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Syntactics CEO and COO become certified Data Protection Officers

October 12, 2019 — Syntactics CEO Stephanie Caragos and COO Wilfredo Kaamiño Jr. pass the Data Protection Officer Certification Exam 2019 given at the Malberry Suites Business Hotel 

Last October 10 – 12, 2019, Syntactics, Inc.’s CEO Stephanie Caragos and COO Wilfredo Kaamiño attended the 3-day DPO Certification and Compliance Training on Data Privacy Act held at Malberry Suites in Cagayan De Oro City. The attendance of the company’s founders is part of the company’s mission to respect the clients’ data privacy, ensure that the company is updated with the policies, and to fulfill the company’s duties towards its clients.

The event, which took place at 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, had keynote speaker Mr. Damian Domingo O. Mapa, the former NPC Deputy Commissioner and one of the signatories of the IRR of the Data Privacy Act. 

The 3-day event covered topics on:

  • Writing a Company Privacy Manual
  • Conducting a Risk Impact Assessment
  • Drafting data sharing and processing agreements, and
  • Designing data security measures. 

On the last day, the IT company’s very own founders then received their Data Protection Officer certificates.

Ms. Stephanie Caragos receiving her certificate on-stage

Ms Stephanie Caragos receiving her certificate

Mr Wilfredo Kaamiño receiving his DPO certificate on stage

Mr Wilfredo Kaamiño receiving his certificate

The DPO Accountability Compliance and Ethics Program

It was back in December 2018 when the National Privacy Commission unveiled the DPO Accountability Compliance and Ethics Program. The program aims to establish for local privacy professionals a skills benchmark to match the demand for data privacy training in the Philippines. The pilot training, also comprised of 3 days, happened last December 12 to 14, 2018. It took place at the Philippine International Convention Center in Manila. Many of the attendees were members of government offices and prominent corporations.

The program further emphasizes the importance of trust and caution in today’s digitally active world, one where data can be easily abused and misused.

A Rising Demand for Data Protection Officers

Data Privacy is also a need, especially for IT service providers such as Syntactics, who deal with tons of data entrusted by clients from all over the globe. In fact, any company that handles data from users and clients should have a data protection officer. These officers then become responsible for making sure that the company or organization complies with the Data Privacy Act. Part of the role of a DPO is also to understand and be aware of data being processed inside the organization.

Due to the demand for a Data Protection Officer in various industries in the country, many institutions offer certification programs. It can also be expected that universities will eventually have formal courses in the near future.

Syntactics CEO Stephanie Caragos with her Data Protection Officer certificate

Ms. Stephanie Caragos happily showing off her certificate

Syntactics COO Wilfredo Kaamiño Jr. and his DPO certificate

Mr. Wilfredo Kaamiño looking happy with his certificate

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