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Know The Five Latest SEO Trends In 2012

Do you have an online business website that you want to rank the first page in all major search engines? Do you need the help of an expert SEO company to optimize your site? Before searching or hiring an SEO company, you need to know first what are the latest SEO trends in 2012. That way you will have an idea if a certain SEO company is updated with the latest trends today when it comes to search engine optimization.

A good company that offers SEO services must be flexible enough to adapt to the changes in the SEO world. They must always be up-to-date with the latest trends and tools to be able to use them to their advantage when doing SEO. Here are the latest SEO trends this year:

1. Article Creation

Always create fresh and high-quality articles. The title and content should be informative and engaging enough to entice readers to read on. When using a keyword make sure to use only 3 keywords per article if you have more than 1 keyword. If you only have 1 keyword then it is advisable to use it only once. Too many keywords in your article can be tagged as spam by Google Panda. There is a big tendency that it will reject the articles and will penalize you be-cause of keywords stuffing.

2. Article Submission

We all know that Google Panda is very strict when it comes to submitting articles. Google is now very particular on how they are submitted online. Mass submission is a very big “No-No”. You can be tagged as spamming and be penalized by Google. In order for you to avoid any penalties, make sure to have a minimal submission per week – just make it constant. Google prefers articles that are not submitted massively, they rank better in the search engine than those articles submitted in volumes.

3. Social Media Optimization

Social media is very “in” right now. People are very fond of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr. Everyday millions of people are using social media sites to connect with other people from all over the world. So why not use it for business? Your online business site can easily reach out to those prospective clients and even old clients when you are using social media – it is the fastest and the easiest way to go viral online!

4. Long Detailed Posts

When posting articles online, Google Panda will very much appreciate it if the articles are long and detailed. Instead of cutting the articles into chunks, post them the way they are made – the longer the articles the better they will rank in any search engines.

5. Title Tags and Headings

For your articles make sure to create titles and headings that are catchy. Titles that can right away grab the reader’s attention because they play an important role if you want your website to get more visits/clicks and convert them to sales.

Now that you are aware of the latest trends in the SEO world, it will be not that hard for you to find the right SEO company. Actually, there are many SEO companies right now that are well updated with the latest trends and one of them is Syntactics Inc. They offer smart and quality SEO services at affordable price.

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