One of the most important factors in a dynamic web page development is database definition. If database tables are not set up properly, you will probably struggle when you want to extract specific data. You have to undergo a process called database normalization to avoid this.

What is Database Normalization?

Database normalization is a process where you organize the contents of the tables for transactional databases like those database-driven e-commerce sites. Normalization of database is part of a successful database design. Without normalization, database can produce problems like data redundancy, inaccuracy, inconsistency, and concurrency.

When you normalize a database, you can achieve four goals, and these are the following:

  • Arrange the data into logical groupings to make it more manageable
  • Minimize the amount of duplicate data stored in a database to prevent redundancy
  • Organize the data in such a way that, when you modify it, you make the change in only one place
  • Build a database where you can manipulate the data quickly and efficiently without compromising the integrity of the data in storage

More Benefits

Database normalization will make your job a lot easier from the user who accesses tables to the database administrator who is responsible for the overall management of every object in the database. There is a reduction in database redundancy, which simplifies data structures and conserves disk space. What is good about database being normalized is that the security is also provided in the sense that you and your database administrator can grant access to limited tables to certain users. Thus, security is easier to control when there is implementation of normalization of database.

In addition, database normalization is primarily important in the transactional or online transactional processing. Web sites that have database structure where data modifications occur rapidly and randomly throughout the stored data.

Remember, database normalization is the key to deploy a scalable and robust design of a database. This will help speed up your application.

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