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What is Business Application Software

What is Business Application Software?

Companies employ business application software because it helps in making business decisions, improves collaboration among stakeholders, and fosters overall business health. As such, in this article, we shall discuss the significance of said software in dealing with day-to-day business operations. We will also cite certain examples for each software type.

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Response to User Concerns on Business Application Software

Business application software deals with business records and customer information. As such, some users may be concerned about certain cybersecurity threats brought by hackers and other malicious attackers. Thus, software developers work hard to ensure the security of the systems and programs that they build. To do this, they employ certain security measures such as data encryption, implementation of user access levels, and user login notifications.

Additionally, some users tend to shy away from implementing software into their work operations because of fear that these will take away their jobs. However, implementing these software will not eliminate their employment. Instead, it will put them on a higher level where they will be accomplishing higher-level deliverables. It also allows them to maximize their time and focus on more complex tasks.

What are Common Examples of Business Application Software?

There are many business applications commonly used by individuals, companies, and organizations in the world today. Here are some:


  1. Project Management Software 

    This business application software helps in the planning and implementation of projects. You can also use this type of software in managing resources for said projects. They help schedule and assign tasks, manage budget and costs, document progress, and report results. Examples for such software include Basecamp, Asana, and Slack.

  2. Business Process Management 

    These are business applications (usually optimized for mobile devices) that facilitate rapid development, automation, and streamlining of strategic business processes. Also, it offers total visibility into a company’s operations and helps manage and analyze complex business data, content, and processes. For instance, we have tools like Monday, SaaS BPM, and Wrike.

  3. Communications Software 

    These software aid companies and organizations grow through the use of tools and protocols for internal and external communication. For example, we have Zoom, HootSuite, Buffer, etc.

  4. Enterprise Resource Planning 

    These are business applications that solicit, review, analyze, manipulate, and store data that come from a variety of work operations. For this, we have Oracle, Acumatica, and BizAutomation.

  5. Productivity Software 

    This type of business application software helps in the creation of documents, management of databases, collaboration, and accounting. Common examples for this would include Trello, Flock, and MeisterTask.

  6. Resource Management Software 

    These software helps facilitate the management of several projects and its resources, ensuring that everything is appropriately allocated in real-time. For example, online inventory systems.

  7. Sales and Marketing Software 

    Efficiency and profitability in sales and marketing are vital for businesses organizations. Consequently, the following sales and marketing software can help, including Salesforce CRM, Marketo, Google Analytics, Hubspot CRM, etc.

  8. Human Resource Software 

    These business application software help manage employees. Also, it helps businesses maintain a happy and productive workforce. Standard HR software includes human resource information systems (HRIS), BambooHR and Gusto HR.

  9. Time Management Software 

    These types of software allow the easy tracking of an individual’s use of digital systems. It keeps a tab of how much time they spend working on particular applications. Software such as Tick, Timely, and Toggl fall under this category.

  10. Customer Relationship Management 

    Through this type of business application software, you can manage your clients’ queries, requests, and issues reported. You can also analyze customer data. They also help manage customer interaction and facilitate sales and partner relationships. Examples for this type of software include Intercom, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, and the like.

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Maximum Work Efficiency with Business Applications

To conclude, the ultimate goal of business application software is helping individuals, companies, and business organizations automate and streamline business processes. These software can help make calculated and evidence-based decisions and enhance collaborative work. Most importantly, it can foster overall business health by achieving maximum work efficiency and productivity.

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