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Landing Page UX Best Practices to Skyrocket Conversions

One sign of an effective landing page is high user conversions. While a visually attractive page may captivate visitors, an overall enjoyable experience persuades them to perform the desired conversion action. That’s why professional landing page development services follow several best practices for improving design and User Experience (UX).

Design Approach for Enhancing Landing Page UX

Remember, a landing page aims to convince customers to convert. Thus, your landing page’s design approach is important because it affects user experience. The trick is finding a good balance between design and performance to ensure a positive landing page UX.

2024 Landing Page Trends And How They Benefit Your Business (1)

For example, according to Landing Page Statistics for 2024, pages with 0 to 2 seconds of load time have the highest conversion rates. Hence, a smooth page experience increases your chances of them performing desired conversion actions. Here are examples of design approaches you can incorporate to improve landing page user experience:

  • Adding engaging visuals;
  • Ensuring a clear visual hierarchy and readability;
  • Using compelling headlines and subheadings;
  • Optimizing load speed;
  • Implementing user-friendly navigation;
  • Adding concise and persuasive copy, and
  • Ensuring responsive design.

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If you want to go the distance, you can also use Google Analytics 4 to help refine your landing page’s design approach. It’s a tool that can track your page’s traffic and user behavior. You can use the data to identify issues and remedy them, ensuring a smoother user experience.

Conversion Strategies

Creating a visually appealing and functional landing page may entice users to browse it. But it’s your conversion strategy that ultimately convinces them to perform the desired actions. If you want to have an effective landing page, below are strategies that expert developers can incorporate into it:

Clear and Compelling Headlines

Creating a compelling headline is one of the most vital landing page UX best practices. According to Landing Page Statistics for 2023, 80% of people scan your landing page’s headline, while only 20% read the entirety of it. If you want to convert visitors, your headline must spark their curiosity to explore your landing page further.

Essential Elements Of A High Converting Landing Page

Remember to use only ten words or less to maximize your headline’s impact. Also, don’t forget to specify your target audience and core benefits to increase relevance and stand out from competitors. Here are other ways a strong headline can benefit your page:

  • Sets expectations;
  • Improves readability, and 
  • Enhances brand perception.

Engaging Subheadline

The subheadline acts as the sidekick to your landing page’s headline, which can help convince users to stay. It expands the headline’s message and provides complementary information about your offer.

However, remember to keep your subheadline brief to maintain your audience’s attention. Twenty words or less should be enough to convey your message. Here are other ways a solid subheadline can benefit your landing page user experience:

  • Addresses pain points;
  • Improves persuasiveness;
  • Guides navigation;
  • Evokes emotional connection, and 
  • Reinforces Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Clear Calls-to-Action

The secret weapon of high-converting landing pages is crystal-clear Calls-to-Action (CTAs). They guide users, eliminate confusion, and ultimately drive conversions. But make sure to avoid using generic CTAs like “Submit” because they’re too vague. They leave users wondering where the button heads, causing hesitation and costing you valuable leads.

Instead, opt for action-oriented verbs like “Start Your Free Trial,” “Download Your Guide,” or “Get Early Access.” They tell users exactly what they’ll gain.

Quick Sprout CTAs

Source: Quick Sprout.

Also, don’t hide your CTAs! Place them prominently above the fold, at the end of benefit sections, and within places where users naturally look for the next step. Prominent CTAs guide them effortlessly toward conversion, reducing mental strain and keeping them focused.

To ensure a seamless landing page design UX, create a layout that makes the next step crystal clear. No searching, no guesswork, just a compelling CTA inviting you to take action!

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Concise and Benefit-Oriented Copy

Another element that’s essential to landing page UX best practices is creating crisp and compelling copy. While a strong headline and subheadline can grab users’ attention, your landing page’s copy persuades potential customers to take action.

Instead of listing lengthy features of your products or services, highlight their benefits instead. This way, users can see how your product can solve their pain points. For example, use bullet points to keep your copy concise. It allows users to get the gist of what you’re offering faster, even if they scroll through the page.

Here’s how persuasive copy can benefit your landing page UX:

  • Ensures clarity;
  • Reduces cognitive load, and
  • Speeds up decision-making.

Captivating Visuals

It’s no secret that relevant and engaging media captures your users’ attention better than written content. According to Landing Page Statistics You Need in 2024, people are 80% more likely to read content when combined with pictures. Thus, you must incorporate relevant media to hold your users’ attention.

Besides, media can also help convey information better than text, so your users will have a deeper understanding of your offer.

But if you want to increase your conversions, consider incorporating images and videos of real people. This strategy enhances your Landing Page UX because it creates a connection between you and your users. Genuine photos show off what your business is actually like, so it’s easier to build trust, resulting in more conversions.

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Testimonials and Social Proof

Want to skyrocket your landing page conversions? The secret weapon isn’t flashy design or aggressive marketing. It’s building trust through a psychological design principle known as social proof.

Imagine visitors landing on your page, unsure and hesitant. However, testimonials, logos, and positive reviews can instantly address their concerns. They can see others trusting your brand, reducing perceived risk and prompting them to take action with confidence.

Social proof is more than just words. They showcase genuine testimonials with names and faces and display star ratings or awards relevant to your niche. These tangible trust signals speak volumes about your credibility.

Make social proof part of your strategy by focusing on key conversion zones. Remember, authenticity is key. Use diverse testimonials from real customers, respond to negative reviews professionally, and update your trust signals regularly. 

By prioritizing user trust, you’ll unlock higher conversion rates and build a loyal customer base. 

Clear and Concise Form

A landing page won’t be complete without a form because that’s where users enter their personal information when they sign up or subscribe. If you want to convince your users to fill up your forms, consider optimizing them so they’re more enticing.

Gitnux Form Fields

Source: Gitnux.

Landing page development services know to keep the forms on your page short. After all, five fields or less is a safe bet because it takes less work and time for a user to complete. Also, avoid asking overly personal questions on your forms so users don’t feel like you’re breaching their privacy.

Mobile Responsiveness

With 7.41 billion mobile users worldwide this year, integrating mobile responsiveness into your landing page is essential for boosting conversions. Designing a mobile-friendly landing page enhances UX across different devices and screen sizes.

Statista Number Of Mobile Users From 2020 To 2025

Source: Statista.

In addition, search engines favor pages that provide mobile-friendly and relevant results. If your landing page embodies those qualities, it will have a better possibility of ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). As a result, it increases your landing page’s visibility and engagement, so you have more users to convert!

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Urgency and Scarcity

Urgency and scarcity use psychology to motivate users to take action. They create a sense of immediacy and Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), making your products highly desirable.

For example, your fashion website is offering your best-selling jeans at half-price for a limited amount of time. Users will snap up your offer fast because they think they won’t be able to get the jeans at that low price again. In addition, here’s how incorporating urgency and scarcity can benefit your landing page:

  • Draws attention to specific offers;
  • Reduces procrastination and hesitation, and
  • Builds trust.


Following Landing Page UX best practices helps provide a positive user experience to increase the chances of conversions. Keep in mind your goal isn’t just to attract visitors but also to convince them to take the next step. 

Whether your conversions involve subscribing to a service or downloading a document, landing page development services have your back. Developers will ensure your page balances visual and functional elements to improve the effectiveness of your conversion strategies!

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