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The Use of Google AdWords Auction to Improve Marketing Effort

Throughout the week Google has been busy introducing their new AdWords feature which is the auction insight all throughout the existing accounts. For those who are not familiar with this yet, this new feature allows you to basically select specific keywords within your AdWords and gain necessary insight on how well your keyword performs compared to other advertisers.

So what does the word auction mean here? The word auction here refers to the clicks that the users do. Therefore the bidders will only have to bid the amount that is necessary for them to pay and they do not need to pay much to stay on top.

What Google is trying to emphasize here is that they are making sure that the ads that are shown to their users are of high quality. The ad qualities basically compose of three components; these are the click through rate, relevancy and landing page quality.

How can this affect the way the action is done? Google has presented an example of providing you four different bidders with different bids. The first bidder bids $4, the second $3, third with $2 and last is $1. In order for you to check the quality of the ad rank, you need to multiply each amount to its respective number quality which is in this case is 1 for $4,3 for $3, 6 for $2 and 8 for $1.

Therefore the above examples’ answer gives you 12 as the highest ad rank and 4 being the lowest. It thus explains that your ad will not depend on the amount you bid but on how high your rank ad is when multiplied from the quality score.

Google’s reported matrix includes the following:

  • Impression share which refers to the time you and your competitors’ ad has appeared
  • Average position which refers to you and your competitors’ position
  • Overlap rate refers to your rate and your competitor’s that appears in the same search
  • Position above rate refers to how many times your competitors stay above your ad Top percentage which refers to the ad of your competitors that appears on top rather than on the right side

To improve your search engine optimization campaign idea, you need to focus on high quality keyword. The auction insight report will allow you to see which among the keywords are used by your top competitors. These are the ones you need to give much weight on and gain brilliant ideas from them.

You can also look into your competitors’ budget on how much they are actually spending as well as how often they top on Google’s page. This will help you take bigger slice of that online pie.

Lastly, learn to identify those high performing landing pages. Look for those landing pages that give high impression share and have top page rate tested for a long period of time. This will surely help you improve your own landing pages.
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