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Web Security Solutions for Government Websites

Web Security Plans for Government Websites

When it comes to protecting yourself on the internet, no institution needs Web Security Plans more than the government. Not only is the government responsible for taking care of its citizens, but they also have those same citizens’ records! Private information can be used for beneficial high-level transactions, yes, but in the wrong hands, it could mean disaster. After all, people count on their government to keep their info safe, and criminals want that same information to commit fraud, identity theft, and other such crimes. Therefore, a simple firewall won’t cut it when it comes to protecting government sites! Also, check out additional tips on website security here! So let’s get started with SSL.

What’s an SSL?

A Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is the most common and the first line of defense when protecting websites. It keeps your internet connection secure when accessing websites so that no internet peeping toms can see your information!

To check if a site is secure with SSL, check its URL. Specifically, check in front of the URL in the address bar. If it’s got a padlock on it, you’re in the clear.

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate can authenticate a website. Also, it enables a safe, encrypted connection. This digital certificate binds a domain-, server-, or hostname and an organization.

web security solutions

The importance of keeping government sites secure

Let’s say that a government goes online. It gets its citizens to input their personal information for certain transactions. Yet, the institution has no SSL. They have no security plan at all. What they do have is storage. If their database gets hacked, they could have their server taken.

Then, since nothing stops hackers from reaching citizens’ personal information, hackers can use the stolen data however they please. For example, hackers could use the data to perform cybercriminal activity. Or, they could sell information to parties that want it.

So it’s imperative to protect data! Secure government websites, especially those that acquire personal information from its users, through Web Security Plans!


Having content on your site is one step to furthering your online presence. So many businesses — such as The Walt Disney Company and The New York Times — rely on WordPress to express their thoughts and share new knowledge with visitors! 

And really, why wouldn’t they? It’s user-friendly (especially for new users!) and gets along with other tools so you can manage your content as easy as pie! But with this reliance on the content management system comes a big target. It isn’t like WordPress isn’t a secure site, far from it! 

Hackers may not even target your files. Their aim might not be to destroy all your hard work. If you’re the type of business to keep backups of your files, then it’ll be nothing more than a speed bump in your workday. Instead, hackers might use your server to spam emails without you knowing.

It’s just that 94.23% of businesses used it as their CMS in 2019. And hackers don’t go after websites that nobody uses.

According to SiteLock, the CMS’ “vulnerabilities increased 143% from 2018 – 2019.” 97.2% of those vulnerabilities were related to plugins, which might have come from non-official places or pages.

Better safe than sorry

If your website handles such sensitive data, you need to read up on the Data Privacy Laws of your area as a precaution.

If you do get hacked and lose all your data, it would be a huge hassle. The actual magnitude of the hassle will depend on the prescriptions of the Data Privacy Laws of your area. However, regardless of place and regulation, it’s not a good feeling to be responsible for losing sensitive data.

Once the personal information gets leaked from the government site, you’ll need considerable manpower to solve the issue. Not to mention, you could lose data forever with little to no chance of recovery. You’d probably have to build your database back up from scratch!

Constantly keeping your government website secure and protected from hackers costs way less than the alternative.

web security solutions. government website

Web Security Solutions

Web Security Solutions, also known as Web Security Plans, are packages with features that can secure websites, including government sites, from all sorts of malicious digital attacks. Such web security solution plans are suitable for all website types. But, though many website developers may want a plan of their own, these solutions are a tad expensive. For example, for recipe websites or blogs, putting an SSL alone is enough. But, when personal information comes to play, the SSL must elevate!

Website Security Plans

Web Security Plans may differ in pricing, features, and levels, but almost all web security package providers have the same style. So here’s what to expect in a web security package’s offerings to help secure government websites. (You might spot some similarities between multiple packages!)


The lowest tier of any web security plan’s pricing page typically has the least or the lightest features. It’s like an empty shell that’s easy to break, especially if you have no added security plans. An unprotected website is vulnerable, especially if a virus manages to infiltrate it.

But it’s not entirely void of usefulness! Regardless of whatever plan you’ve purchased, they always come with a firewall. A firewall prevents hackers from accessing your site and ruining your day. If any malicious IPs come knocking, they get blacklisted. On the other hand, regular traffic comes and goes as it pleases.

An SSL Certificate comes with the firewall, so there’s no need to purchase an extra SSL. It usually has Malware scanning as well! Several Web Security Plan providers have free malware scanning features. It can look for malware in the server and through images on the site.

Now, some security solution plan providers can offer site cleanup and remediation. For instance, it can occur annually or after a set amount of months! Site cleanup is when files affected by malware get released. This way, you can prevent the creation of holes in your website where malware can enter. On the other hand, remediation is cleaning the files that the malware affected.


An Advanced package can defend you from a DDoS attack. Now, a DDoS is short for Distributed Denial of Service attack. It’s a common form of attack that overwhelms your server to the point that you have to stop all operations. By the end of the process, it locks you out of your site. Of course, every website owner would like to avoid that, so it’s great to have it as part of a Web Security Plan package!

Also, you may find a CDN, or a Content Delivery Network, at this particular level. A CDN stores website files into a server near you. Thus, it also moves your website closer to you. For instance, the site was originally in the United States. So, it’ll move to a different area that’s closer to your location! It’s great since the proximity affects the speed. The closer it is, the faster the data!

This security solutions plan may have a set amount of storage as well. This storage keeps backup data safe in case anything untoward happens to your site. With a good web security package, you can generate and automate backup, perhaps once a month. Of course, it’s good to have system backups every month, but it’s a great practice to do it more often than that! This way, if something suddenly happens to your site, you won’t be caught off guard.


This last web security package tends to be the highest tier, meaning you get the best of every tier we just went through and a lot more. 

Of course, as with SSL, you get extended validation, as indicated by the lock icon on the URL address bar. It means your website is secure. As part of the premium package, its SSL can also:

  • secure the site with encryption, protecting the site from bots;
  • boost SEO rankings;
  • display HTTPS;
  • display a green address bar;
  • include a security trust seal for displaying on your site;
  • support unlimited servers; and
  • free unlimited reissues.

Additionally, purchasing this type of package could entitle you to a Prioritized cleanup and repair! Since you’re paying top dollar, whenever you encounter an issue, your Web Security Plan provider could give you the necessary support at whatever time you need! 

Additionally, you most likely have a significant amount of storage compared to previous security solution plans! You might be looking at several hundred gigabytes for backup storage! Definitely a plus for government sites.

government website

Protect yourself from prying eyes (and criminals) with Web Security Plans

Web Security Plans are for all — not just for securing government websites, but websites of all natures.

In terms of websites, you always need an SSL. As the first line of defense, it makes sure that you’re protected even on the internet!

It’s crucial to keep the information of the citizenry safe. The people gave their personal information to their government in trust. So, the government should never break it. 

If a government database gets hacked, it’s going to cost more than a pound. The hassle of filing will cost not only money but also reputation and manpower.

With web security solutions, you can’t go wrong. They’re suitable for all types of sites, but a government site stands to benefit the most. Every security plan provider has its ways of packaging services, but there are usually three tiers, with its features becoming more and more useful as you go up. 

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