how long app development is from strategizing to deployment. 

But, according to our team of developers, the standard time to develop an app is six months, give or take.

Are there any common challenges during mobile app development?

The software development process can be complex, considering its many moving parts. Also, there’s a need to balance client requirements with creating a functional application.

Here are some common challenges during app development:

  • Confusing development directions
  • Cross-platform compatibility issues
  • Security concerns
  • Mobile app performance
  • Selecting the appropriate development technology
  • Selecting inappropriate mobile app development experts for your team
  • Unsatisfactory app advertising

How can I market my mobile app?

One key way to successfully market your app is to utilize ASO or App Store Optimization, which makes your app more visible to consumers browsing the Google Play or App Stores. You should also prepare your app’s landing page and use your social media accounts to promote the app. 

However, one advantage of hiring Syntactics for app development is that we also offer digital marketing services, including Search Engine Optimization.

What are the future trends in mobile app development?

Some prominent future trends for mobile apps include Artificial Intelligence and Augmented and Virtual Reality. Additionally, wearable technology is gaining prominence, and creating more secure mobile applications has become a vital concern. 

There are more trends besides, but these are the most pressing to our Mobile App Developer team in the Philippines.


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