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Reasons Why It’s Time To Have A Website Redesign

Why Redesign? What’s the Cost?

If your website is already gorgeous and functional, that’s awesome. The Internet’s first impression of your business via your website is mostly based on its design. Designing (or building a website from scratch) takes time and money. So why get a website redesign?

While you can probably cite several reasons not to revamp your site, there are reasons when and why you need to. An obvious one would be that your beautiful website may not be getting the expected results. Perhaps converting visitors to actual customers may still be a challenge for you. On top of that, your company is spending on maintenance fees over a website that’s not effective in generating sales leads at all.

Assuming that this is your case, we can share a few things to help clarify when you need to switch to a better position.

The Right Time To Do A Website Redesign

1) When your website is built on a poor code and design foundation.

  • Not optimized for speed. 47% expect that a webpage must load within 2 seconds on mobile. If not, it is poorly designed or coded, and 39% of visitors disengage.
  • Not SEO friendly. Digital marketers find it challenging to place your website on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). As a result, your website is invisible to potential customers.
  • Not responsive. Your website has no mobile-view version, which makes it difficult for visitors to use it on mobile devices.
  • Has a poor user interface.  Adobe research reveals that around 73% say that content must display well in all devices, mobile or desktop. 39% will disengage when content is unattractive in its layout or imagery.

2) When your website does not help convert visitors

  • It’s outdated or doesn’t look credible enough. 46% of people will judge your website’s credibility based on how it is designed. It will look untrustworthy if the design quality is terrible, the content is outdated, or if it’s not linked to other trustworthy sites.
  • It’s confusing or difficult to use. A poorly designed and organized website will push visitors away from it. We have an article which discusses further on these mistakes, and how you can avoid them on your redesign process.
  • It lacks brand messaging. Brand marketing builds consumer confidence and trust in your company and the value that you can give them.
  • Your target audience has changed preferences. Consumer behavior changes as the trends change. Keep your company up to date with these changes and be quick to adapt.
  • Your third-party tools are not updated. Perhaps these plugins or add-ons are not working as expected anymore. It’s also possible that they are slowing your site speed.

3) When the industry trends have changed

What if: Google pushes another update on its algorithm for ranking websites? There’s a new tech device that’s introduced to the market? Videos will become a preferred media someday in contrast to just images and content?

Will these updates change how we present ourselves as a brand or company? You can always ask these questions when thinking of your redesign.

4) When the purpose of having the website has changed

This reason is logical as you’ll need to align your website to the new goals and objectives of the company. If your business has switched to becoming an e-commerce platform from something entirely different, it’s time to do a web redesign.  When new marketing plans are in place, make sure your website fits in that strategy.

5) When your competitors have updated their website

You don’t need to overhaul your current web design every time a competitor updates their website. But if their changes push your SERP rank lower while theirs soar high, then it’s time to study and make necessary updates and consider redesign too.  You can look into these three possibilities:

  • Theirs looks better than your website
  • They have better SEO results
  • Their content grabs your target audience’ attention

Who Can Help You?

Once you know that your website needs redesigning at this point, it’s fairly essential to have these considerations before you decide to do it:

  1. Cost. Keeping this aspect low would be a great help during the transition.
  2. Right partner or staff designer. You’ll need to look for somebody who understands the company brand message and goals, and who can translate those into beautiful visual web designs and give you the redesigning you need.

As an assessment, we recommend that you outsource web design experts this task instead of hiring a staff designer, which can be very costly.

The Philippines, as a highly regarded outsourcing destination, comes out as a top choice for a website redesign. Filipinos can understand English well and speak it fluently. The labor is cheaper with the same great quality that you can expect.

In conclusion, we create our website to bring us business and profit. If it’s not doing that, then it’s about time to determine why and start making the necessary updates.



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