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7 Steps to Craft an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketers must create and apply the most effective Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics to digitally transform their brand. They can maximize success by building an organization or business’s ideal online marketing plan.

For instance, a shop owner selling rare collectibles and merchandise may need help to make sales. This struggle may be because no one appears to be aware of the business. So, a Digital Marketing Company in the Philippines can make your business more visible to customers who haven’t discovered you yet.

75% of marketers stated that their campaigns were “directly influencing revenue.” So, you must follow the latest Digital Marketing Trends and strategies available today to bring in more business. 

In addition, they create the right kind of noise and promote brand awareness and sales on various digital channels.

Digital Marketing and Sales: How to be Great at Both

Think About Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How can Google search, marketing automation, and landing pages help your business? Well, they’re key digital marketing strategies that help lead generation efforts.

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A digital marketing strategy is concerned with advertising services and products through the Internet using the following:

  • Paid advertisements;
  • Media such as images and videos;
  • Social media;
  • Emails;
  • Display ads, etc.

For example, have you noticed product ads when scrolling through social networks? Those are the results of online marketing campaigns. Also, organizations must strategically publish their advertisements to ensure high conversion rates. 

Thus, you need long-term, effective Digital Marketing Campaign Tactics.

What are the Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies?

#1 Specify Your Objectives

The first and essential step to consider when creating an online marketing plan is your objectives. You must prepare business goals, as they’re a checklist that helps your team align your marketing plan.

For instance, these objectives will illustrate your mission and reasons for advertising online. With your goals, you’ll be able to develop effective Digital Marketing Tactics.

#2 Evaluate Past Methods

When evaluating previous digital marketing strategies, you can also know which ones worked. Thus, you can retain them and improve as needed.

How to Evaluate Digital Marketing Performance

If you used ineffective online marketing tactics in the past, avoid using the same ones in subsequent campaigns. However, after study and analysis, you can improve on past strategies. 

Thus, a Digital Marketing Company in the Philippines must identify areas in past campaign methods that need improvement to create a more effective strategy. 

#3 Identify Your Target Market

By identifying the target market, marketers can know what special offers to put out there to entice them into buying products or availing services. 

After identifying them, the team can also learn which platforms to use to increase your online marketing campaigns’ success. For instance, on average, people in the United States have “7.1 social media accounts.”

In addition, marketers can pinpoint the style and tone of voice in advertisements, like social media posts. Lastly, they can determine the designs and colors to apply to marketing content. 

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#4 Know Your Means and Budget

The next step in crafting an effective Digital Marketing Strategy involves choosing your digital platforms. It also requires determining how much you will spend on your Digital Marketing Campaign.

WordStream Increase Digital Marketing Budget

Source: WordStream.

For example, your organization might want to create advertisements using Google Ads, which can be costly. Depending on your organization’s capacity, you may have one or a combination of the following: 

  • A dedicated business website;
  • Facebook page;
  • Twitter account;
  • Instagram profile, etc. 

You have the option to create paid advertisements depending on your budget on each of these platforms. Investing in them would mean you’ll be able to reach your target market across different platforms and generate leads. With that comes higher chances of sales and Return On Investment (ROI).

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After all, results do not happen overnight. So, marketing teams must prepare a considerable budget.

#5 Optimize Your Means

A Digital Marketing Company in the Philippines will fully utilize a brand’s existing business website and social media pages. Posting content that attracts consumer attention and ensures high conversions is part of an effective digital marketing campaign plan.

To ensure this, marketers should perform Keyword Research to identify which keywords are relevant to the campaign. Also, research helps the team identify the keywords most searched by potential customers. Then, they must incorporate the keywords into your website and social media.

As a result, when people search for queries containing your chosen keywords, they’ll see results related to you on Search Engine Results Pages.

You can further optimize your website by paying attention to these web elements:

  • Headlines – Are they related to what your company stands for?
  • (Visual) Media – Do the images, videos, or GIFs load and display nicely on the page?
  • Customer Reviews – Can audiences see the customer reviews of your products and services?
  • Text and Buttons – Is the website’s font style and size readable? Are your buttons and links clickable and direct to the correct pages?

In addition, ensure that you don’t over-optimize your website, which may negatively affect your SEO rankings.

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#6 Create a Search Engine-Optimized Website

Your ultimate goal in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to make your website appear on the first page of SERPs when people search for a particular keyword. You can optimize your web pages’ titles, meta descriptions, and keywords to appear on search results. You can incorporate Google Analytics to see the overall SEO performance of your websites.

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Furthermore, it would be best to consider Website Optimization to ensure that your content contains all the information about:

  • Your business;
  • Its products or services; 
  • Pricing;
  • Where your office is located, and 
  • How your customers can contact you.

It should also be responsive on any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Thus, the website and its content adjust to the device’s screen currently browsing it. 

Since many browse on their mobile phones, your business should have a Mobile-Friendly Website. Thus, visitors won’t struggle by zooming in and out of pages and clicking the wrong links or buttons.

SEO Marketing Plan: 8 Good Reasons Why You Need It

#7 Use Social Media

Advertising on social media plays a critical part in any effective marketing strategy. 4.48 billion people worldwide get on social networks, so there are more chances for online visibility. Social media helps sell products and services, reach target audiences, and drive website traffic. 

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Here are some of the most effective Digital Marketing Tactics for social media:

  • Twitter Marketing. The Twitter platform can be a powerful lead-generation tool. Also, consider utilizing Influencer Marketing in your strategies!
  • Content Marketing involves creating promotional content for Social Media posts, blogs, and even videos. However, Web Content Marketing doesn’t straightforwardly promote the brand and instead builds audience interest.
  • Video Marketing allows brands to market themselves via a video highlighting your business’s benefits. For example, short-form videos are popular with “two-thirds of consumers.”

Social Media Marketing 2023: The Top 7 Trends

#8 Get the Help of Experts

Going through all these Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy steps on your own can be challenging, especially when your business is still new or when you’re not familiar with Online Marketing in general. Therefore, you should hire people with experience from an effective Digital Marketing Company in the Philippines so that you can focus on running your business.

Final Thoughts

Marketers must learn about effective Marketing Strategies to increase their brand’s reach.

Get familiar with and integrate the above steps to craft effective Digital Marketing Tactics for your business. Help grow your business by working with a Digital Marketing Company in the Philippines to lead the way. Craft digital Marketing Campaign Strategies that work starting today!

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