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How the Website-Mobile App Combination Works

You have probably heard how businesses should build their websites to establish a marketing presence online. However, it is not only on websites that the digital world revolves around. Today, people also use mobile applications to search for the products and services that they require. As such, let us discuss the website-mobile app combination and how they make the perfect pair to boost your digital marketing efforts.

How the Website-Mobile App Combination Works Web Developers Working on a Website

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Why the Website-Mobile App Combination Makes Such a Great Pair

To begin, the website-mobile app duo is a formidable combination of two of the leading channels in digital marketing. Together, their functions complement each other so smoothly that both the website and the mobile app benefit both the business owner and their customer.

So, for it to work, a business has to set up its website online for people to find. Accordingly, their business website should provide in-depth information about what their brand is all about and how their business benefits customers, and more. Therefore, when people visit the website frequently, they are more likely to purchase products or avail of their services. However, with today’s generation, they would wish there was a faster way to make such actions.

As such, this is where the mobile app for your website comes in to do just that. Subsequently, by downloading the app from the website or through any digital distribution platform such as Google Play Store or the Apple Store, customers no longer have to open their browsers and type in the URL. Instead, they can directly head on over to the app.

So, are you still not convinced? Then, perhaps you need to check out the following benefits from employing the website-mobile app combination to your business:

  • increases your visibility to potential customers.
  • creates a direct marketing channel
  • provides more value to your customers
  • helps you build your brand and recognition
  • improves customer engagement
  • helps you stand out from the competition
  • cultivates customer loyalty

Top eCommerce Websites and Mobile Apps in the Philippines

Now, if the reasons above still do not convince you, here are some companies that employed the website-mobile app combination to create eCommerce product pages that sell and helped expand their reach. Consequently, the following are some of the biggest eCommerce and food delivery service providers in the Philippines:

Lazada How the Website-Mobile App Combination Works Lazada Website

Lazada Website

Lazada How the Website-Mobile App Combination Works Lazada Mobile App

Lazada Mobile App

Shopee How the Website-Mobile App Combination Works Shopee Website

Shopee Website

Shopee How the Website-Mobile App Combination Works Shopee Mobile App

Shopee Mobile App

Carousell How the Website-Mobile App Combination Works Carousell Website

Carousell Website

Carousell How the Website-Mobile App Combination Works Carousell Mobile App

Carousell Mobile App

GrabFood How the Website-Mobile App Combination Works GrabFood Website

GrabFood Website

GrabFood How the Website-Mobile App Combination Works GrabFood Mobile App

GrabFood Mobile App

Foodpanda How the Website-Mobile App Combination Works Foodpanda Website

Foodpanda Website

Foodpanda How the Website-Mobile App Combination Works Foodpanda Mobile App

Foodpanda Mobile App

So, while the ones listed above are already well-known and established brands in the Philippine eCommerce world, that does not mean only big businesses can do this. As such, small businesses should also use the website-mobile app pair when they can and play as the big boys do!

Hold up! Isn’t That A Lot of Work, Though?

Yes, if creating a website takes a considerable amount of time and work, so does building a mobile app. It is especially true since there is a need to design the app for two mobile operating systems (Google Play Store and Apple Store) to widen our reach.

Generally, coding for Android is known to be utterly different from coding for iOS. As such, this means developers would have to create two codes for one app. You can also choose between being an Android-only or iOS-only app. However, this would mean reducing the range of your potential customers.

Fortunately, developers have started finding ways to make it easier for people to make use of the website-mobile app pair (hybrid apps). As such, building for Android and iOS can be much easier now, thanks to hybrid app frameworks.

Top Hybrid App Frameworks

Developers built hybrid app frameworks to benefit mobile app developers to create apps that can work for several platforms without overloading their work. So, while there are many frameworks that developers can use out there, here are three of the widely-used hybrid app frameworks today. With that, check out their respective features below:

The Ionic Framework

Below, we have listed down some of the features that the Ionic Framework offers to developers:

  • has a smooth, speedy, and top-notch app performance
  • employs the AngularJS structural framework for serious and heavy-duty app development
  • easy to use and has a beautifully clean, simple, and functional design
  • ships with many UI components and predefined elements
  • has a live reload system that allows you to preview your hybrid app on your target device
  • has a CLI that lets you build, deploy, create, and test your Ionic app in just one command
  • ships an in-built development server and provides you with debugging tools
  • built and backed by fellow developers

The Flutter Framework

In the following section, we have listed some of the reasons why you should use Google’s Flutter Framework:

  • quite fast and ships with its widgets
  • allows the easy implementation of buttons, sliders, dialogue boxes, switches, tab bars, and loading spinners
  • compatible with Google’s mobile OS Fuchsia
  • provides CLI and VI editors
  • ships with the hot reload feature
  • lets you assemble multiple widgets to craft your mobile app’s UI

The React Native Framework

Below, we have listed the benefits you get when you employ the React Native Framework:

  • high-powered and rendered with native code
  • cuts down costs by reusing code
  • backed by a large community of developers you can rely on
  • grants you a shorter app development cycle
  • features live reload with two different screens to update your code and to preview those updates in real-time
  • supports Node.js
  • provides a variety of social plugins
How the Website-Mobile App Combination Works Web Developers Working on a Mobile App

Image Source: Freepik

Get an App for Your Website, or a Website for Your App!

So, do you need help in getting started with your mobile app for your site? We have a web design and development team from the Philippines who can help you out!

Then, if you have more to say about this article on how to employ the website-mobile app combination for your business, let us know in the comments section below!

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