A program code created by one developer can be unintelligible when passed on to another developer. Those who did not work on the original code may find it difficult to decipher, more so if they are not developers themselves. Even for trained developers, some codes can still be unorganized and confusing.

Each language uses a specific set of jargon and technicalities which may not make sense to those who are not well versed with it. If you can’t find the person who originally worked on a program, you can be sure you’re going to spend several hours decoding their work.

However, there are other friendlier languages so to speak, and one of these is Python. We’re not talking about the kind of Python that’s scary and slimy. We’re talking about the one created during the late 1980s and named after Monty Python. It is a general programming language that closely resembles the English language, and uses words like ‘not’ and ‘in’ in its script. You may ask, “so what?”. This factor actually makes a huge difference, enabling one to read the code aloud without sounding like an alien.

Why Choose Python?

As mentioned above, Python is a general language and can build practically anything. It is being used as the foundation for some of the most popular websites, including YouTube, Instagram, DropBox and even the tech giant, Google. Python also provides consistently reliable functional results and is very popular among developers. It also has several characteristics that makes it more convenient and practical to use.

Easy to Understand and Read

PEP 8 is largely responsible for why Python is considerably readable. This serves as Python’s set of rules when formatting and structuring a code. They strictly follow these guidelines, enough so that whether a code was written by a novice or professional developer, everything will be similarly structured, thus, making it easy to read.

It also reads like the English language which makes it very friendly for coding beginners. It has the ability to handle the complexities, allowing beginners the luxury of learning the programming concepts and eliminating the stress of worrying about too much details.

Friendly for Coding Beginners

Python’s namesake, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, was the inspiration because it is a fun show and Python aspires to be the same. True enough, it is fun to use because using Python can quickly build prototypes and tools. Many beginners find it very satisfying and has gained popularity for being beginner-friendly. It became so popular that it has even replaced Java as the introductory language in Top U.S. Universities.

It’s a Large Community

An established community that offers support is essential in the programming world. There may be times when you can’t find a workaround and people who are willing to give help are invaluable. The larger the community, the better assurance you have that someone can always lead you to the right direction. Providing insight and sharing your knowledge and experiences can be very rewarding too!

What Can Python Build?

There are several applications where Python is applicable. However, there are specific applications where it’s the preferred (and most reliable) choice.

Data Science

This is a field of Big Data. Data Science gears towards making meaningful information available with the use of large amounts of complex data. It makes use of statistics and computation in order to come up with data necessary for decision making.

Python comes in handy for Data Science because it is inherently simple and readable. Since there is an increased availability of dedicated analytical libraries, data scientists from almost any sector are bound to find packages tailored to their specifications. Its nature of being a general purpose language also boosted its popularity for data analytics.

Web Development

Django and Flask are two of the web frameworks based on Python that has gained popularity for web development. This is mainly because Python has been designed as a complete language from the start. Its consistency leaves little room for surprises and it’s strict guidelines for coding avoids confusion and disorganized codes.

Since Python is readable and efficient, it has become the favorite of application programmers. It also enables the developer to easily build network apps that are intricately multi protocol. It is quite easy to learn and has a standard library support that one to easily execute complex functionalities.

There are several languages to choose from but clearly, Python has easily become the favorite. If there is a need to code and there is no required language, it has become the default choice. Since it is easy enough to learn, you might even pick up a skill or two when you study it. If, for example, you have a business you want to make a website for, it might be worthwhile to keep this as your preferred choice and work on it yourself.

However, there is also something to be said for skilled developers who have already mastered the use of this language. For a more speedy development, you can always hire companies that offer web development here in the Philippines. You can give us a call here at Syntactics, Inc. to inquire about our developers who are skilled in Python.

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