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Until a few years ago, social media was all about keeping in touch with friends and family. Today, it has evolved into an ideal platform where you can create an active following for your business!

Get social media marketing services in the Philippines from our digital marketing team to help you: 

  • Manage all your platforms in one efficient way
  • Create an online image that is bound to attract followers
  • Engage a large consumer base
  • Connect and interact with your customers.
  • Promote your brand 
  • Drive your targeted traffic to your website. 

The more active you are in social media, the more relationships you build with your customers. More importantly, the more they feel that they are really dealing with a human being, rather than just a business. And our social media marketing team can help you build that relationship while you focus on running your business? 

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Why Use Social Media Marketing?

Create Brand Awareness

Create Brand Awareness

Put your business in front of a large number of prospective customers

Build Relationships

Build Relationships

Increase customer engagement and interaction, and strengthen your connection with your audience

Increase Website Exposure

Increase Website Exposure

Drive more traffic to your website and attract more of your target market

4.55 billion social media users

4.55 billion social media users

Did you know that reports show that the world has 4.55 billion social media users? Think of all the potential target audiences for your business included in that count! Even if you don’t reach a million people, just think of the hundreds or thousands you can!



Social media is diverse — there are different age groups, interests, categories, industries, and so much more. With that, you can always find a platform and an audience that’s made for your needs!

Filipinos are soc med savvy

Filipinos are Social Media Savvies

The Philippines has 73 million active social media users. So you can be sure that our social media marketing services in the Philippines are run by savvies and pros who know the ins and outs of social media.

Here’s how we set-up our social media marketing plans:

As a social media marketing agency in the Philippines, we follow a set of plans that enable us to identify the right social media strategies that align with your goals and needs.

  • Information Gathering
    Through a series of calls and discussions, we collect all the necessary information about your business. We ask questions such as
    “What are your business goals?”
    “What do you want to achieve with social media?”
    “What are the platforms you’ve been using?”
    “Who do you want to reach and how do we reach them?”
  • Social Media Pages Audit
    In this stage, we identify what strategies and elements are missing with your current social media campaigns. We also assess what elements are working so that they can be improved more. Audits are all about maximizing the strengths and finding opportunities to better weaknesses — and we hope to do that for your social media!
  • Setting Metrics and KPIs
    Social media marketing performance, like other digital marketing strategies, are measured and identified through metrics and key performance indicators (KPI). This allows us to have clear markers of what works and what doesn’t.
  • Identifying Your Target Social Media Audience
    This part of the process determines who you want to reach and understanding what posts will work for them. What tone of voice will match and attract them? What type of persona should you establish to build rapport with them? What colors and language should you use to target them?
  • Planning and Creating Your Social Media Content
    Once we’ve identified your goals, target metrics, and audience, it’s time for us to create your social media content. We also ensure that copies, graphics, videos, and other elements take into account social media standards.
  • Social Media Activities
    These recommended strategies include content and images creation, scheduling of posts and running of paid advertisements.
  • Proposal + Audit
    A proposal containing all package inclusions and results of the audit is sent for review and approval to the client to ensure all their wants and needs for their social media marketing plans are accommodated.
  • Campaign Activation
    Once the client gives the go signal, strategies indicated in the proposal will be implemented by the SEO team which consists of social media virtual assistants, web content writers, and graphic designers!
  • Monthly Reporting
    A report is provided every month so that clients are updated and aware of their online presence’s progress!

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