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Syntactics Pink's International Womens' Day Celebration

Syntactics PINK’s International Women’s Day 2023

In honor of Women’s Month, Syntactics PINK will hold an International Women’s Day virtual celebration event this Saturday, March 11, 2023.

Women have the potential to bring about positive change in the world. So for Women’s History, we’re celebrating the contributions of women, especially in the field of technology.

Syntactics Inc., as an official media partner for the #PINKIWD2023 event, will be celebrating International Women’s day. The event will occur on Saturday, March 11, from 9 AM until 12 NN. Not only that, but the event is free to students and professionals alike, regardless of gender. However, slots are limited. 

#PINKIWD2023 will occur the day after the Rise of the Sheroes panel, another local event celebrating Women’s History.

The Syntactics PINK IWD event aims to celebrate professional women, empowering and inspiring others to make further progress in the field of technology. 

So, of course, the chief speakers for the panel include the following remarkable figures in tech:

Advante's Founder, Alaiza Geene Romero

Alaiza Geene Salcedo

Ms. Salcedo is the Founder and Organizational Leadership Coach of Advante, which offers coaching services to various businesses. Ms. Salcedo will give an overview of the Coaching Culture in the Tech Industry.

Syntactics PINK founder, for International Women's Day 2023

Stephanie Caragos

Stephanie Caragos is our very own CEO and President, as well as the founder of Sync PINK herself. During the panel, Ms. Caragos will provide insights on women’s leadership and #EmbraceEquity. In addition, she’ll speak about the challenges women leaders face and possible solutions for a gender-balanced balanced leadership landscape. 

Connected Women's Gina Romero, for Syntactics PINK !WD 2023

Gina Romero

Gina Romero is Connected Women’s Founder and Head of Special Projects. Connected Women is an AI and digital task outsourcing community focused on social responsibility. So, it strives to enhance Filipinas’ lives with purposeful online work. Ms. Romero will talk about Inclusive Innovation and how women will shape the future of work.

The event is scheduled on March 11, but registration is ongoing. If you’re interested in celebrating women’s accomplishments, click here! You can also check out our event primer.



In addition to her great love of writing, Digital Marketing is Alex's favorite pastime, and she regularly scopes out related subjects. She also enjoys entertainment media such as video games, anime, and comics.

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