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Top Advantages When Using Cloud Backups

Top Advantages When Using Cloud Backups

Owing to advancements in science and technology, we are no longer bound to storing and securing files in limited USBs and bulky hard drives. Now, technology has even afforded us access to “the cloud,” where we can keep our data. But what cloud are we talking about here? And how does it help? Learn what “the cloud” is and the many advantages of using cloud backups in keeping information safe and secure.

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What is the Cloud?

The Cloud refers to servers that we can access through the Internet. It also includes the software and databases that run said servers. We can find many cloud servers in various data centers around the globe. These data centers house several networked computers tasked to process, store, and share data and information.

With cloud computing, individuals, businesses, and even big enterprises and corporations no longer have to manage physical servers. Through cloud computing, they no longer have to run software or applications using their tools or machines.

If you use the cloud, you can access your files and applications using any device because the computing and the storage happen on cloud servers in a data center instead of on the user’s device. For this reason, we can log in to our social media account using different devices and find the same photos, messages, comments, and the like.

The cloud also helps companies reduce their IT costs and overhead. With the cloud, they no longer need to purchase and maintain their servers. The cloud provider will be the one to do that. Moreover, the cloud has made it possible for companies to operate anywhere around the world. Both their employees and clients can access the same documents and applications regardless of their location. Best practices include cloud backups and disaster recovery systems like DRaaS as well.

Top Advantages for Businesses When Using Cloud Backups

Learn below some of the advantages that you and your business can get if you use cloud backups in securing your data:

ONE: Removes Spending for IT Equipment

Purchasing new IT equipment such as servers can become quite costly, especially if your business is still starting in the industry. So, if you use cloud backups in your operations, you remove the need to purchase IT equipment because the cloud provider will be the one to acquire said cloud servers.

TWO: Reduces Maintenance Needs

If you employ cloud servers, the off-site staff from the cloud provider will be the one to manage most of your backup processes. So, your IT department will only have to check on it from time to time. Because of this, your IT staff can focus on performing other tasks that require more of their attention.

THREE: Replicates Data Across Multiple Sources

Cloud backups replicate your data across multiple sources. So, you can guarantee that your files are safe, even if something occurs to your original document. With cloud backups, you can quickly restore the lost file from its replicated copies. Should something happen to the data center that holds your data, you can restore it from another data center that hosts said data.

FOUR: Have Enhanced Levels of Security

Cloud service providers store your files and information in remote and physically secure facilities all over the world. Aside from security guards, passwords, fingerprint scanners, and advanced levels of encryption help ensure the safety of your stored data. These enhanced levels of security implemented by cloud providers make using cloud backups ideal.

FIVE: Is Cost-Efficient and Customizable

When using the traditional backup process to secure data, you will have to shell out financial resources to purchase backup hardware. You also have to pay for its management and maintenance. Then, you need to pay for its transportation to and from secure locations. But with cloud backups, most of it will be based on your budget, depending on how much data you wish to back up.

SIX: Allows Team Collaboration

As mentioned, cloud backups allow us to keep data on the cloud, which we can access anywhere and anytime as long as we have an internet connection. As such, through cloud backups, our team members get access to information wherever they may be at a given time. This feat maximizes our capability to collaborate without having to see each other physically.

SEVEN: Automatically Backs Up Your Data

Manually selecting the files and folders you wish to back up will take a lot of your time and effort. So, if you do not have the luxury to do this, it would be best to use cloud backups instead. In doing so, you have the freedom to set automatic cloud backups (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) at your preference.

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Use Cloud Backups Now!

As you can see, cloud backups offer a lot of benefits and advantages to their users. Therefore, it would be best that you employ cloud backups to ensure the safety and security of your data.

Do you have any other IT-related topics that you want to be discussed in our next article? Or do you have IT-related issues and concerns regarding your devices or software that need help fixing? Let our IT tech support team know in the comments section below!

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