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Yoast SEO Plugin to Improve SEO Score

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

This is a plugin that you can use when your site is built using WordPress. It is one of the widely used WordPress plugins. It is also a powerful tool you can use to make your website search engine friendly. Log in to your site’s WordPress administration page, go down to the plugins section. Clicking “Add New” will install the plugin for those who do not have it yet. It will redirect you to a page containing a list of plugins, if you can’t see it, search for Yoast SEO. Click “Install Now” when you find it. After installation, the Yoast meta box will appear just beneath the text area where content is placed and created. The meta box has three tabs, Readability, Keyword, and Add Keyword (which is only available in Yoast SEO Premium).

yoast seo


The Yoast SEO Keyword analysis tab is where you can place or edit the SEO title, slug, meta description, and focus keyword. The SEO title and meta description are then what appears in the results of a search engine. The slug follows after the link of the site and is specific to each article or page. After filling these in, the dot in the keyword tab should turn to red, orange, or green. Red means there are multiple issues regarding the title, description, slug, and keyword. Orange means some areas are improvable. Green signifies optimization of the title, description, slug, and focus keyword. All in all, the goal should be to make the dot green. Hence, there are specific Yoast SEO standards to follow in order to achieve that.

The page or article should also have at least 300 words or Google will consider the page as “thin content”. The meta description should also make use of the focus keyword. Including the focus keyword on the first page of the paragraph of the content will also make the page more optimized. The focus keyword should also be present in the URL.


The Readability tab is similar to the Keyword tab in a way that it also has a dot beside it which also changes to red, orange, or green depending on the content. However, Readability is more concerned about the content itself of the page. To achieve the green dot, pages should have headings and subheadings so that readers can find easily find the specific topic they are looking for. It also takes into consideration the Flesh Reading Ease test which makes sure that every type of reader will be able to understand what you’ve written. Readability in Yoast SEO also suggests using transition words to improve your page’s content flow. This analysis tab also indicates an ideal of twenty words per sentence and using active voice instead of the passive voice. This is because the passive voice sounds more distant.

This is how the optimized Readability looks like:

optimized yoast analysis tab

If you click the square icon with the eye beside the analysis, it will hightlight the parts in the content with issues. This feature in the Yoast SEO plugin helps page owners and writers to find the areas in their content that need improvement quickly.

yoast readability analysis tab

All in all, the Yoast SEO plugin is indeed a helpful tool that gives websites and owners the views that they deserve. Besides, it’s also easy to use and understand.

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