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Little things in local SEO

Little Things in Local SEO You Might Be Missing

In light of recent shifts to the digital landscape, there’s more emphasis on the usefulness of content in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Thus, organic SEO is critical for greater visibility online. However, businesses may want to hire skilled experts who offer affordable local SEO services.

Local SEO services have been and continue to be a crucial element in a business’ digital marketing endeavors. While incredibly vital, like its bigger sibling, organic SEO, local SEO can also be just as volatile. 

In that regard, there are countless factors for sudden drops in local rankings for organic search and local pack results for your Google My Business (GMB) page.


Of course, that means businesses should be as vigilant with their local SEO performance as they are with organic. Shifts always occur when it comes to ranking factors, and you need to be ready for each one. In particular, 2024 has brought up new concerns for content in light of using Artificial Intelligence to generate content.

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5 Little Things in Local SEO You Might Be Missing 

Local SEO is part of the road to success for many businesses with physical locations. Many experts claim that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to local SEO. 

By default, it’s all about the Google My Business page, directory listings, reviews, ‘near me’ searches, etc. That said, Google My Business signals are a major ranking factor for local search results, just as much as link signals.

But what if there was more to it than that?

Below is a list of what may appear to be minuscule details in local SEO that can improve your rankings:

#1 Ask Customers to Add Keywords in Reviews

Customer reviews are critical for greater business success. According to Online Review Statistics, 43% of consumers say that a product or item “should have 100+ reviews.” High volumes of reviews can positively contribute to the likelihood of purchases. Thus, you must actively encourage customers to leave positive reviews on review platforms like your Google My Business profile.

According to the Local SEO Ranking Factors of 2023, review signals were critical in Local Pack/Finder rankings. At 16%, it’s one of the top ranking factors, ranked third after GMB and on-page signals.

Local SEO, much like its organic counterpart, is all about the keywords. It helps listings pop up on search results in the first place. Affordable local SEO services involve adding keywords to descriptions and listings. But you can take it a step further by asking customers to add keywords to their reviews!

You can encourage customers to specify services or products they tried in their reviews while also mentioning the target keywords. You can even ask them to use long-tail keywords that consumers often use when searching for products or services in your area! 

Of course, we can’t control what most reviewers say, but if you can give them a heads-up, it would be great for your brand.

Local SEO Tactics for this year

#2 Become a Sponsor

This tip sounds like it came from older marketing books, but it still works for local SEO services. After all, you’re eyeing local traffic for your business! The first step is to build relationships with businesses and organizations in your target area to earn backlinks. Doing this can boost your local search rankings.

Consider searching listings for organizations and websites to link within your target areas. Also, you can experiment with setting aside a budget — monetary or otherwise — to sponsor an event for backlinks. As a result, they’ll link your website to theirs. After all, a good reputation goes a long way!

In a way, you’re combining both offline and digital marketing by making real-life connections while following link-building best practices. This tip helps both local and organic SEO.

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#3 Make Use of Google Q&A

Businesses must take advantage of this Google Maps feature. Google Q&A works exactly like a Frequently Asked Questions section for a website. So, business owners can just put the content on your Google Q&A. It doesn’t exactly work like a forum where customers are free to post a question, and you answer. Instead, you’re free to keep updating as needed. 

How To Do Local SEO For Multiple Locations

Once you see a trend of the same question asked by different customers, consider adding it to your Google Q&A for local searches. It is best that you add it to your site’s FAQ for organic SEO as well!

Customers are always asking about your services and products on platforms that are most accessible to them. Thus, this tip is perfect for customers who frequently use Google to find businesses in their area. Merely using this section is an immense contribution to local SEO services!

#4 Users Appreciate Responses to Their Reviews 

Not all businesses respond to reviews, but now is the time to add it to your business strategies. Promptly and professionally responding to reviews is a great way to build up engagement. 

In fact, according to Local SEO Statistics, 88% of consumers are more likely to support a business if they see that the owner responds to all reviews!

As a common courtesy, local SEO experts must make it a point to respond to negative reviews to try and turn it around. But it’s critical to reply to or acknowledge positive comments, too. Thankfully, affordable local SEO services will often handle this work with precision.

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As a result of replying to reviews, you’re on the reviewer’s radar, making them feel appreciated. Additionally, this gives the impression that you’re a highly engaged business that takes time to interact with customers. It also displays your commitment to customer satisfaction.

#5 Don’t Stay Exclusive to Google Reviews

81% of consumers reported they read Google reviews, which is a driving force when it comes to evaluating a business. However, you may also utilize your eCommerce website to display reviews.

Oberlo Where Consumers Read Reviews

Source: Oberlo.

You can even explore other review sites — such as the ones your competitors use. These pages can be a gold mine for potential customers who read consumer opinions before eating at a restaurant or ordering a product. 

The best way to find key review websites is to type in your keyword and location in the search bar. A bunch of sites will pop up on the search results page. It comes in handy for finding out where your competitors are listing themselves, too. Lastly, it’s best to stay on top of your SEO practices, regardless of your SEO Hat.


Local Search Engine Optimization requires more than just setting up your Google My Business page and submitting your business to directories. With less well-known strategies for strategic reviews and link-building, you can boost your rankings, so go ahead and experiment!

So, improve your business’ reputation online and offline with affordable local SEO services in the Philippines!

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