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Facebook Advertising Tips for Excellent Ad Copy

As of July 2021, Facebook ranks as the most popular social network with 2.85 billion active users from all over the globe. YouTube and WhatsApp follow with approximately 2.29 billion and 2.00 billion active users, respectively. For this reason, the said social media platform is one of the best venues for advertisers to promote brands. Read on to know some Facebook advertising tips to employ in your Facebook ad copy.

Statista Global Social Networks Ranked By Number Of Users 2021

Image Source: Statista

Facebook Advertising Tips for Excellent Ad Copy

Here are some Facebook advertising tips you should keep in mind if you want to publish excellent ad copies for your Facebook ads:

ONE: Marry Text with Visual

When creating an ad, you will need the basics: an image and an ad copy (or the text). First, take note that, when taken individually, the ad copy and the image should immediately tell your audience what you are trying to sell. However, you should also check to ensure that the image and the ad copy complement each other. You do not want to confuse your target market and risk losing them because your image says one thing while your ad copy says another.

TWO: Tailor Ad Campaigns

Do you know what’s great about social media platforms such as Facebook? It is the fact that, through said platforms, you can reach a wide and varied array of audiences. Instead of creating a generic (and generalized) ad copy, you should make ad copies with a particular audience in mind. To do this, you can tailor the message of your ad campaigns according to your customer segments. It would help if you created separate ads for your target audiences.

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THREE: Pick a Tone

In connection with the previous tip, an excellent ad copy should sound like a particular voice to a specific audience. So, pick a particular tone when speaking with a target market in mind. Doing so would create the impression that you are talking to them and have what they need. Do this by paying extra attention to word choice and sentence structure in your ad copy. If done correctly, you can encourage them to purchase your products or services.

FOUR: Keep Things Consistent

Let’s say you are marketing your brand on other online platforms, including websites and applications. Remember to keep your tone consistent in your ad copies across channels. Doing so would guarantee brand recognition, no matter where your audience sees your ad. How you market yourself through Facebook should be similar to how you promote your products and services on Instagram or Twitter. So, determine the tone that best attracts potential customers.

FIVE: Keep It Short and Sweet

Yes, we know. You have already heard of this tip before. However, there’s no harm in reminding. People go through Facebook to keep tabs on their friends and family members. Thus, not everyone will have the time to read through lengthy posts about your products and services. So, keep things short and sweet. Make sure to create an ad copy that not only highlights the features of your products or services but also immediately grabs their attention.


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SIX: Use One Call-to-Action

You can use a call-to-action (CTA) to encourage your market to take the desired action. When adding a CTA in your ad copy, make sure to use only one. You can encourage them to click your CTA button to make a purchase (e.g., Shop now!), get to know your products (e.g., Learn more!), and the like. However, you should never ask them to “Shop now! Click here! Learn more!” as this would confuse them about what action you would want them to do.

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SEVEN: Display Price When Needed

You can also highlight your price listings on your ad copy. Through this, you can help encourage your target market to purchase your products or services. However, this Facebook advertising tip is not something that you should follow. If you choose not to display the price of your products on the ad copy itself, you are free to do so. Just make sure that your communication channels are responsive enough should a customer ask for the price listings.

EIGHT: Add a Sense of Urgency

The ultimate goal of advertisements is to motivate potential clients and existing customers to purchase a product or avail services. As such, when you create an ad copy, make sure to add a sense of urgency. To do this, you can use words or phrases, including “now,” “today,” “this week,” or “this month.” You can also emphasize words such as “discount,” “free,” “%off,” and the like to grab your market’s attention.

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BONUS: Use Facebook Ads Mockup Tools

Aside from the Facebook advertising tips mentioned above, you can also make use of mockup tools online. For example, you can consider using Influencer Marketing Hub’s Facebook ads mockup tool.

Facebook Advertising Tips Preview And Download Facebook Ad Mockup

Image Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

This particular mockup tool allows users to see how their ads would look like when published on Facebook. Then, you can optimize your ads to drive users to click it and visit your site, view your videos, join your events, or install your apps.

Facebook Advertising Tips Influencer Marketing Hub Facebook Ads Mockup Tool

Image Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

Need Help with Facebook Ads?

Follow the Facebook advertising tips mentioned above to create excellent ad copies. When you have crafted and published your Facebook ads, you then proceed to analyze them. In doing so, you can see improved results in your subsequent ad campaigns. Learn more on how to analyze Facebook ads here!

Do you need help with Facebook paid marketing? Please don’t hesitate to reach us! Of course, you can also let us know in the comments section below.

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Axel is an avid fan of many dramas and songs. She is always eager to explore and discover more when it comes to movies and entertainment, especially in Korean and Filipino culture. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and playing badminton.

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