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Syntactics Team Building

Syntactics Inc Goes to Jatico Adventures for their Team Building and Summer Camp 2012

May 8, 2012 – Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines – one of the leading BPO and SEO companies in Asia – Syntactics Inc – had so much fun at Jatico Adventures in their Summer Camp 2012 with the theme “Ako Survivor.”

For four consecutive years, Syntactics Inc has been gearing the corporate family to take part in the annual team building and outdoor summer camp. Each summer, the whole Syntactics Inc has been going to camping trips with the following aims:

  • To encourage individuals to bring out their inherent leadership skills and talent
  • To promote camaraderie, work enthusiasm and positive competition
  • To cultivate individual potentials for leadership, planning skills and critical analysis as well as the family members’ capacity to maintain composure under pressure
  • To develop team and individual discipline
  • To nudge members to go beyond their limit and go out of their safety zones to accomplish group objectives
  • To put forward the importance of a fit and healthy physique

This year, the summer camp 2012 committee took up the ante and gave a new zest to the traditional summer camp that the Syntactics Inc family has grown accustomed to. Below is an excerpt from the committee’s invitation to the team:


This year’s summer camp activity will be a lot more fun and adventure! Aside from the exciting games, we, the Committee also made sure that the “team building” spirit will be emphasized. Following are the objectives that we set to achieve this:

  • Gather the Syntactics family to a team-building experience through healthy   and meaningful competition;
  • Imbibe the spirit of unity and cooperation through dialogue and personal      reflection;
  • Enhance the camaraderie and joyful giving of presence to one another” said Resel Joy G. Manongsong, Quality Assurance Lead of Syntactics Inc and Head of the 2012 Team Building and Summer Camp Activity.


Also, Ms. Manongsong along with the other members of the committee has made sure that the whole corporate family will have an enjoyable, memorable and unforgettable summer camp. They did this by choosing Jatico Adventures that offers a daring terrain and as well as challenging games and activities. On this spirit, Syntactics Inc was divided into three tribes Tribu Bluyilo (red Team), Tribu Kuk (yellow team) and Tribu Chuvakinini (blue team).

The games and challenges that test the family of their surviving skills and unity include the following:

  • Explore Galore – where each of the 3 color teams of Syntactics Inc had to find hidden    treasures and clues leading to the next challenge
  • Bravery Test (the Canopy Walk) – all members of             the color teams namely the red, blue and yellow must pass through the hanging bridge, crawl their way through a canopy bridge made of sturdy ropes with only a harness to fall back on and lastly end the       challenge with a 45 degree 10 meter zipline.
  • Endurance and Focus (Helium Stick) – each color team must successfully balance a long bamboo stick and move it around as per instruction of Ms. Jana Jean G. Dacobor
  • Lastly, Game 5 is all about the most punctual team during the assembly.


The champion of the camp’s activity was the Tribu KUK (yellow team), followed by Tribu Chuvakinini (blue team) in second place and Tribu Bluyilo (red team) in the third place.

All three teams have exerted their best and in the true spirit, all teams emerged victorious and as champions. After all, the team building activity is centered to the theme “Ako Survivor” of which the whole family is triumphant in doing so.

With this experience the whole of Syntactics Inc is looking forward to the next challenges to conquer in the Team Building and Summer Camp Activity in 2013.


Syntactics Inc is known for offering quality and affordable SEO, web design and web development as well as applications development services to the US, to the UK, to the Middle East, to Australia as well as in the Philippines.

To know more about Syntactics Inc, call 63-88-856-2242 for the Philippines, +1-(650) 209-4767 for the US and +61280062938 for Australia and look for Stephanie Caragos, CEO and President of Syntactics Inc.

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