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Digital Marketing Lessons Learned from 2020

The year 2020 has brought countless surprises for everyone all over the world. With the spread of the novel coronavirus disease, government, academic, and even religious institutions were forced to either shut down or realign their initiatives to comply with health protocols. As such, business establishments had to shift to digital marketing to promote their products and services online. Let us look back on the digital marketing lessons that the year 2020 has taught businesses, and check out some of the digital marketing trends that they may continue to apply in 2021.

Digital Marketing Lessons Learned from 2020 Digital Marketing Trends

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Digital Marketing Lessons for Businesses in 2020

The novel coronavirus spread so quickly to various parts of the globe. Even the most scientifically- and technologically-advanced countries had a difficult time preventing its spread further.

For businesses, operations became more challenging, especially with the need for social distancing between persons. Some businesses even had to close down or stop their operations in the early months of the virus’s spread for fear of contracting and dispersing the disease.

However, the most effective business owners had to learn to adapt to the new normal to ensure that their businesses keep afloat throughout the ongoing situation. Subsequently, people were stuck in their own homes and passed their time on the internet. Business owners saw this golden opportunity and started shifting their resources towards the digital world.

As a business strategy, integrating digital marketing campaigns in promoting your brand’s products and services is not relatively new. However, in 2020, businesses saw their superior potential to keep a business alive even during a pandemic.

Here are some of the digital marketing lessons that businesses have learned in the year 2020:

  1. Consider Consumer Trends in your Business Efforts

Consumer trends have changed while people are on lockdown. You may have noticed how people are now busy experimenting with their cooking and baking activities on social media. Some have even started gardening and collecting plants to pass the time and enliven their surroundings. It is also important to note how online selling through eCommerce product pages has become a norm.

Thus, as one of this year’s digital marketing lessons, businesses must adapt to these “new normal” trends. They should be updated with real-time marketing trends and insights regarding what customers are looking for. We cannot stress enough on the fact that businesses should remain relevant for them to survive.

Digital Marketing Lessons Learned from 2020 Customer Trends

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  1. Be Patient and Grow a Profitable Customer Base

 Before the pandemic, some businesses have already invested time, money, and effort to employ digital marketing in their business initiatives. That is why, in 2020, amidst the pandemic, they were able to thrive because of the steady stream of revenue from their loyal customers. On the other hand, businesses that were quite new in digital marketing faced several digital marketing challenges and had difficulty keeping their businesses alive. They have only recently started appreciating digital marketing and are still learning their way online.

For this reason, their small marketing campaigns are only designed to keep their business afloat. They are not that capable of building and maintaining a loyal community around their brand. As such, businesses need to employ digital marketing even after the pandemic. If you are new to digital marketing, keep what customers you have now by focusing on attaining customer satisfaction.

Digital Marketing Lessons Learned from 2020 Build Customer Base

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  1. Transition Your Business to Online and Start it with a Business Website

When we talk about digital marketing lessons, we can never forget to mention the business website. It should be one of the most crucial parts of your digital marketing strategies. With a business website, you can place optimized content that effectively promotes awareness of your brand’s products and services.

Moreover, a business website gives you a place to communicate and showcase your brand to hundreds, or even thousands, of potential clients all over the world. With a properly-executed SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, analytics, automation, and other digital marketing strategies, your website can help you get leads and make sales.

Digital Marketing Lessons Learned from 2020 Online Selling

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  1. Advertise Only on Relevant Digital Marketing Channels

With all the digital marketing channels and platforms made available online, business owners may get tempted to advertise their brand on all of them. However, financially-speaking, this may not be easy to pursue. Thus, to maximize your resources, you must only promote your products and services on channels relevant to your work operations.

For instance, you should first evaluate whether your brand would benefit more from utilizing PPC management services or employing social media marketing. You may choose to focus your efforts on obtaining organic social media. You can also use paid social media to your advantage, such as Facebook paid marketing. Even with a tight budget, working only with the most relevant digital marketing channel for your business will help you generate the highest possible return of investment.

Digital Marketing Lessons Learned from 2020 Digital Marketing on Social Media

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A Brief Overview of Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2021

According to a digital marketing company in the Philippines, here are some of the digital marketing trends that could continue to make way for digital marketing in 2021:

  1. Video will remain as the most commonly utilized digital marketing content. Use it!

  2. You should make use of creating short visual content in promoting your products and services.

  3. There is no need for big production processes as long as you can produce authentic, engaging, and relevant social media content.

  4. Utilize social media platforms that provide business marketing solutions to help manage your businesses online.

  5. Enhance conversational marketing and focus on helping your customers with their concerns and educating them about your products.

  6. Go live to engage with your customers on a more personal level.

  7. Make your customers realize that they need your products and services to overcome this new year while the pandemic is still at large.

Digital Marketing Lessons Learned from 2020 Marketing Team Working on a Campaign

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Employ Digital Marketing this 2021 and Flourish!

If you need help learning the ropes to use digital marketing effectively in your business campaigns, you can ask a digital marketing company in the Philippines to show you how it is done. Learn from these digital marketing lessons and get ready for the digital marketing trends mentioned above. Make your business flourish and grow in 2021!

What other digital marketing lessons have you learned from the previous year? If we missed anything, you could share it with us in the comments section below!

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