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Virtual Assistant Industry: 7 Sectors That Benefit From It

The new year means a fresh start and new tasks in a hefty workload. As a business owner, you want to focus on your strengths and use your time for tasks you have expertise with. One way to accomplish that is to hire Virtual Assistants from the VA Industry.

Virtual Assistants are much like personal assistants or secretaries that keep you organized or updated on the progress of a task. 

Thus, business owners can communicate with Virtual Assistants and receive their online help. There are various online platforms where you can find a VA, including Upwork and Hubstaff. 

Virtual Assistants usually post their resumes, skills, and qualifications, and you can select the right ones according to your needs. After all, VAs are experts on tasks you aren’t familiar with but will help your business improve. Hence, you can choose the one you see as the best fit for the work.

The Virtual Assistant Industry

Some of the Virtual Assistant Industry’s biggest benefactors are companies that only need an employee for a short-term project. So, in return, Professional Virtual Assistants provide businesses with significant benefits.

By outsourcing a VA for these short-term projects, companies can save on office space and lessen costs. Additionally, Virtual Assistants are usually paid by the hour or a fixed price. Cost of benefits and equipment are also no longer required in the VA Industry. 

More importantly, VAs are already skilled in the task they are needed for, freeing companies from training costs. They’re so beneficial that the global VA Market has a projected CAGR of 12% between 2021 and 2025.

Technavio Report

Source: PR Newswire.

Since the Internet is widely available, the speed to connect businesses to Virtual Assistants is much faster. In addition, the Internet has made communication through chat, voice calls, and video calls much easier. Therefore, you can easily reach dedicated Virtual Assistants online.

Industries That Hire VAs

Employers no longer have to wait for an applicant with the skills they need. So, they can contact a qualified Virtual Assistant that fits their requirements, according to the VA’s resume and skills. Then, they can immediately hire one to get the job done.

If businesses wait for an applicant to come to their office’s doorstep, it might take months or even a year to finally complete their project. Fortunately, Virtual Assistants can do various tasks, so multiple industries need to hire them.

virtual assistant tasks

Here are some of the top industries that hire VAs:

1. IT Firms

Technology is continuously improving and growing, so Information Technology firms are also increasing in number. As companies strive to compete for success, the need for IT services also rises. For instance, there are Virtual Assistants with web design, development, and administration skills.

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Websites also need content such as web copy and graphics. Moreover, coding standards and trends change and update every year. 

After all, Information Technology firms would have to spend money and time if they had to train their in-house staff. Hence, they turn to VAs who already have the skills and experience with tasks in the IT field.

2. SEO Agencies

There’s also a rise in the number of businesses that require SEO services to market their brand online. Additionally, SEO services help manage their online reputations.

SEO agencies then hire Virtual Assistants, specifically VAs with expertise in the following tasks:

  • Keyword research;
  • Running Google Ads;
  • Paid Facebook advertisements;
  • Social media management; and
  • Content creation (for social media captions, articles, and blogs.)

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3. Marketing Firms

Marketing firms aim to help businesses promote their products by conceptualizing and planning strategies to promote the brand. These firms then need the VA Industry to help them execute the strategies that they come up with.

VAs deal with the following marketing tasks, which can overlap with those of SEO agencies:

  • Social media management;
  • Running Facebook ads;
  • Blog and article creation;
  • Graphic design services;
  • Promotional video creation;
  • Email marketing (composing and sending out newsletters);
  • Customer service support, and much more!

Sorting Out Pinterest Complexities With a Pinterest VA

The Virtual Assistant Industry is teeming with talented individuals who can handle these jobs! By letting their VA do these tasks, marketing firms can focus more on creating strategies that promote their companies, products, or brands.

4. Accounting Firms

Virtual Assistants “raise productivity by 13%.” As a result, Accounting firms hire VAs to do tasks like the following:

  • Data entry;
  • Bookkeeping expenses;
  • Paying bills;
  • Collecting payments;
  • Sending clients invoices;
  • Reconciling bank statements;
  • Organizing records; and
  • Preparing reports.

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5. Law Firms

Law firms deal with a lot of paperwork and tasks that can be very time-consuming. Virtual Assistants, however, can help them lessen the workload by taking charge of the following: 

  • Data entry;
  • Email management;
  • Scheduling;
  • Legal transcriptions;
  • Research; and
  • Even communication with clients.

6. Real Estate Agencies

Real estate agencies are one of the continuously growing industries. Millions of new homes are built yearly, so families and individuals will always need them. 

To market houses or properties, real estate agencies seek help from the Virtual Assistant Industry for the following tasks: 

  • Post ads online;
  • Manage social media accounts and website;
  • Create articles and graphics; 
  • Handle Multiple Listing Service work; and
  • Provide customer service support.


7. Recruitment Agencies

In today’s competitive world, many career-seeking individuals and companies in need of qualified applicants seek the help of recruitment agencies. Thus, the agencies can take advantage of the Virtual Assistant Industry.

So, an agency can hire Virtual Assistants to help them collect, screen, and submit resumes. VAs can also compile and list needed qualifications and update social media pages.

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All in all, the Virtual Assistants is a superhero for many industries and businesses, such as: 

  • IT firms;
  • SEO agencies;
  • Marketing firms;
  • Accounting firms;
  • Law firms;
  • Real estate agencies;
  • Recruitment agencies;
  • And so much more!

It’s the go-to for these sectors because the VA Industry has pools of experts for various tasks. As a result, these sectors can save money and time, so they get a quality job done much faster.

So, are you ready to benefit from the Virtual Assistant Industry? Contact a VA in the Philippines and improve your productivity today!

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