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WordPress Website Design and Development

Build a Site, Set up Additional Features, and Watch the Conversions Pile Up!

WordPress is a leading popular Content Management System. It’s so popular that among the top one million websites, 33% use the CMS. Additionally, its closest rival is in terms of usage CPanel at a measly 4%. On top of all this, several brands, including TechCrunch, Microsoft, and Grubhub, use WordPress for their websites or blogs. So this makes WordPress a CMS platform trusted by businesses and capable of boosting your brand’s reputation.

The platform’s flexibility lets you tweak design and functionality to build something wholly unique. Thus, you can rely on us to craft a flagship digital presence for your business through WordPress Website Design And Development. Our company handles the ins and outs of designing and creating your WordPress Website. After all, we aim to build a website that’s customized to your liking.

You want it, our WordPress Designers and Developers in the Philippines make it happen. With a business website oozing with personality, you can offer products or services to interested consumers, build a content pool that draws in qualified traffic, rank high on search results pages, and more.

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Why Your Business Needs WordPress Website Design and Development

Wow Your Audience With Attractive Web Design!

First impressions are critical, and 2.6 seconds is all a website visitor needs to judge your website. Thus, it’s crucial to draw visitors’ eyes and keep their attention on your website. A great User Experience can ensure that your Website Design lowers Bounce Rates while boosting Click-Through Rates.

Part of creating excellent Web Design is ensuring that your site is easy to look at and navigate. Additionally, its content — whether written or visual — should be understandable. As a result, expert WordPress Design and Development is advantageous for your business.

Our skilled WordPress Designers and Developers can set up a dedicated site as part of your business’ flagship online presence. After all, an excellently-designed website can attract the attention of interested searchers and give those searchers information about your business or brand.

WordPress Development Services We Offer

WordPress Web Development

WordPress Web Development

Professional WordPress Developers can accomplish many things, such as creating and customizing WordPress products such as plugins, themes, blocks, etc. Developers have the technical knowledge to secure your WordPress Site easily and fix any issues. Lastly, WordPress Developers in the Philippines can build and add many functionalities to a website!
WordPress Installation & Configuration

WordPress Installation & Configuration

Downloading and installing WordPress might be easy, but the configuration part may be a bit more challenging. Fortunately, a seasoned WordPress Developer can make the process go more smoothly. For instance, a WordPress Dev can create a WordPress database web server and then upload the files you need onto it.
WordPress Backup And Restore

WordPress Backup and Restore

Security and backups in this day and age are a must. WordPress Developers can ensure that your website stays up by keeping it secure against hackers. Additionally, our Developers are familiar with the critical process of restoring your website from backups, especially as a result of hacking or database corruption.
WordPress Support & Maintenance

WordPress Support & Maintenance

Even after launching your WordPress Website, you still need to put resources and time into maintaining it. Thus, you must ensure that your themes and plugins don’t run into any errors. So count on our WordPress Developers in the Philippines to take care of maintenance and support, troubleshooting, updates, backups, and uptime monitoring.
Custom WordPress Theme Development

Custom WordPress Theme Development

Your business can benefit from the themes from WordPress’s existing pool. But, custom themes open up a new world of possibilities. Our WordPress Website Design and Development team can create a theme that sums up your business. As a result, your business can achieve visibility with a unique website design.
Convert Designs To WordPress Themes

Convert Designs To WordPress Themes

After our Designers in the Philippines think up the perfect Custom WordPress Theme, the Development team will take over and ensure its functionality. We’ll make sure that all your features and layouts are reflected in the final WordPress website design! Your website is sure to make an impression on visitors.
WordPress Customization

WordPress Customization

WordPress has many themes, but they may not let your business’ personality shine through. So whether we use an existing or custom theme, we can customize it to fit your business better. Our team can handle customization tasks such as modifying the layout, adding your business logos, adding sidebars, etc.
WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Plugins range from simple to complex but add more functionality to the platform. Thus, building a custom plugin can make your business site more unique and attractive to website visitors. Our team knows the tools for building plugins, what you need to build one, best practices for security, etc.
WordPress SEO Optimization

WordPress SEO Optimization

WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform, making it easier for business owners to get their WordPress sites on the first page of SERPs. However, more goes into boosting your website traffic via Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Our Developers can tackle the technical side of optimizing your website for search engines.
Google Page Speed Insights

Google Page Speed Insights

Our WordPress Developers can improve your website with PageSpeed Insights. So, the tool provides page performance reports across devices and recommendations to speed it up. Then, our Developers act on those recommendations for your site. As a result, your WordPress Website Performance Score — and your search engine ranking — goes up.
WordPress Gravity Forms PRO

WordPress Gravity Forms PRO

As part of our company standards, we use WordPress Gravity Forms PRO, which can give clients an advantage. Gravity Forms PRO creates forms customized to your taste. There are many benefits of using the plugin — it’s easy to use, can capture leads, and saves time and money. Thus, we can deliver an effective, efficient website.
Advanced Custom Fields For WordPress

ACF Pro - Advanced Custom Fields for WordPress

As part of our standard process, our WordPress Experts also use the Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin. It adds more fields and features to your website, such as PHP Blocks, page building tools, Custom Options Pages, and more. So, we can provide you with the benefits of added website functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Content Management System?

Content Management Systems are critical for creating websites without having to create one from scratch. The excellent thing about using a CMS is that you don’t need coding skills to use it to build your site. Content Management Systems are outfitted with tools that make the website building process easier.

What features does WordPress offer?

One of WordPress’ most significant advantages is that it’s highly customizable. So regardless of skill level, a business owner can create a functional and attractive site from scratch. The platform contains several unique plugins and themes that suit your business’ needs. However, it’s important to note that WordPress Developers are the people with the skill and experience to add more robust functionality to a website. So, if your site needs custom plugins and theme templates, you can talk to WordPress Developers and Designers in the Philippines.

How will you build my website?

There is an assortment of ways to build a website on WordPress, but there are two common methods. The first is to use an existing theme template or create a custom one at a client’s request. But also, your site should always be Mobile-Friendly regardless of how it was made.

Is WordPress secure?

WordPress is a popular CMS that a lot of people use. This popularity makes it more legitimate and opens it to potential security issues. WordPress is secure, but you can always add common measures such as using the appropriate WordPress plugins, themes, firewalls, and secure hosts. It’s also critical to conduct regular security scans on the site and keep backups.

How will you maintain my WordPress Website?

Website maintenance after launch depends on the client. So, naturally, we create dynamic websites, resulting in sites that are easy for clients to update and maintain themselves. Our team can handle maintenance tasks, but clients can also maintain the site themselves. But, some updates require handling by our WordPress Developers.

Can I upgrade my website later on?

Of course, you can get additional upgrades even after your website’s launch! Consult with our WordPress Design and Development team for add-ons such as an online storefront or perhaps payment functionalities. So, if it’s an achievable feature that furthers your website’s functionality, you can count on us to add it.

Are there other fees to consider when having a WordPress website?

Yes, there are costs aside from Website Development. For example, clients need to consider hosting or server costs, the website’s domain name, Secure Sockets Layer or SSL, and third-party security tools like Sitelock or Sucuri. We recommend third-party security tools, especially for eCommerce websites that deal with payments and sites that process users’ confidential data.

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