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WordPress Web Design Trends for 2024

Web design evolves as quickly as the technology that sets it in motion, and this year is no different. Although there are a ton of ways and principles of design, now and then, there are WordPress Web Design Trends that tend to outshine others. So, knowing what works best for your business makes WordPress site creation easier for designers in the Philippines.

WordPress Web Design Trends for 2024

Mobile-First Design

A mobile-first design is a top priority for this year’s list of WordPress Web Design Trends. According to Facts About Internet Usage in America, 55% of internet usage comes from mobile.

You want to ensure you get all the potential traffic for your website. A mobile-first approach ensures your WordPress site looks and functions consistently on different phones. As a result, browsing your products or reading your blogs feels seamless for your users. Additionally, a mobile-first design can give your site these benefits:

  • Faster page load times;
  • Cost-efficiency;
  • Accessibility compliance;
  • Social media compatibility, and
  • Increased traffic and engagement.

Web Accessibility And Its Impact On SEO

Users will also stay longer if they enjoy using your site on mobile, positively impacting your site’s SEO performance. Search engines tend to reward mobile sites with higher search page rankings, especially if you give your users a positive experience. If you need help refining your strategy, you can also work with a WordPress SEO expert.

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Generally, scaling your web design from mobile to desktop design is easier for a WordPress designer in the Philippines. They can leverage your optimized mobile site as a foundation, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices.

Performance Optimization

For each additional second your site loads, your conversion rate drops by 4.42%, according to Website Load Time Statistics. As a result, your website will experience loading issues, giving users a negative impression.

If you want to engage your site audience, you should know how to update your WordPress site in 2024. Performance optimization may be part of this year’s WordPress Web Design Trends list, but it’s becoming a design necessity.

Understandably, you’d want to make your site look visually appealing to attract visitors. But you must also remember that its design shouldn’t compromise speed and function. Thus, creating the right balance between visual appeal and performance benefits your site by keeping your users engaged.

Gitnux 500 ms slower, WordPress Web Design Trends for 2024

Source: Gitnux.

According to data, if your site loads 500 milliseconds slower, it reduces a user’s session length by 0.6%. So, your users won’t delve deeper into your content if your website makes them wait.

If your site isn’t performing optimally, you can make minor tweaks to improve loading time. One example is to convert your images to WebP to reduce their file sizes. But if your site continues to load slowly, it might be time to make a significant overhaul, like switching your WordPress hosting provider.

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A/B Testing and Data-Driven Design

More WordPress designers in the Philippines are using A/B testing to enhance conversion rates on your site. FinancesOnline’s A/B Testing Statistics states that giving your customers an improved user experience (UX) results in a 400% increase in conversion rates. So, it’s unsurprising that A/B testing is part of this year’s WordPress Web Design Trends.

The ability to compare two versions of your website lets you identify which design elements are better at reeling users into your site. For example, you can create two versions of your hero banner and test which one can attract more users to explore your site.

You can also set up A/B testing on WordPress forms to help generate leads. For example, you can compare which field layout, form length, or copy encourages visitors to complete the form, resulting in more sign-ups. Furthermore, you can use the data you gathered from testing to determine how you can improve the following aspects of your site:

  • Content engagement;
  • SEO performance;
  • Personalization opportunities, and
  • Mobile responsiveness.

WordPress designers find A/B testing valuable because it eliminates trial and error. Testing your website in real-time lets the designers see the best solutions for your web design faster, so you can enjoy the benefits immediately.

Integration of Social Proof

Users trust other customers when it comes to buying products. Thus, WordPress sites with reviews and testimonials from previous happy customers are easier to trust! For 2024, adding social proof to your site remains prominent in WordPress Web Design Trends.

Exploding Topics No Consumer Reviews

Source: Exploding Topics.

For example, you can upload images of your customers enjoying your products and services on social media to boost credibility. A WordPress designer in the Philippines can then integrate your social media feed into your site so visitors see you have an active online presence.

You can also add TikTok Ads Pixel to your WordPress site. Although it’s for tracking and measuring conversions on your TikTok ads, you can use the data gathered for social proof. For instance, you can embed your TikTok videos with user-generated content on your site to showcase customer reviews. Additionally, social proof can provide the following benefits to your site:

  • Reduces perceived risk;
  • Facilitates decision-making;
  • Encourages user-generated content, and
  • Improves SEO performance.

While getting reviews and testimonials from authoritative persons is a big plus, consider social proof from average users. More visitors will believe your business is trustworthy if more users leave high ratings on your products or services.

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Which WordPress Web Design Trend Will You Use for 2024?

Although you don’t necessarily have to apply all the WordPress Web Design Trends to your site, knowing the latest scoop lets you stay ahead. You’ll know which design trends WordPress users respond to the most so you can refine your strategy for increasing conversions.

It also doesn’t hurt that some trends make your site look more attractive while staying functional, so users enjoy scrolling through them. If you want to go the distance, custom WordPress development services can combine multiple design trends for a website that makes you stand out!

But if you’re unsure which design trend works best for your site, you can always work with a WordPress designer in the Philippines. Their skills can ensure you get the most effective website to help grow your business.

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