Smartphone search volumes are rapidly increasing compared to those searches done on the PC. PLUS, a huge percentage of the queries in every website comes from mobiles. Therefore, making your website accessible via different gadgets is a MUST to strengthen your mobile SEO strategy.

But, making your site mobile friendly is not enough, you must see to it that your mobile site is also giving the best experience for your always-on-the-go users. For instance, make it load faster.

Focus on constraints involved in serving a site on a mobile device, whether that be 3G or 4G.

When you want to give your mobile users only the best, then make sure that the latency and bandwidth of your host server are working appropriately. For example, putting all your CSS in one file might seem like the best practice for a compact and desktop version of your website. But, if it makes the file bigger than 14k and your users are using mobiles to access your site, there is a big possibility that they will not continue surfing your site because its loading time is very slow. What you should do is to make sure that you get rid of those elements that do not add value to your site’s mobile version.

To do this, you can reduce the image dimension and client-side processing. This means that the use of JavaScript is the best option you have.

Remember that Google has published new guidelines emphasizing that sites should deliver above-the-fold (ATF) content in less than a second. But, this does not mean that the entire mobile web pages should be delivered that quickly, they just want to put emphasis on the “above-the-fold” aspect. This has been reflected in the statement made by the Google management.

“The whole page doesn’t have to render within this budget, instead, we must deliver and render the above the fold (ATF) content in under one second, which allows the user to begin interacting with the page as soon as possible. Then, while the user is interpreting the first page of content, the rest of the page can be delivered progressively in the background.”

Search is the number one activity that users perform in their Smartphones. Those mobile sites that can deliver quickly the user’s search query will always have the chance to rank higher on SERP.

How do you improve site-experience to your mobile consumers?

Jalou Batilong


Most every great writer is a voracious reader, and no word describes Jalou better. Jalou enjoys a good read whenever she has the time to sit down and open a book or browse for interesting articles. It's through reading that she is able to digest information so easily, and write her own unique piece of information to share to everyone else.

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