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How Your Business Digital Marketing Strategy Works

How Your Business Digital Marketing Strategy Works

The increase in individuals using social media has affected how businesses strategize their marketing campaigns. Now, add this information to the rising number of mobile users today, and you will see why they need to be proactive online. One way to do it is by crafting an effective digital marketing strategy, especially for online stores and businesses. Let us discuss how you can implement your business digital marketing strategy.

How Your Business Digital Marketing Strategy Works Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

The term digital marketing has been around for a long time. However, it is only recently that this kind of effective marketing tool is used through technological advances. For instance, mobile phones, which are widely used devices, are somewhat the epicenter of businesses (especially for the younger market). Today, from market advertising, consumer awareness to consumer purchasing – anyone can do all with the use of a mobile phone. Digital marketing also gives excellent focus on getting in touch with your customers, making it best for business to customers (B2C) types of transactions, especially that user experience is essential for business websites to rank higher on SERPs.

Moreover, digital marketing is an umbrella term that covers any and all marketing tools that involve the use of technology. As such, online marketing is only a branch of digital marketing. This field of marketing involves only those that have something to do with the internet. For example, social media management, automated emails, search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads, and website use. All in all, anything beyond the internet falls under digital marketing.

Thus, digital marketing efforts may include sending a text message blast about a new product. Anything that has something to do with technology (e.g., television, radio, the internet, etc.) is part of digital marketing. Having said that, if there are changes in technology, there will also be changes in the way digital marketing works. As such, every year, there would be varying digital marketing trends that you should watch out for.

Components of an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

For a business digital marketing strategy to be effective, there are certain aspects that you need to consider. If you want to ensure a strong small business digital marketing strategy, you should keep this in mind when crafting your strategy.

  1. Goal Setting

    Similar to any form of marketing strategy, setting a goal for your business is extremely important. For example, long-term goals like where you want to be in the next five years or short-term goals like how you want your customer engagement to improve in the next three months need to be established. Your goals will be your northern star – a guide that keeps you on track in case you lose your way. Whether your goals focus on gaining a better return on investment or growing your business’ scope, being goal-centric will also allow you to highlight the important (or lacking) areas in marketing and improve from there.

  2. Identify Target Market

    For your business digital marketing strategy to work, you need to identify your target audience. Knowing who your market is essential for your strategy because this will change the voice of your marketing. Moreover, knowing your market will also change your approach. For example, which social media platform should you give the majority of your focus on. Knowing your market also allows you to send more personalized emails to your clients.

  3. Call to Action

    A call-to-action (CTA) will be your way of encouraging your audience to do something. CTA buttons engage customers to buy, comment, or click. These CTA buttons are usually composed of an image or a text and should direct your viewers back to your landing page.

  4. Leads Management

    The CTA should be in line with your lead management. Creating a leads management in a business digital marketing strategy is vital because this helps you reach potential customers. Just because people are on social media does not mean they will right away message or ask about your product. Make the first move and ask for the email address they use with the appropriate lead management tool.

  5. Boost Traffic

    The ultimate goal of a digital marketing strategy is to increase your website traffic. Therefore, you should always keep this in mind when crafting your business digital marketing strategy. It will be counterproductive if you practice an active social media engagement if these do not translate to your website traffic. With that said, double-check your posts and always include a link to your website or subscription for your email newsletters on your social media platforms.

Strategies to Consider for Digital Marketing

Here are some of the most important aspects to have when strategizing your digital marketing:

  1. Social Media

    The first thing digital marketers would tell business owners is to have a social media account. That is because of a large number of people using social media networks, which include the following:

  • Facebook

    Perhaps the most popular social media platform, Facebook, should be your top priority when drafting a small business digital marketing strategy. With this social media platform, one can do Facebook remarketing (creating posts on your Facebook account) and Facebook ads. Lately, the trend has been to hire a Facebook paid marketing expert to handle all their postings, messages, and engagements. You can now see how big of an impact constant contact through Facebook can bring to your business.

  • Instagram

    If you haven’t added Instagram to your digital marketing campaign, you miss out on the platform’s sales-generating possibilities. Instagram is the preferred social media account for the youth. If most of your target market is teens (or millennials), you have to up your Instagram game. Instagram is also an excellent platform for businesses primarily dependent on photographs and graphics for their marketing.

  • Twitter

    Since social media has become a massive part of marketing, specific social media sites allow paid engagements, which means that businesses can pay for likes, comments, etc. However, we cannot say the same for Twitter. Several businesses prefer Twitter because of its organic growth, meaning buying likes are not allowed, and any like, tweet, or retweet is gained relatively. Moreover, the use of hashtags can enable you to reach people of the same industry easier.

  • YouTube

    YouTube is the best and most popular platform for video sharing. The video-sharing platform is excellent for promotional videos and has the possibility of having viral content. Anyone can share videos uploaded here to other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. It has been observed that having videos on posts can increase the engagement on that said post.

