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A6 - Syntactics DDD- January 2024 - Extend Customer Reach with a WordPress Multi Language Website

Extend Customer Reach with a Multi-Language WordPress Website

A WordPress Multi Language website opens your business to a broader audience. It translates your content into a visitor’s native language so those who aren’t fluent in English can also gain value from your site. A WordPress developer can make your website multi language friendly to boost its international reach.

Although transitioning to a multi language website is no small feat, your efforts will be worth it once you see your site’s traffic increase. With 71% of WordPress blogs in English, providing international users the option to translate your content will make your site stand out.

WordPress Web Design Trends For 2024 (1)

The Benefits of a Multi Language WordPress Website

If you think multi language support is missing on your WordPress website, here’s how adding it can benefit your WordPress site:

Cost Efficient Marketing/Brand Recognition

At a glance, your WordPress site serves as your business’s digital storefront. It contains information on your products and services, so it’s up to your content to convince your visitors to perform the desired conversion actions. But if your website appears in only one language, non-native English speakers may not understand what you’re selling.

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To combat this, you can have a WordPress developer modify your website to be multi language friendly. It’s rare to find a website that adjusts to the user’s mother tongue, so this feature will catch visitors’ attention. Here’s how it can affect your users’ behavior:

  • More straightforward navigation because your site’s information and content are in the users’ native language.
  • Enhanced engagement and conversion since users enjoy exploring your site.
  • Increased traffic as previous visitors will recommend your site to others.

In short, a multi language WordPress site practically sells itself, and you won’t have to spend a lot on marketing. Also, since branding and marketing go hand-in-hand, if this marketing tactic goes well, your customers will view your brand positively.

Low Marketing Strategies

Improve Engagement and Conversion

If you reverse the roles and you, (a primarily English speaker) stumbled on a website entirely in Chinese or Spanish, you probably wouldn’t stick around. The same goes for when a non-English speaker visits your website. They may not understand your content clearly, and that’s why they don’t engage, let alone make a purchase.

Multi Language support on your WordPress site breaks the language barrier. Users can easily translate your content into their language with just a few clicks. As a result, they’ll want to engage with your website because your posts finally resonate with them.

Multi language support can also do wonders for your conversion rates. Users will understand what your products are for or why they’ll want to fill up a WordPress form, for example.

Statista WordPress Form Statistics

Source: Statista.

Think about it: 65% of users prefer content in their native language, even if it’s poor quality. If you provided your users with superb language support, imagine what it would do to your site’s engagement and conversions!

Increase Market Reach

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of having WordPress Multi Language website support is it opens your site to a bigger market. Although 55.6% of domains use English as their language, only 4.7% of users are native English speakers.

Create a WordPress multi language site to create The Languages Of The Web

Source: Rest of World.

Providing your users with multiple language options localizes your content and opens your website to a wider audience. For example, there are 5.9% of people who primarily speak Spanish, but there are only 4.9% of domains use the language. If your WordPress site offers translation, Spanish-speaking users will also start using your site.

If you want to know which countries your WordPress site reaches, Google Analytics can track the geographical data of your top users. Knowing the numbers will help a WordPress developer determine which languages they must add to your site. Thus, you can maximize your site’s language support because you can accommodate all types of users.

Unlocking International SEO Strategies

Having WordPress multi language support increases your website’s possibility of appearing on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

For example, if you translate your content into Japanese, search engines will crawl your website and index your additional language into separate content. You’ll instantly have more content in SERPs, increasing your site’s visibility and organic traffic.

After all, the average Click-Through Rate (CTR) of Google’s first organic search result is about 28.5%. If you have your content at the top of SERPs, imagine what that would do to your engagement and traffic!

In addition, search engines can deliver your content to international users in their native language. Thus, it increases your site’s chances of ranking on international search engines.

However, if you want to expand your website to international users, consider adjusting your SEO strategy beyond Google. While Google is the United States’ primary search engine, other countries use other search engines. For instance, China uses Baidu, and Russia uses Yandex.

When creating a Multi language WordPress site, consider search engines

Source: StatCounter.

Fortunately, a developer in the Philippines can use WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO and RankMath to assist in your SEO efforts. Better yet, you can recruit a WordPress SEO expert to help refine your international strategy.

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WordPress Multi Language Website Support has several benefits for your site. Translating your content enables non-native English speakers to understand your posts, opening your website to a wider audience. If you’re lucky and users find your content resonates with them, it increases engagement and conversions in the long run.

If you need help with transitioning to a multilingual website, you can always have a WordPress developer in the Philippines assist you!

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