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Syntactics DDD - February 2024 - Why Outsource Your IT Development Work to the Philippines (1)

Why Outsource Your IT Development Work to the Philippines

When you think about outsourcing software, mobile, business applications, or web design and development, the Philippines is one country that comes to mind. Several IT outsourcing companies in the Philippines offer benefits that are hard to beat, such as English proficiency to high-quality services.

Let’s discuss why the country is the premier destination for your project.

Why Outsource IT Development Work to the Philippines?

Mobile App Development

A mobile application can increase your business sales. It’s more convenient for your customers to browse your products or services if they can scroll through them with their devices. After all, there are an estimated 7.41 billion phone users this year. So, if your business has an app, you’ll have more potential customers since it will open your brand to a wider audience.

Statista Forecast Number Of Mobile Users Worldwide From 2020 To 2025 In Billions

Source: Statista.

If you want your business to get the perks of having a mobile app, consider outsourcing to a reliable development company in the Philippines. Aside from development, developers will know how to optimize your app. You’ll have access to their creativity and problem-solving skills so they can create a memorable app that people will want to keep using.

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Business Application Development

Business application software can be customized to solve your company’s needs and challenges. Automation can speed up routine processes so operations go smoother.

Fortunately, you have several options for outsourcing companies in the Philippines that offer business application development. One advantage of working with a development team is that they can tailor a business app to your needs.

Filipino developers fluently speak English as their second language, so communicating with them is a breeze. They can communicate clearly with you and understand your project requirements accurately. No matter how many customizations you want to incorporate into your business app, you can expect flawless results.

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Software Development

If you have a software project in mind, consider outsourcing to the Philippines. You’ll have plenty of options for a custom software development company.

As you know, it takes time to create custom software. According to Software Development Statistics, an average project takes “4.5 months to build.” If you’re on a tight deadline, you can take advantage of the time difference in the Philippines. Filipino developers will work on your software during their working hours, so you’ll get the output on the next business day.

Software Development Team Roles and Responsibilities

In addition, hiring a team from a software development company means they’ll focus their time, effort, and resources on your project. For instance, if you have urgent tasks you want to prioritize, the team can quickly adjust their schedules. If one member isn’t available, then another can take over.

You can also quickly add another member to the team if you need to. Since you’ll have access to a dedicated team, you’ll have another developer on your project with just one call. This way, you won’t have to go through hiring and training new candidates before they can jump on creating your software.

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Web Design and Development

Businesses in the Philippines recognize the importance of creating an online presence, increasing the demand for web development services. 

If you want to create a professional website for your business, consider working with outsourcing companies in the Philippines. Numerous trusted companies offer web design and development services. You just need to find the right team that fits your needs.

Outsourcing to a dedicated team is more cost-efficient since the team already has the expertise to create superb sites. You’ll no longer have to spend resources to train them. In addition, developers, designers, and QA testers have the soft skills that make working with them a breeze. 

As a result, the development process is smooth and efficient, so you’ll get to launch your website quicker.

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Outsourcing Advantages in the Philippines:

Government Support

According to New Outsourcing Statistics, outsourcing makes up 9% of the Philippines’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It’s no surprise that the country’s government has initiatives to support the industry! These initiatives may include tax incentives and financial assistance to attract foreign investment to help the sector flourish.

If you work with outsourcing companies in the Philippines, you’ll have access to talented developers’ skills at an affordable cost. In addition, the government has standards and regulations that ensure the services you get are top-quality.

But most of all, having government backing gives you the confidence that outsourcing companies in the Philippines are trustworthy. Thus, it reduces your uncertainty and minimizes financial risks.

Training and Education

Outsourcing services in the Philippines are top-notch because the country has schools and universities that offer rigorous IT courses. The programs equip future IT professionals with the skills and knowledge to handle your projects efficiently.

But, of course, learning continues even after they become professionals. Developers and designers can keep their skills sharp by participating in:

  • Seminars;
  • Online courses, and
  • Workshops.

Web Development Trends For 2024

These programs allow IT professionals to stay updated on the latest industry trends and best practices. Thus, it ensures they keep providing you with quality services.

Additionally, it also helps that Filipino IT professionals are proficient in the English language, so communicating with them will be straightforward. Thus, collaboration and understanding during the development process are smooth and efficient.

Examples of Companies That Outsource to the Philippines

Hewlett-Packard (HP)

HP US Shop, outsource mobile app, business application development, web design to company in philippines

Multinational IT company HP offers various hardware and software products, including: 

  • Computers; 
  • Printers, and 
  • Storage devices.

HP has been outsourcing to the Philippines since the early 2000s. Aside from acquiring customer service, it outsources IT support and software development to local professionals in the country.


Facebook Home, outsource software, mobile app, business application development, web design to company in philippines

According to Facebook User & Growth Statistics, Facebook has “3.049 billion monthly active users,” making it the king of all social media. The platform makes it easy for everyone to connect with family and friends and is even a key communication tool for businesses.

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The company has come a long way since Mark Zuckerberg founded it in 2004. To help keep their users happy, Facebook has been outsourcing to the Philippines since 2016. Aside from customer support, Facebook hires IT specialists to keep their website running smoothly.


IBM Home, outsource mobile app, business application development, web design to company in philippines

According to Outsourcing Statistics 2024, “92% of G2000 companies use IT outsourcing.” So, it’s no surprise that tech mogul IBM outsources to the Philippines. Its headquarters are in New York, and it serves 170 countries with:

  • Hardware and software products; 
  • Artificial intelligence, and 
  • Cybersecurity solutions, to name a few.

IBM outsources 70% of its staff, and some of them are in the Philippines. The company mainly outsources software development and back-end operations to keep its business running.

Future Trends and Opportunities

With government support, there’s nowhere else the outsourcing industry in the Philippines will go but up. You can expect the following key trends to impact its future:

  • Specialization in emerging skills and technologies;
  • Expansion of remote work;
  • Prioritization of local compliance and data privacy;
  • Integration of environmental sustainability;
  • Attention to customer experience, and
  • Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Consider Outsourcing Your IT Development Projects to the Philippines Now! 

Outsourcing to the Philippines gives you access to reputable developers’ skills at affordable rates while ensuring you’ll get high-quality results. Whatever you’re looking for, you can always find a talented team to work with, whether it’s:

  • Mobile app development;
  • Business application development;
  • (Custom) software development, or
  • Web design and development.

With the country’s government support, you can expect that the IT industry will only continue to develop to meet global standards. So, why not give outsourcing companies in the Philippines a chance?

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