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Let Your Business Go To Places with Google Places

In our day and age, the internet has become a useful tool for almost anything that we do. The internet is where we get valuable information, where we can easily connect with people all over the world and where businesses can build their name.

Over the years, a lot of businesses have utilized the convenience of the internet to attract more consumers. Before, it used to be just creating their own websites, but now businesses have their own social networking accounts such as Facebook pages or Twitter accounts to create more traffic.

Now, Google Places have gained the attention of many businesses because of its simple method of local listings. You wouldn’t want to take this for granted, having a strong Google Places listing can put your business in a great position, thus giving you more consumers.

It’s easy to get started with Google Places, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1: If you don’t have your own Gmail account for your business, then it’s time you sign up. Make sure it’s strictly for your business and not a personal Gmail account, with your business name as the email address. It’ll be this email address that’s going to be associated with your listing.

Step 2: Go to the following link (www.google.com/local/add/businessCenter‎), agree to their Terms and a form that is easy and quick for you to fill up will appear.

Step 3: Verify your businesses, and don’t forget to double-check the registered information. Actually you can choose to verify later, but then again there are certain actions in the next step that will require a verification, so it’s better not skipping it.

Step 4: This next step will lead you to a page where you’ll add more information about your business local listing. Google Places will also offer other listing options like AdWords Express, that help you set an ads and settle your budget for ads.

That’s about it! These four easy steps will then get your business name out there in the local listings, and you’ll be sure to get more attention from consumers. There are actually many benefits you can get in using Google Places, and below are a few of these:

  • You’ll have the chance to reach millions of Google users in your community and even all over the world. Since more people are using the internet to search for businesses, using Google Places will really put your business name known by the masses. Also, it’s completely free!
  • It’s easier to check on your listings since Google Places can send you notifications about it. It also enables you to edit information whenever you like to ensure that all the information put up is correct and accurate.
  • It’s an easier and cheaper alternative to developing your own website. With Google Places you can also see how many people have seen and clicked on your listing, kind of like how you can see how many have visited your website.

Using Google Places to its full potential will help you tons whether you’re just starting out your business or if you’re a business that has been around for a long time. It’s free and accessible to anyone who wants a better position in their local listings. If you want help from the expert, you can always avail of a local listing services that are offered by online marketing companies.  So, go ahead and be listed now with Google Places!

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