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Beware Of Instagram Virus

It’s no secret that “fake following” tactics in social media sites like Instagram are easily available. You can buy hundreds of inactive, active and “real” active Instagram followers. These faux followers are for under $100 or 1,000 “likes” for $25. It may seem enticing to simply buy “likes” and “followers” rather than letting it naturally grow over time. However, the reality is it might actually hurt your account in the long run. This is because these followers can be an Instagram Virus.

Instagram Virus

You should know that it is not only buying instant “likes” and “followers” that can cripple your account. According to a Reuters report, there is a virus, traditionally used for stealing credit card data known as Zeus. This virus increases the online presence of Instagram accounts. The “likes” and “followers” that the virus generates are beneficial to marketers. This is because they help them create buzz around certain hashtags. This virus will make a certain photo appear in Instagram’s Popular page. It might boost the count of the people following your account. However, keep in mind that this will also create a chance of having Instagram ban your account.

Unfollower Gain

If the virus – Zeus – affects your account, it will not be possible to form a comment thread for the creation of a network. The account will be on Instagram’s popular page because of the many “likes” and “followers”. If this happens, real followers of your account will think that you use spamming methods to boost your account’s presence. This is because you might have thousands of likes. However,  spam comments will litter your account. Thus, if real followers notice that there are spammy comments in your account, then they will immediately stop following you. This will create a bad image which might cause your followers to completely leave your account.

Word from Authority

Instagram’s Community Evangelist Jessica Zollman said in a thread on Quora – “We have a team that works really hard to identify spam through community flags, and we stop it as soon as it starts.” This specifically means that the developers are paying attention to this matter. An Instagram spokesperson also said that they are also working hard to limit spam on their service and prohibit the creation of accounts through unauthorized or automated means.

Instagram authority also added that they have employed robust systems to address accounts compromised through malware and phishing which helps keep the number of fake accounts low.

In the meantime, you can backup your followers and photos before you get affected by this virus. Hackers have been known to access accounts and lock out users, delete all the photos and followers. Other than having a backup file of your account, you can also use free services in the net which can help you determine and remove unwanted followers who have not been engaged with you in recent times.

On top of that, the help of experts in Web design for mobile devices is also just a Google search away to help you in making your Instagram account more protected from unscrupulous hackers.

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