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WordPress is a Content Management System used by 28 million websites, according to Key WordPress Websites Statistics. It surpasses its closest competitor, Wix, which hosts merely 4 million live websites.

Trusted by brands like TechCrunch, Microsoft, and Grubhub, WordPress boosts brand reputation effectively. The platform’s flexibility allows for unique design and functionality! In that regard, a WordPress designer in the Philippines can customize layouts, while a developer ensures a seamless user experience.

Picture your dream website brimming with your brand personality, showcasing your products or services with a robust web content pool! That’s what our team can do for your business.

Our skilled WordPress Website Design & Development experts in the Philippines are here to bring your vision to life. 

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Why Your Business Needs WordPress Website Design and Development

Expert WordPress design and development offers significant advantages to your business.

First impressions are crucial — after all. It takes users just 0.05 seconds to judge your website, according to the Top Website Statistics For 2024. So, your business site must draw their attention with an excellent design and let the user experience speak for itself! That way, you can retain customers and boost conversions and sales.

An appealing website can attract interested visitors and provide them with information about your brand. Thus, content — whether written or visual — should be clear and informative. 

With our talented WordPress designers and developers, you can set up a dedicated site that greatly contributes to your business’ online presence. So, wow your audience with an attractive WordPress website today!

WordPress Development Services We Offer

WordPress Web Development

WordPress Web Development

Our WordPress specialists can create and customize products like plugins, themes, and blocks. They can secure your website and efficiently address any issues to enhance functionality!
WordPress Installation & Configuration

WordPress Installation & Configuration

A developer from the Philippines can install and configure WordPress. They can streamline the process by setting up a WordPress database on a web server and uploading necessary files.
WordPress Backup And Restore

WordPress Backup and Restore

A WordPress developer from the Philippines can ensure website uptime by safeguarding it against hackers. In addition, they have expertise in restoring your WordPress site from backups.
WordPress Support & Maintenance

WordPress Support & Maintenance

Our WordPress development team in the Philippines takes care of maintenance after the initial website launch. We handle support, troubleshooting, updates, backups, and uptime monitoring.
Custom WordPress Theme Development

Custom WordPress Theme Development

Your website can benefit from WordPress’s existing themes. However, custom themes offer endless possibilities. Our designers can craft a unique layout that reflects your brand.
Convert Designs To WordPress Themes

Convert Designs To WordPress Themes

Once our designers in the Philippines craft the ideal custom WordPress theme for your website, the development team will take over. We’ll ensure that the final product makes an impression.
WordPress Customization

WordPress Customization

WordPress offers various themes that might not accurately reflect your business. We can tweak a ready-made or custom theme to suit your branding, adjust the layout, incorporate logos, etc.
WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress plugins can enhance platform functionality! Thus, a custom plugin can make your site more appealing. Our team has the tools and expertise for WordPress plugin development.
WordPress SEO Optimization

WordPress SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization can improve your page rankings. Our WordPress developers in the Philippines can handle the technical aspects of site optimization to improve your organic traffic!
Google Page Speed Insights

Google Page Speed Insights

Our developers can improve your WordPress website with the help of PageSpeed Insights. The tool offers reports and improvement tips that can boost performance scores and SEO rankings.
WordPress Gravity Forms PRO

WordPress Gravity Forms PRO

As per our company’s standards, we utilize the WordPress Gravity Forms PRO plugin. It’s an easy-to-use plugin that creates custom forms to capture leads and save you time and money.
Advanced Custom Fields For WordPress


Our WordPress developers in the Philippines utilize the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) PRO plugin. It enhances your website with additional fields and features for improved functionality.

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WordPress Design And Development Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Content Management System?

Content Management Systems can help set up a website. With a CMS, you don’t have to create one from scratch since it’s outfitted with tools that make the website-building process easier.

Business owners can use a CMS for crafting websites that suit their brand.

What features does WordPress offer?

One of WordPress’ most significant advantages is its customizability. A business owner can create a functional and attractive website no matter their coding skill level! In addition, the platform contains several unique plugins and themes that suit a business’ needs.

A WordPress design and development company has the skill and experience to add even more robust functionality to a website! WordPress designers and developers in the Philippines can craft custom plugins and theme templates for your business site.

How will you build my WordPress website?

Here are two common methods for building a WordPress site: 

  1. You can sign up on to create a user-friendly website. It’ll be hosted on servers. 
  2. You can download the WordPress software from Then, you can install it on your own hosting server. The self-hosting method offers greater flexibility and control over your website. But, it requires more technical knowledge and website management.

With option one, you can easily use an existing WordPress theme template. But with the second option, you can hire a skilled WordPress developer from the Philippines to create custom themes and plugins. They can also manage hosting, security, and backups!

Is WordPress secure?

Various companies utilize WordPress. Though this popularity makes the CMS more legitimate, it does open it to potential security issues.

WordPress is secure, but you can always add security measures such as using the appropriate plugins, themes, firewalls, and secure hosts. It’s also critical to conduct regular security scans on the site and keep backups.

How will you maintain my WordPress Website?

Post-launch website maintenance is tailored to the client’s requirements. We craft dynamic websites that are easy for clients to update and maintain independently. For instance, our WordPress specialists can manage maintenance tasks, but clients are fully capable of handling them.

Still, certain updates require the expertise of our WordPress developers.

Can I upgrade my website later on?

Yes, you can get additional upgrades even after your website’s launch! Consult with our WordPress design and development team in the Philippines for add-ons such as an online store or payment functionality. If it’s an achievable feature that further improves your business website, you can count on us to add it.

Are there other fees to consider when having a WordPress website?

Yes, there are costs aside from Website Development. For example, clients need to consider the:

  • Hosting or server costs;
  • Website’s domain name;
  • Secure Sockets Layer or SSL, and
  • Third-party security tools like Sitelock or Sucuri. 

We recommend third-party security tools, especially for eCommerce websites that deal with payments. They’re also critical for sites that process users’ confidential data.

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