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Hot Web Design Trends in 2020

Hot Web Design Trends in 2020 To Look Out For

As expected, the hot web design trends this year may not be the same next year. Keeping up with the trends will help you keep a modern and professional look of your site and effectively capture your target audience.

2020 is fast approaching, which means that it is time to review your current website design strategies and see if it still fits or not with today’s audience. Don’t worry. Not all things need to be changed or updated.

Which Trends Are Phasing Out?

So when new things come in, there are old things that are slowly fading out of the picture. As expected, here are a few features we believe may come out as outdated soon:

  1. Too many fonts. Visitors today want a cleaner look for websites with a sense of consistency overall.
  2. Complicated designs. A simple yet direct approach to giving our visitors what they need as they land on our pages should be the ideal design.
  3. Parallax scrolling.  Due to bad user experience and the slow loading speed on mobile, this feature comes out as a liability rather than an asset. However, new ways to use parallax scrolling can help capture your visitors’ attention.

Incoming Hot Web Design Trends

Here are a few honorable mentions for upcoming trends to look out for in 2020:

Trend #1: Adaptive in Design

The focus is on mobile phones. Mobile phones generate 52.2% of all website traffic all over the world. This study means that considering the mobile view is now more relevant next year than ever before. The growing mobile userbase would need consideration of excellent visual effects and search functionality in website layouts in 2020.

Trend #2: Minimalist Design

Minimalism removes the visual disorder that distracts visitors and keeps them focused on critical areas in the design and the next steps that they want to take. It’s a hot web design trend that’s simple yet fulfilling.

In this case, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind when keeping your design minimal:

  • Use a few elements. As they say, less is more, or better.
  • Use clean and readable typography as required for a minimal style. Pick one or two family-style font set and stick to it.
  • Simplify the navigation experience. A well-designed but minimalist website offers essential content and makes navigating easy and contributes to positive user experience.

Trend #3: Color Optimization

Even if only one or two colors are used only in the design, a minimalist yet stunning visuals can still be achieved. With the aid of gradients and different images, you can create a lush, layered structure, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Tips for applying gradients to colors:

  • Use gradients on appropriate areas like backgrounds or elements like buttons, icons, etc.
  • Pick color pairs that work well with each other. A gradient will inevitably fade in between two colors that naturally go well together.

Trend #4: Illustrations

While images are still power visuals, there are several design advantages to illustrations. Having images stands out with particular examples from the audience is a hundred times better than sacrificing a shot that has been-seen-that. If you want to showcase a specific visual design, it is often easier to do it with versatile illustrations than to trying to find the perfect photo for it.

Trend #5: Video content

Not really a hot web design trend or even a preferred feature, but there’s no substitute for it for now. While surfing the Internet, it creates an ambiguity in the lack of time. Many users don’t want to remain on the web for long. However, most of them are willing to spend a few more minutes watching the video without question.

Here are some surprising statistics of today’s users on video content:

  • 96% of the users watch videos to look into the product in more detail;
  • 79% say that videos convince them to purchase a product;
  • 68% prefer to look into new products by watching videos rather than reading texts and designs;
  • 94% of digital marketers say that videos help users to understand the idea of a product or service;
  • 84% of digital marketers are convinced that they have improved traffic on the site through videos.

A great example of this is the Hidden Worlds of the National Parks with Google website.

Trend #6: Chatbots

Artificial intelligence is the next hot web design trend. Users also answer all kinds of questions. They interact over time, and emotionally, it is increasingly challenging to respond to it.

Chatbots are programs designed to mimic the conversation that is developed and improved over time. We collect constant questions and respond to interested users instantly in the future.

At the Horizon – New Innovations for Web Design

  1. Virtual Reality (VR). It’s regarded as a new level of interactivity. However, due to its cost and limited userbase, it cannot be considered a great investment for businesses at this time.
  2. 3D. A visual spectacle but implementation is limited only to 3D monitors, which has low userbase appreciation.

Final Thoughts: 2020 with Clean and Visually Stunning Web Designs

In conclusion, hot web design trends have always been a basis of deep visual innovation and huge foundation to the success of many businesses today and we all can’t wait to see what’s coming. Spotting the rise in several particular trends that will boom next year can be very exciting.

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