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The Philippines BPO Industry is Going to the Top and Plans to Stay On Top

The Philippines BPO Industry is Going to the Top and Plans to Stay On Top

Members of the the Business Process Outsourcing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) met last week when they launched a charm offensive on Australia. They were like Julius Caesar who came, saw and conquered a lot of new friends during the launching. Without any doubt, the Philippines is gifted with very amiable people who are perfect in giving excellent customer services.

The Philippine economy was a lot better than its regional neighbors in beating the 2008-09  global recession. The reason behind it is because of nominal exposure to aggravated  international securities,  not too dependent on exports, and comparatively flexible domestic intake. Additionally, large remittances coming from our five million overseas Filipino workers (OFW) and the rising Business Process Outsourcing industry. In fact, during the said financial crisis, the Philippines fought the adverse global trend and showed a 19% increase rate in IT / BPO incomes. However, total economic advancement was reduced during the first quarter of 2011 because of  uneasy and inconsistent government spending coupled with the long list of government fiascoes on every political and economic issue.

About 55 percent of the $350 Billion economy have been due to the IT and BPO sector. Then there are 500,000 plus English-speaking young professionals who are college and university educated working in the BPO sector. This sector alone is valued at around US$10 Billion, illustrating 3.5 percent of the Philippine GDP. The international percentage of the Philippines services inshore market is 8%.

Another factor to consider is that 93% of the 101 million Filipinos are highly literate.

The Philippines became the winner in the BPO world. You might say it’s like Manny Pacquiao that is doing well in the ring of the global outsourcing trends over the past period. The Philippines with its 600 BPO and IT companies has become a  world-class delivery-center destination. A lot of global businesses are fully aware of this. That is why Philippines justly took and deserves the number 2 position next to India.

The Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) plays a major part in  giving support to the local BPO industry. Together with relevant stakeholders, they formed and did an across-the-board operational plan made to increase and improve the position of the Philippines. The said  “layout” plan was first formed in 2006 and was then  called “Road Map 2010.” The plan is a unified goal with a specific action component that is required to be accomplished to be able to gain success. The main part of the plan is the talent management and development, “Next Wave Cities,” as well as improving the existing business environment.

BPAP has been continuously working with stakeholders to get the best results which has improved the market position of the Philippines as the leading inshore business location. They also presented the “Philippine IT-BPO Road Map 2016: Driving to Global Leadership” that was released early this year, which  stresses the value of talent development programs, marketing strategy,  necessary regulatory changes, and added priorities for next wave cities.

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