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Best Online Web Tools For Web Developers And Programmers v0.1.0

What Our Developers Think Are the Best Tools for Web Developers and Programmers

There is an absolute awe in the way web developers and programmers can type a string of code to create a website. Thus, whenever you come across a well-built website with an excellent user interface and experience; send your compliments to the master developer or programmer behind it all. However, it is not just about knowing how to work out code to their favor. Developers also have an arsenal of tools that help make their job easier. Every developer or programmer will possibly admit to using more than just one web developer tool in their experience of building websites.

What are some of the best ones out there, though?

JavaScript Libraries for Web Developers

JavaScript Libraries is virtually a library or a collection of pre-written JavaScript made for easier development of JavaScript-based applications. Some libraries also make it easier to integrate JavaScript with other programming languages like PHP, Java, CSS, and Ruby.


Possibly one of the most popular free web-based developer tools; WebPageTest generally allows you to test the performance of your website. The tool scans your site’s performance across a selection of locations, browsers, and devices you can select from their menu. With this tool, you can find out more details about your website’s first-byte time, requests, load time, and page size.

Combining both coding and design; this tool makes it easier for web designers and developers alike to make designing in their browser easy and efficient. contains visual tools that support a designer’s creative flow and helps developers get a better visual on their work.’s Live Preview function makes it all the more handy to see changes on your screen immediately; and by hovering your cursor on a CSS selector will tell you where on the page it is being applied.

Google Search Console

One of the tools both web developers and SEO specialists find to be very much like their lifeline when it comes to ensuring their site is being crawled and indexed properly. Google Search Console actively notifies webmasters of any errors or issues with crawling and indexing, topping it off with their recommendations on how webmasters can fix said errors/issues. Essentially, the tool gives webmasters an idea on how exactly Google is crawling your website, and what webmasters can do to further improve it for the good of SEO.


StackOverflow is more of a forum with a large community of web developers rather than a tool. However, it has helped several developers through tough moments. It works similarly as Quora, where you post questions and get answers/advice from developers all around the world. Take note to check the forums first before asking a question. You might already find the answer by searching on this treasure cove of developer knowledge.

Browsers Inspect Developer Tools

A tool that is readily available by anyone using a browser but only developers know the true use of such. This can be accessed simply by right-clicking on any element or area of a page and choosing the option Inspect Element. The Browser Inspect Developer Tools allow developers to edit, debug, log, inspect, and profile a website’s CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. They can modify parts of the code in this tool without actually affecting the website to see how the edits or changes will look or function in different browsers and even on different screen sizes.


This tool allows web developers to play around with code and lets you see what it does through an output window where it renders your code. You can add a JavaScript code alone, and it lets you add or execute it in CSS or HTML. You can even save versions of your code, allowing you to send it to colleagues or repost it.


With the rise of how vital being mobile-friendly is, also comes the rise of Bootstrap, a CSS and sometimes even JavaScript-based front-end framework tool. Essentially, it is an open-source, free CSS framework made to help developers and designers with mobile-friendly and responsive front-end development. Its design templates contain necessary user interface elements like forms, navigation, typography, buttons, etc.

CodePen for Web Developers and Designers

More or less similar to JSFiddle, though CodePen is more like a selection of “pens” that have pre-generated website code that can be pasted on any website. After the pen is rendered on a website or web page, various settings will pop up, allowing you to control and change anything you like. There are several public pens posted on their website from different users, which gives you an array of mockups to play around with.

More Web Developer and Programmer Tools Out There

Listed above are just some of the tools our very own web developers and programmers are using to make their work more efficient. Of course, there are a lot more tools available at your disposal. You may even be using a few that have not been mentioned here.

That being said, how about you? What are your favorite web developer/programmer tools? We would love to hear it!

Axel May Rivera


Axel is an avid fan of many dramas and songs. She is always eager to explore and discover more when it comes to movies and entertainment, especially in Korean and Filipino culture. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and playing badminton.

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