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Tips how to manage big data

Essential Tips on How to Effectively Manage Big Data

There is a tendency of experiencing several deficiencies in managing huge volume of data especially if your website needs to provide fast, shared access to an ever growing mountain of unstructured data or ever larger files in your system. That is why a lot of organizations having a website are now seeking for ways to resolve the issues with regards to big data management and storage. It goes the same for applications developers in the Philippines too.

With the continuous advancement of technology; organizations at this point have implemented the most effective solutions in collecting, storing and managing data. Because of this, they have become more effective in their marketplace and have moved farther than their competitors. Additionally, there are various Managed IT service providers on the Internet just waiting to be tapped!

However, two perfect examples of organizations that have successfully managed huge volume of files are the well-known social network platforms; Facebook and Twitter. Both of these organizations have used cloud data integration and management solutions that are high on scalability and availability without compromising performance.

If you see that your business requires powerful management tools; then it is time for you to make use of the following management solutions that would really increase your business’ productivity:

Managing Big Data Storage with the Use of Segregation

It would be a very good idea if you choose to dedicate your database through online transaction processing while putting the other storage system to big data application such as streaming applications and web portals. For web applications, it is great to have a data management tool that offers impressive filtering capabilities for end users. A few mouse clicks is ideal to tailor it to match complex filtering requirements.

Special Big Data Storage Management

A lot of online companies are providing storage systems that can help manage big data. A clustered type of storage system like EMC Isilon is a better choice for storage management. This is for the fact that it can grow to many Petabytes of data within a single file system. With the help of a powerful data storage system like EMC Isilon; managing enterprise data and applications will be simpler and will be consolidated efficiently.

Big Data Analysis

Your regular data analytics application cannot manage your big data well. You will need clustered storage systems to ease the management of big data. For you to obtain a quick indexing, you need to ensure that the metadata is always placed on solid-state drives. Also, make sure that your big data storage management system is scalable enough to accept future storage if needed. Thus, the ability of big data analysis to have an enterprise-class platform and analytics decision management will really give your organization a competitive edge in terms of storing large files.

Cloud Computing

A lot of companies nowadays are already into cloud computing to manage it well. Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process it, rather than a local server. However, when you choose any cloud device, make sure that the ownership of the cloud is named after you. You are then given the choice to move it in and out of the cloud. You also need to make sure that you are able to follow the vendor’s security guideline.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and manage it effectively. Should you need help to do this, you may contact Syntactics, Inc., where we cater to jobs involving business application development in the Philippines and for offshore clients!

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