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Why Keep Your Antivirus Software Updated?

Are you one of those who use their computers and get annoyed whenever an antivirus update flashes on their screen? If so, then you should start changing that mindset. Antivirus software needs regular updates for a reason. Let us discuss in this article why you should keep your antivirus software updated.

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What is a Computer Virus?

A computer virus is a malicious software or malware that, much like an actual virus, replicates itself on any drive linked to a computer. When a computer virus infiltrates your device, it could slow down and even stop functioning correctly.

A virus may infect your device if you plug into your device a removable media, such as a USB stick, that contains a virus. The virus can also enter your device if you share USBs to transfer files from an infected device.

Moreover, a virus can infect your device through software or app downloads from the internet. So, whenever you transfer or download files from another device or the internet, make sure you trust the source.

Finally, a virus may infect your device if you open a suspicious email, most likely from the spam folder, and click on an attachment or link within the said email. So, make it a habit to avoid opening emails or attachments from senders that you do not trust or know.

Popular Computer Virus Myths

Kaspersky, a leading antivirus software provider, collated below some of the common computer virus myths that you should stop believing in:

  1. Computer error messages mean virus infection.

    This is not true. Sometimes, error messages may pop up on your computer screen due to software bugs or faulty hardware.

  2. Viruses and worms get activated only through user interaction.

    This is partially not true. For viruses to get executed, their host file will need to be activated. However, this is part of an automated process. On the other hand, as soon as a worm has entered your system, it is capable of automatically executing and replicating itself.

  3. Email attachments from senders whom you know are safe.

    But, again, this is also not true. Most times, viruses and other malware spread by blast emailing the contacts of an infected device. So, even if you know the sender of the attachment, take caution when opening it, especially if you do not know what is inside.

  4. Antivirus software can protect your device from all threats.

    As much as we want this to be true, it is not. Antivirus software needs regular updating and improvements because viruses and other malware are created every day. As such, it is vital to keep your antivirus software updated to help ensure that you have protected your device from the latest threats.

Why Update Your Antivirus Software?

The most apparent reason why you should keep your antivirus software updated is that new viruses and other malware regularly attack computers. Every day, cybercriminals get more advanced in creating more sophisticated viruses and malware, which could harm not only your device but also your reputation as these criminals target your device to gain access to your personal information.

As soon as your device gets infected by a virus or other malware – which could happen even while browsing the internet – computer worms begin rapidly spreading and infecting millions of other devices connected to your network.

Through antivirus software, your device gets the necessary tools to fight malware and essentially protect your computer. In addition, antivirus software has signature files released regularly and contains the latest list of viruses known to developers and programmers. As such, it would be best to automatically set your antivirus to update at least daily to make sure that your device has the best protection against viruses and other malware.

As such, as soon as now, you should find an IT technical support team that can help you keep your antivirus software updated.

Choosing the Best Virus Protection

Here are some criteria to consider when looking for antivirus software to protect your computers from malware:

  1. Compatibility

    Make sure that the antivirus software you wish to install is compatible with the programs running on your device. Installing it otherwise could prove useless if it causes conflict in your system. Such conflict could then lead to malfunctions, which leaves your device vulnerable to threats and attacks.

  2. Ease of Use

    Antivirus software that requires complex technical skills from users could prove counterproductive. So, make sure to choose an antivirus software that is easy to use and navigate. The more complicated actions and decisions it requires from users, the more chances that human error could occur. Human error could then lead to further system errors.

  3. Comprehensive

    Find an antivirus that provides regular virus protection updates for all types of files and elements that could be attacked by viruses or malware. Aside from that, the antivirus software should also be able to detect malicious code. It should also be able to protect possible entry points, including email, FTP, the internet, and the like.

  4. Quality

    Lastly, your antivirus software should be able to function in whichever environment you introduce it to. More importantly, it should be able to adapt to the constant changes taking place in the environment. It should be effective in detecting and removing malware. It should also provide regular antivirus software updates.

Why Why Keep Your Antivirus Software Updated Security Protect Your Information With Secure Access

Always Keep Your Antivirus Software Updated!

Do you have questions on how to safeguard your devices from viruses and other malware? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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