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Why You Need a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Pinterest is one of the leading social media networks that online businesses have started to employ today. With approximately 442 million users every month, it is a visual discovery platform where people can search for inspiration or ideas regarding recipes for cooking, styles for home decoration, clothing and accessories, and more. However, as business owners, you may already be occupied with supervising work operations. So, let us discuss why you need a Pinterest virtual assistant to help you manage Pinterest marketing for your business account.

Why You Need a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Female Virtual Assistant in Red

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The Dedicated Virtual Assistant

Typically, a dedicated virtual assistant performs organizational and administrative tasks such as making phone calls, scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements, managing email accounts, handling payrolls, and more. They also work from home, which means that they would spend less time traveling to the office and more time getting the job done.

Additionally, most dedicated virtual assistants today have already gone through enough work experience in their previous jobs. As such, they would only need minimum supervision from your end. So, hiring a virtual assistant helps you save time and money for lengthy recruitment, interview, and orientation procedures.

The Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Comparatively, a Pinterest virtual assistant is just like any other virtual assistant, but they specialize more in particular tasks related to managing a Pinterest business account. They help you showcase your ideas through videos, photos, and Story pins. Then, they help you engage with your audience by showing your Pins to people who would most likely love them. They also help you scale your results by turning organic Pins into ads to be seen more by your audience.

For a business, they should be able to set up a Pinterest account. They should also know how to use the right images for pins and build various pins for different objectives. A virtual assistant for Pinterest should also know how to organize these pins in their respective boards, and write SEO descriptions for each of them. 

Aside from that, a Pinterest virtual assistant should also be knowledgeable enough to grow a Pinterest business account’s following. They should also keep a Pinterest account active and make necessary changes to it when needed.

As such, typical tasks for a Pinterest virtual assistant include pinning, search engine optimization, analytics, social media marketing, and the performance of other secondary tasks that aim to decrease your workload. These tasks are further discussed below.

Why Hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

To know more about what a Pinterest virtual assistant can do for you, check out the following:

  1. Pinterest Tasks 

    Pinterest virtual assistants are expected to perform regular Pinterest-related administrative tasks delegated by their clients. These dedicated virtual assistants specifically know how to create a Pinterest business account, manage its dashboard, and maximize the platform to improve your marketing campaigns. Why You Need a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Pinterest Business Hub Dashboard

  2. Pinning 

    We cannot talk about Pinterest and not say anything about pinning. Pins are bookmarks that you can use to save inspiration ideas about something that you found interesting on Pinterest. These pins can be images, videos, or products. You can create free Pins in various formats such as images, video and product Pins. You can also turn your Pins into ads to extend your reach to more people. 

    First, add a title and a description to your Pin to inform your audience about your product. Your audience will see these in their home feed, on searches, and whenever they tap on your Pin. To increase your Pin’s exposure and searchability, you may also include hashtags, preferably at the end of your description. You can use one word or multiple words placed together with no spaces or punctuations in between them. Make sure that these words are specific, descriptive, and highly relevant to your Pin. To add a hashtag to your description, simply type “#” before every keyword or phrase. Why You Need a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Pinning Sample 2

    Next, create a destination link where people land whenever they tap on your Pin. Then, upload an image or video. You can personalize these by cropping, trimming, or adding logos and text. Lastly, you can create a Batch with more images and videos to create multiple Pins at once.

    So, when people click on your Pins, it will direct them to a website where they can access or purchase the product. As such, a Pinterest virtual assistant should be skilled enough to know how to create pins, search for them, save them, and market your business through them.

  3. Visual Creativity 

    Because Pinterest is an image-based platform, a Pinterest virtual assistant must be someone who knows how to design, modify, and create visual content. You can always employ graphic design services for graphic designs such as the one below.  Why You Need a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Visual Creativity Graphic DesignHowever, it would be better if you can hire a dedicated virtual assistant for Pinterest who can use photo editors, change font combinations, or create a color palette designed to attract a potential customer’s attention. Here are some of the best practices to make Pins that perform.

  4. Management and Analysis 

    Find a Pinterest virtual assistant who knows their way around a Pinterest business account. They should be capable of efficiently managing your boards and profiles. So, hire a dedicated virtual assistant who can optimize the functionalities of pins for searchWhy You Need a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Analytics OverviewMore importantly, get a virtual assistant for Pinterest who can analyze a Pinterest campaign‘s results, report its weaknesses, and make the necessary improvements for future campaigns. Luckily, Pinterest business accounts have the Analytics feature that helps you analyze the performance of your Pins with regards to how many impressions and audience engagements they get. Why You Need a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Audience Insights

  5. Search Engine Optimization 

    A dedicated virtual assistant for Pinterest can also help you improve the productive capacity of your business. One of the best ways to do this is through search engine optimization (SEO) in your digital marketing campaigns. These campaigns are designed to make your business more productive and help you gain more audience. Why You Need a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Conversion InsightsPinterest also has the conversion insights feature that will greatly help with analyzing the performance of your Pins in driving traffic into your business website. Thus, you should get a VA who knows how to deal with these SEO matters.

  6. Social Media Marketing 

    Today’s market relies mostly on social media to find the product or service they are looking for. As such, you should get a Pinterest virtual assistant capable of interacting on social media platforms other than Pinterest. They should also be knowledgeable about how to create Pinterest ads to boost your marketing campaigns.  Why You Need a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Social Media OptimizationThe social media marketing and SEO combination, plus the use of ads, are vital for a business to expand their reach to different audiences worldwide. Get a dedicated virtual assistant who knows how to boost your Pinterest presence through other social media platforms.

To know more about Pinterest, visit the Pinterest Help Center.

Why You Need a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Female Virtual Assistant in Red

Image Source: Freepik

Hire a Dedicated Virtual Assistant for your Pinterest Account

Employ a skilled, efficient, and competent Pinterest virtual assistant and see improvements in your Pinterest marketing campaigns. Hire a dedicated virtual assistant from a Filipino web design and development company today!

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Axel is an avid fan of many dramas and songs. She is always eager to explore and discover more when it comes to movies and entertainment, especially in Korean and Filipino culture. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and playing badminton.

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