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Local SEO Services in the Philippines for Businesses

Local Search Engine Optimization targets audiences in specific locations. It delivers hyperlocal search results, connecting locals to the businesses they need in seconds! Businesses can hire a reliable company that offers local SEO marketing services that significantly boost visibility.

Local SEO is a more targeted form of Search Engine Optimization. Of course, SEO, in general, can be applied to various industries, such as Travel and Fashion eCommerce. But local SEO is more location-based and involves local listings to target potential customers in a given location.

Local SEO brings your business closer to customers. According to Startup Bonsai’s Important Local SEO Statistics, 76% of searchers visit physical stores after doing a local search on their smartphone. That said, local SEO is crucial for users looking for a service or product within a certain area.

Why is Local SEO Important?

If you’re already in charge of a business, you must be taking advantage of various digital marketing strategies. Of those, local SEO is an excellent way to harness the power of the Internet to advertise your physical location. 

Local SEO uses local listings and Google My Business to display your business on search results pages. This boosts your visibility since more people search on their phones than desktops.

Exploding Topics Over 55% Of Website Traffic Is From Mobile Users

Source: Exploding Topics.

For instance, when you search for the word “hotels,” the search engine will display results about hotels from all over the world! On the other hand, when you search for “hotels in Los Angeles,” you’ll get results of the most popular and reviewed hotels in that specific area.

Local SEO is also more cost-efficient than print advertisements, giving your business a higher Return on Investment (ROI). Most, if not all, local business directories allow customers to give you a review. 

In addition, when your customers continuously give positive reviews, it helps build a good business reputation. You can attract even more customers by promptly replying to reviews!

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Why Should Businesses Utilize Local SEO Services from the Philippines?

A local SEO company from the Philippines is considerably more convenient than digital marketing services in other areas. On top of local SEO strategies’ natural advantages, here are reasons why your business needs services from the Philippines:

Cultural Understanding

Filipinos have a strong grasp of English and are familiar with Western culture. That said, it’s easier for them to communicate with you.

In addition, Filipino local SEO experts can create marketing strategies targeted to English-speaking audiences.


Labor costs in the Philippines are generally lower compared to many Western countries. By hiring experts from the Philippines, businesses can access high-quality services at an affordable price.

English Proficiency

As mentioned earlier, English is widely used in the Philippines. Many working Filipinos are fluent in the language and can communicate with businesses easily.

History Of English Filipino Adults Speak English As A Second Language

Source: History of English.

That said, professional Filipinos’ English proficiency allows them to effectively communicate with clients and create campaigns that target English-speaking audiences.

Technical Expertise

The Philippines is full of talented digital marketing and SEO professionals. Many Filipino digital marketing experts keep their eyes out for the best local SEO tactics and the latest trends. Thus, they can supply your business with effective strategies and results.

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Customer Service

Filipino culture is known for its hospitality, which translates well to the caliber of customer service they provide your business. Professionals from the Philippines focus on client satisfaction and responsiveness, which leads to positive working experiences.

How Local SEO Services Work

Of course, local SEO makes your business much easier to find through various methods, such as keyword research. Here’s how local SEO marketing services — especially those from the Philippines — can boost your visibility:

#1: Google My Business Account Creation and Optimization

Local SEO services can set up a Google Business Profile for your business if you don’t already have one. This boosts your online visibility via Google Maps. 

As with most listings, Google My Business requires key information about your business. Fortunately, GMB profile setup is easy. 

However, it’s important to note that the information must be consistent throughout your Google profile. It’ll become part of the primary listings a searcher will see when they enter a query for a local service or product.

How to Set Up Your Google My Business Account

After setup, you need to optimize your profile before the next step. Local SEO services specialists will tell you that reaching 100% completion in your Google profile is crucial. After all, your Google My Business listing is a foundation for your other local business listings!

#2: Adding a Yext Listing

In addition to Google, local SEO services can set up a business listing with Yext. It’s Yahoo’s partner for all things related to local business listings.

A local SEO company from the Philippines can go through a step-by-step process of setting up your business profile for you! There, they’ll handle the following:

  • Indicating your business type;
  • Filling out information fields, and
  • Clicking the Scan My Listings button.

Afterwards, your business will appear in Yahoo searches and other premium sites.

#3: Business Listing Sites Profile Setup

Local business listings are critical for your online visibility. Yelp is one example of a popular local listing site you can use to boost your visibility. 

Essential business information should be included on your desired listing sites, such as:

  • Your business name;
  • Its location or address;
  • Phone number and other contact information;
  • Website URL;
  • Social media profile links;
  • Business hours;
  • Category;
  • Business description;
  • Photos and videos; etc.

Local SEO experts can submit and post this information on many free local business listing websites. Apart from Yelp, here are a few other sites where they can set up profiles or listings:

  • Bing Places
  • YellowPages
  • TripAdvisor
  • Angie’s List
  • NextDoor
  • FourSquare
  • MerchantCircle
  • Thryv
  • YellowBot
  • Manta
  • CityGrid
  • MapQuest
  • DexKnows
  • The Business Journals
  • Hotfrog

Such listing sites are perfect for promoting your business online!

#4: YellowPages Listing

In days gone by, the Yellow Pages were critical for many people to find businesses. But now, YellowPages is a highly popular business listing site that’s key for boosting online visibility. 

Thus, business owners or local SEO services should register their business on it. You can simply visit the YellowPages site and click Advertise With Us.

#5: Social Media Account Creation (if You Don’t Already Have One)

Having a social media account linked to your business helps customers find you. Additionally, it allows them to interact and openly communicate with you.

For instance, Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites, with 3.05 billion users, according to Oberlo. Thus, your business simply has to have a business page on the platform! This isn’t even counting the many other social networks you can use to reach your local audiences.

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Popular social media options for businesses include Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Advertising

#6: Post a Free Online Classified Ad on Craigslist

Local SEO marketing experts from the Philippines can create an online classified ad through Craigslist.

The platform automatically detects your location and directs you to your local Craigslist site. However, it’s also possible to change your location as needed.

#7: Create a Dedicated Website (if You Don’t Have One Already)

You can boost your website’s local SEO by creating a website or optimizing an existing one. 

Local SEO experts can use area-relevant keywords naturally throughout your site’s content, meta tags, and headings. They can add your business name, address, and phone number or NAP citations on every page and ensure that the details are consistent across touchpoints.

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In addition, if your business caters to multiple locations or areas, you can set up location-specific landing pages. The local SEO services experts will then link your websites to your online business listings, particularly on Google My Business.

Little Things In Local SEO

#8: Sign Up at Your Area’s Local Chamber of Commerce

Lastly, local SEO professionals from the Philippines can sign your business up at your local Chamber of Commerce. They’re organizations or websites that help local businesses connect and interact with each other. 

They aim to build an extensive business network, so you can contact them for assistance if you’re having problems signing up.

Count on Local SEO Services in the Philippines when Marketing Your Business Online!

Local Search Engine Optimization narrows down searches to specific areas. Online businesses can use this strategy to achieve greater visibility on major search engines like Google.

Local SEO is undoubtedly one of the best methods for establishing online visibility for any local business. It deals with organic search rankings to reach a wider range of audiences and build your online business presence locally.

A reliable local SEO company in the Philippines can set up profiles on local business listing websites for you! Count on Filipino professionals to advertise your business online and significantly boost your visibility.

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