Social Media Marketing

Give Your Business Personality (and a Microphone!) On Social Media Platforms

Until a few years ago, social media was all about keeping in touch with friends and family. Today, it has evolved into an ideal platform where you can create an active following for your business.

Social media gives you all the chances to connect and interact with your customers. This way, you can promote your brand and drive your targeted traffic to your website. The more active you are in social media the more relationships you build with your customers, and the more they feel that they are really dealing with a human being, rather than just a business.

There are so many platforms and a strong presence is necessary for all of them. Get social media marketing experts to manage them all in one efficient way and create an online image that is bound to attract followers and engage a large consumer base.

Why Use Social Media Marketing?

Here’s how we set-up our social media marketing plans:

  •   Information Gathering
    Through a client call, we collect all the necessary information about the business, what their goals are, and what social media platforms they are using.
  •   Social Media Pages Audit
    In this stage, we identify what strategies and elements are missing. We also assess what elements are working so that they can be improved more.
  • Keyword Research
    We will help clients identify potential keywords and discuss which relevant keywords they want to optimize so that these are placed into various contents of the social media pages.
  • Off-page Recommendations
    These recommended strategies include content and images creation, scheduling of posts and running of paid advertisements.
  • Proposal + Audit
    A proposal containing all package inclusions and results of the audit is sent for review and approval to the client to ensure all their wants and needs for their social media pages are accommodated.
  • Campaign Activation
    Once the client gives the go signal, strategies indicated in the proposal will be implemented by the SEO team which consists of social media virtual assistants, web content writers, and graphic designers!
  • Monthly Reporting
    A report is provided every month so that clients are updated and aware of their online presence’s progress!
Experience the wonders social media marketing can do to your business by entrusting it to us!