  1. Mobile Responsive Website

    There is an increasing number of people using mobile devices to search online compared to people using desktop searches. As a result, there is a demand to optimize websites to be more mobile-friendly. Your website should properly shift from mobile use to desktop for your small business digital marketing strategy to be effective. Multi-screens are a huge trend now, so it’s best you keep up.

  2. A Secure Website

    Considering that online shopping is more popular than ever, it is paramount that you secure your website through Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The SSL will encrypt the information passed from one computer to the other. When shopping online, the credit card information you put in when completing your order is encrypted when transferred to a different source. If a website is missing an SSL, the information passed from point A to point B is not encrypted, allowing other computers to see any sensitive information you provide quickly. However, when SSL is present, data is encrypted and unreadable to any other computer other than A and B.

  3. Voice Search

    Many are inclined to use the voice searching method rather than typing in their searches. A voice search changes the way you should be optimizing your keywords. Rather than using only certain words, now you can use phrases instead. Despite how advanced or complicated it may sound, small businesses can already add this to their business digital marketing strategy by using voice-search-oriented keywords.

  4. Online Engagement

    An active online engagement helps build trust between you and your client. Online engagement is critical because loyal customers will help in sustaining your business operations. Customers will feel empowered knowing they have control over the functions of your company and your product. Additionally, this will help attract more clients due to the purchasing experience.

  5. Email Marketing Campaigns

    Great email marketing strategies allow you to reach your customers and potential customers. Big companies send hundreds of transactional emails regularly to their clients and potential clients for updates on their company, new products, and promos, to name a few. If you are sending emails in only a handful in terms of amount in a day (or none at all), you might need to improve on that as soon as possible. Once you start getting a little more advanced with email marketing, you can try out marketing automation tactics to further enhance your campaigns. To start with this business digital marketing strategy, make sure you keep your emails’ subject lines interesting to get them to read it. You’d be surprised by the increase in your emails’ open rates.

  6. Blogging

    Writing a blog post is a fresh way to reach an audience. Content for this should be new and well researched. Besides blogging, you can also do guest postings when you write a blog or an article for a particular blogging community. Not only will you be able to showcase your website, but you can have access to an untapped market. This business digital marketing strategy will also help in establishing your online reputation.

Advantages of Using Digital Marketing

Although digital marketing has been around for many years, it is only recently that digital marketing has expanded. This is mainly because of the technological advances the past years have brought. Moreover, the popularity of using digital marketing is also because of the following reasons:

  1. Cost Efficiency

    Unlike other kinds of marketing strategies, digital marketing is relatively a lot cheaper. All you need to do is have a computer, a mobile phone, and a working internet connection. Digital marketing allows small businesses to engage in a digital marketing strategy without having to break the bank. There is no need to create focus group discussions, surveys, and whatnot because it is readily available online.

  2. Increase in Revenue

    Due to the internet’s borderless reach and the advances in technology, having an effective digital marketing campaign can help in the rise in your revenue. That said, the amount of traffic, likes, and mentions should be able to translate to your sales.

  3. Branding 

    For businesses, especially those that cater to a person’s lifestyle, branding is a priority, and social media can help develop your brand. You can do this by crafting your post to make it in line with the brand you have in mind.

  4. Larger Audience Reach

    Compared to traditional types of marketing, the technology today does not limit you to your geographical location. You can have a customer from a different state, even from a different country (if shipping allows), instead of just those in your locale. For a small business digital marketing strategy, this allows those with brick-and-mortar shops or restaurants to raise awareness in their locality and possibly increase foot traffic.

  5. Real-Time Results

    One of the advantages of using social media and ads is getting real-time results. When you post, you can immediately track your viewers’ likes, shares, views, and comments. You will know what your customers like and do not like and can have reviews of your products right away. It is like having a focus group discussion in a matter of minutes.

  6. Build Communities

    Community building allows users to reach the business quickly and at any time, and any grievance they may have can be raised (and addressed) through this. Build customer trust, and it will result in harmonious and loyal customer relations.

  7. Small-Medium Enterprise VS Big Corporations

    Back in the day, it seemed that local businesses focused more on local clients, working silently in the background and letting the big corporations take the spotlight. However, with the use of digital marketing, small and medium enterprises or businesses can now compete with big corporations and are starting to make names in the industry. This only shows that having an effective digital marketing strategy will enable you to level the playing field in business.

How Your Business Digital Marketing Strategy Works Marketing Advertising Branding Social SEO Digital Media

Craft Effective Business Digital Marketing Strategies

Are you still new to the industry and want to ramp up your marketing efforts? Then, it’s the perfect time for you to take advantage of the technology available. Incorporate an effective small business digital marketing strategy to get ahead of your competitors by getting in touch with a digital marketing company in the Philippines offering a comprehensive digital marketing plan for businesses, big or small, local or international.

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